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re: Curl and Spiral in Rumba
Posted by HaOanhTranThanh
6/20/2002  12:50:00 AM
As far as we know the difference between Curls and Spirals as follows :

· Curls: Turn used in walk around turns and as an advanced way for women to do cross body leads. Begin with weight on right foot. Step forward with left foot, leaving right foot behind. Once weight is completely on left foot, swivel 1/2 turn counter-clockwise on the ball of the left foot, letting the hip settle or follow through on the finish.
· Spirals: Begin the same as a curl. Instead of taking the turn 1/2, dancer will be turning 3/4. When dancer turns to a point the upper legs are closed, bend the knee of the free leg, still leaving the free foot behind, almost wrapped around the supporting leg.
We hope that what we have written above is helpful.

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