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Line Figure
Posted by docco
1/20/2013  7:53:00 AM
I'm looking for the definition of the word "Line Figure" but can not find.
It is very appreciated if receiving help from someone.
Re: Line Figure
Posted by nloftofan1
1/20/2013  8:39:00 AM
No definition, but examples:


It looks as if they are showing figures that involve what are sometimes called "picture lines."
Re: Line Figure
Posted by docco
1/20/2013  8:03:00 PM
Thanks nloftofan1. Yes I know "Line figure" is "Picture Line Figure".
I want to curiously know the word "Line" is used in "Picture Line". Why it is "Line" and not something else?

Re: Line Figure
Posted by O.K.
1/21/2013  1:42:00 AM
Dancing is . Moving to Beautiful Music and
Creating Shapes in Space
We are creating a Line Figure
Can you think of a better description.
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