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Can't access a video
Posted by harrynew1
1/16/2013  9:09:00 AM
I am looking at the American Cha Cha videos.
The only one that I can't access is # 33. Chase Variations.
It just doesn't ever load.

Let me know.
Re: Can't access a video
Posted by Waltz123
1/17/2013  8:21:00 AM
Looks like the filename had an extra space in it, and it broke the link. Strange. Anyway, it's fixed now.

However, since you brought it to my attention, I noticed that the other two Chase variations -- Twinkle to Flick and Twist Turn -- are not there. I could swear we used to have them, or at least that we filmed them. I'll take a look in some archives and see if I can find them, or references to them. If I can, I'll move the copies back on to the server. If not, I may have to edit the video and put it up.

In the meantime, the double turn chase variation is now working.

Jonathan Atkinson
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