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re: Welcome!
Posted by Administrator
8/13/1999  5:02:00 PM

Ok, I'll introduce myself. My name is Jnoathan Atkinson, and my partner in dance and in business is Melissa Winogrand. We are both ballroom dance teachers and competitors, and we now run two websites: Ballrooomdancers.com and DanceTalk.com.

DanceTalk was originally conceived as the message board for Ballroomdancers.com, but we realized that we could get much more activity and discussion if we involved other websites. So we've decided to make this a community board.

You may see me post messages as Waltz123, Administrator, or BDC Webmaster. I choose my handle based on the nature of the post. If I'm answering questions about DanceTalk, I'll pst as Administrator. If I'm answering questions in the BDC forum, I'll answer as webmaster for that site. If I'm just participating in the discussion as a user, I'll use my personal handle, Waltz123.

The registration process is something that came with the software that powers this message board. As you can see, I've configured it to accept non-members, so you don't need to register if it makes you nervous to submit your email address. But if it makes you feel more secure, I have no intention of using the email addresses for any other purpose than contacting a member when necessary.

I hope that helps. I'll probably put our bio up on both websites sometime soon. I've been told that it is a good idea by others, too.

Jonathan Atkinson
DanceTalk Administrator

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