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Slow Foxtrot Music
Posted by Steven Brittan
1/14/2013  4:13:00 PM
I have a video of the world ballroom championships in Miami 1998 The is a instrumental Foxtrot played for the early heats called OUT OF Nowhere. I am trying to find out which orchestra played this music or which possible cd this might be on. If you can help me email stephen.brittan@ntlworld.com
Thank you, Steve.
Re: Slow Foxtrot Music
Posted by Voco
1/14/2013  10:26:00 PM
Dance Vision, Las Vegas lists one version of the song in its catalog, but when you try to open the album the msg is not found (at least on my computer). Maybe you could call them:

"Store - Ross Mitchell - 30 Top Foxtrots - Dancevision
13, Out Of Nowhere/Once In Awhile, Peter Wilson, Foxtrot, 2:33, 30 MPM, No, Listen."
Re: Slow Foxtrot Music
Posted by pgruener
1/15/2013  12:45:00 PM
There are a number of listings on iTunes
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