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A Pickpockets History of Argentine
Posted by Victor Levant
2/12/2011  11:11:00 AM
I have just written a new book: A Pickpockets History of Argentine Tango.

A Pickpockets History of Argentine Tango explores the rise of Tango in
Argentina: its social and political climate, its characters, music, dance, song and poetry. Many fine books have been written on how to dance Tango. This is not one of those. This is a history book whose protagonist is Tango.

The Author brings a unique perspective to his reader with a Ph.D. in
International Relations and extensive knowledge of world politics and Argentine culture. His incisive acumen as a psychotherapist provides a window into the soul of the Tango world. The psychology of the Tango is found in the poetry of its lyrics: a direct link with the hopes, fears, frustrations, and illusions of their time.

All the cultures of the world have their own music and dance. Things that could not be said in words were expressed in music and song. Tango is the same, but
with one important difference: the people who created the Tango were from the four corners of the world and had nothing in common except this dance, this poetry, this music. This book explores Tango as a social phenomenon, born in Buenos Aires and spread worldwide.

VICTOR LEVANT is a Professor of Humanities with a Ph.D. in nternational
Relations and a political commentator for the CBC and Radio-Canada 973-2007).
He was a Media Consultant for the National Film Board of Canada, 1984-1986 and Director of Research and Script Consultant for the television documentary "The World Challenge with Peter Ustinov and Patrick Watson (1982-1984). He is the author of the books: Quiet Complicity: Canada and the Vietnam War, How to Make a Killing: Canadian Involvement in the Indo-China War (co-author) and How to Buy a
Country. He took a break and worked as a restaurant critic for 6 years. Victor
has been dancing Argentine Tango for 12 years; Salsa, Meringue and Bachata for
15. For the last 18 years hes been working as a Psychotherapist.


The History of Argentine Tango, Tango History: Myth or Reality, The Dance, The Men, The Women, The Lyrics, The History of Argentina, The Politics of Operation Condor, The Music and Tango Illusions.

The book can be found at the link below:

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