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Wonderful Career Opportunity
Posted by Fred Astaire
12/9/2012  9:47:00 AM
Hello my name is evan and I am the owner of a Fred Astaire Franchise Dance Studio in Connecticut. We are a top grossing studio within our company of 150 studios and we are looking for fresh competitive faces to add to our growing team of pro-am instructors. Our teachers earn between 45k-75k with optional health insurance and 401k. They teach up to 40hrs per week with paid holidays and vacation. As well as teaching students of all ages and levels in our studio, we participate in many competitive events outside our studio with extra income possibilities. Fred Astaire Dance Studio has many options for career growth and financial growth boasting life long possibilities to be in the dance industry. If you are passionate about dancing, enhancing the lives of others with the benefits of ballroom dancing, and looking for a life long opportunity to do something you love for a career, please contact Evan Wellemeyer at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Glastonbury CT for more information.

Have a great day!!!!
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