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A most embarrassing issue
Posted by hipsdontlie
6/30/2013  9:29:00 AM
Hello I am a young male 18< whom is learning how to do rolls in samba ( for a visual here is a link ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wje46or4D0 ). Basically I am not used to the closeness of her backside to my crotch, and this causes a *stiff* situation to occur. I wear compression shorts but this can only do so much as to hide it. Luckily our lesson ended just as we were learning these ,but i don't want this to interfere with my dancing or creep my partner or my teacher out in any way. It doesn't help that my partner is very attractive.

Are there any men or women who have experienced this? how to prevent this etc.? Highly embarrassed about the whole thing.
Re: A most embarrassing issue
Posted by O.K.
6/30/2013  3:21:00 PM
Hipsdontlie. A very famous coach once said. If you dont like a particular group in your routine then drop it. The chances are you will never do it well. Remember in the Samba if you drop a few bars you must replace it with another group with the same amount of music.
Re: A most embarrassing issue
Posted by scirocco
7/1/2013  10:16:00 PM
You're 18. It's normal.

As far as equipment is concerned, you might get a better result from a jock strap. Oh, it'll be uncomfortable, but you just have to weigh the physical discomfort against the social discomfort. Realize that it's only a temporary solution. You will eventually "acclimate" to the situation, so to speak, and the crutch can then be discarded.

I think, though, really you should talk to your teacher about it. If it's creepy you're worried about, jumping through hopps to conceal your situation might come across creepier than having an earnest discussion. Make sure you bring it to your teacher, because he/she will handle it with maturity and understanding. Your partner may or may not be enlightened to the situation, but leave that to the discretion of the teacher.

You can also request to change the choreography, at least for now. If you are in cahoots with your teacher, and it is decided that it's better kept a secret from your partner, then the teacher can invent some excuse for you as to why it should be changed.

And, well, there is also one other obvious thing you can try, but, this being a wholesome web site, I'll leave it to your imagination. ;)
Re: A most embarrassing issue
Posted by hipsdontlie
7/2/2013  8:44:00 AM
Hopefully I acclimate quickly as you suggest. Talking to my teacher about it seems like a good idea in theory but i do not think i have the courage to do that. I will keep the teacher option in mind throughout my training.
Re: A most embarrassing issue
Posted by undoit
7/2/2013  2:48:00 PM
Stop focusing on your junk (or hers), and focus on your technique... Seriously, you can't do both at once... No joke, it is that simple...
Re: A most embarrassing issue
Posted by supadance
7/2/2013  10:06:00 PM
From my standpoint I don't think he is focusing on the genital closeness, it's simply the nature of the figure. A kid that young could be set off like that by a breeze in my opinion.
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