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Posted by ginka85
2/24/2013  9:30:00 PM
Hi Dancers!

I recently moved to a rural area in a different state from Southern California. In doing so, I left behind a top studio and an incredible teacher. Where I'm living now, the demand for ballroom dance is slim to almost non-existant. Though there is a small community of dedicated dancers here, the caliber is nowhere near what I left behind. Most of the teachers at Pro level here are only Bronze certified. Not to mention, there is no one who teaches Latin. I'm trying to stay positive but can't help feeling a bit heartbroken. I am 4 hours' driving distance from the Bay Area and 8 hours from LA, but commuting for lessons is not necessarily ideal... Suggestions and comments welcomed, please!
Re: Adjusting...
Posted by terence2
2/25/2013  5:20:00 AM
You should try and see, if any of the other dancers, would be willing to share costs of bringing in a prof. , on a once or twice a month basis for 2 group hrs and private lessons .

I have done this in the past for Amats .
Re: Adjusting...
Posted by belleofyourball
2/25/2013  12:00:00 PM
I know a lot of people who move and can't stand having left their pro behind. Many that I know set one or two days a month....fly out and take several lessons at once. My pro of choice has the majority of his students who live all over the place....Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Seattle....etc.

You just schedule business like shopping or doctors appointments and do it all at once.

In my studio we also have pros fly in...you just arrange enough students to split the cost. That is how you get high quality coaches in....why not your high quality pro? It doesn't really cost much if you split time and I know many many pros who do it...from Jonathan Roberts to Boriana Deltcheva and almost everyone inbetween. We had Ricardo Cocci at the studio a few months ago, etc., etc.,
Re: Adjusting...
Posted by ginka85
2/25/2013  12:52:00 PM
Thank you both for the great advice. I like the idea of having everyone split the cost for my instructor to fly in. That way, it takes some of the financial burden off me and everyone can benefit from his great teaching.
Re: Adjusting...
Posted by O.K.
3/1/2013  12:34:00 PM
Ginka85. There is no end to what is available for you to promote Ballroom Dancing in your area. You can form your own Society, and if you wished have your own Medal Tests bringing in your instructor to judge them. Classes for children could be helpful. Who knows, you might be able to get the Education Department on side to promote Ballroom Dancing in schools.
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