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Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by tbelan
5/6/2012  11:50:00 AM
Looking for sources that sell plus size Dancewear approx. size 18 to 20.
Re: Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by ballroomchick
5/7/2012  3:21:00 PM
Are you looking for practic wear or a comp dress?
Re: Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by tbelan
5/7/2012  6:58:00 PM
Comp for American Rhythm and Smooth.
Re: Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by ballroomchick
5/11/2012  3:05:00 PM
There are some large size dresses over on Encore Ballroom Couture. All the dresses are done in Swarvoski stones. http://www.EncoreBallroomCouture.com

I have a burgundy smooth gown by Kelly Kealy Mayton. (She designed a costume for Derick and his partner one time on Dancing with the Stars.) This dress is COVERED in dark red Swarvoski stones. It comes with Swarvoski earrings, a Swarvoski encrusted collar necklace and the KK travel bag. - I'm 5' 10". I've not sent this dress to Encore yet. Let me know if you would like more info on this dress.
Re: Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by Lilybouquet
1/19/2013  12:32:00 PM

I was wondering if you still have the dress you referred to in the post to tbelan?
Re: Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by yltang17
5/10/2012  4:59:00 PM
Do you prefer any specific colors? Do you need sleeves? Do you like fringes? I can post a few pic for you if you are interested.
Re: Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by yltang17
5/11/2012  10:58:00 AM
Dress4Dance has big selection of plus sizes in all styles of costumes ready to be shipped.Dresses are not on the website but sales rep can always sent you pictures via e-mail uppon request. Here is and e-mail if you would like direct contact Dress4Dance@gmail.com

Re: Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by tbelan
5/12/2012  9:05:00 AM
Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond. I will investigate all the information. I've only been dancing for a few months so I have no idea on what I want other than something that will fit!
Re: Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by ballroomchick
5/16/2012  10:50:00 AM
Since you said you were new to this - you need to know there IS a difference in prices with the different stones.

Korean Stones are cheap in cost and they are flat on the dance floor.

Percosea stones are a hair under Swarvoski. They have good sparkle factor, but most of the china manufactures don't use them.

Swarvoski have a high led contact and give fantastic sparkle affect the floor. This is where most of the money for a dress goes into it.


You need to also think about the resale value of the dress. Your not going to get much on a Korean stoned dress. Some people buy Korean stoned dresses and try and punch them up with Swarvoski. It looks like a band aid attempt and IMHO not that great.

I got lured into having a smooth gown made at Rainbow Shiu. I ordered it unstoned so I could do my own work. WHAT a mess! The Lycra material used in the dress top is flat and does not match the satin skirt color. The unstoned dress top was marked in glue spots! The boob cups are not put in evenly. The boning over the right breast rolls down. The shoulder straps are attached to the sheer sleeves NOT the body of the dress. The weight of the dress putting it on the mannequin to send me a photo already has started to pull holes in the sheer sleeve. I will not make this mistake again!!

I did have a good experience ordering a Latin dress from Star Dance Shop. Again I got the dress unstoned so I could do my own work. http://www.stardanceshop.com/

If you feel up to stoning your own dresses or adding stones to your dress(es) I've had a good expereince ordering stones from The Rhinestone Guy. He sells it all. http://www.rhinestoneguy.com/index.html

Oops typos
Re: Plus Size Dancewear
Posted by Guest
5/14/2012  8:37:00 PM
@ballroomchick - thanks for the great advice. I'm on the fence on whether or not to try stoning my own costume. It would save some money but also require a lot of time that I don't have to spare. Never anticipated this part of dancing!

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