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Re: Apologies but what is CBMP?
Posted by Guest
5/5/2017  6:07:00 PM
C.B.M.P. Is a foot position only. Usually The left side is leading. Lets imagine from the previous step we are facing the wall .Keep facing the wall and without turning our body step across with the Right foot outside partner Diagonal to Wall. This is still without turning. Left side still leading which is why it is a foot position. This could be the first step of a Lock Step Quickstep Right Foot on the Heel outside oartner. Or the 6th step in a Reverse Turn in the Foxtrot which is a Toe Heel. If you want all of the Contrary Body Movement in the Reverse Turn Foxtrot cop this. C.B.M. on " 1. 4.and 7. The 6th step is Placed in C.B.M.P". Give thanks to Alex Moore`s Book page 174.
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