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Downloading from BallroomDancers.com
Posted by rls123
8/3/2013  6:10:00 PM

First I like your site and have been using it a few years off and on. Not too long ago I could download videos from your site. Now it seems this is no longer possible. Could you assist?

Thanks in advance!

Ron Selman
Re: Downloading from BallroomDancers.com
Posted by administrator
8/5/2013  4:57:00 PM
Hi Ron,

We've never officially supported the downloading of our videos. The idea has always been that you can view them anytime you're connected to the internet. In the past it may have been easier to download our stuff, but it was never something you were supposed to do. These days, however, with more and more devices being connected to the internet at all times, storing the content is not as much of an advantage as it once was. Your computer or phone should cache recently viewed videos long enough that you should be able to review a video without having to reload it multiple times.

There is a feature we will be including with our iPhone/iPad app that will allow you to save a batch of videos within the app for offline viewing. The app is in the late stages of development now, and will hopefully be available by the end of August.

Once the iPhone app is finished, we'll also be looking into creating an app for Android devices as well. Whether or not we allow downloading to that app will depend on what kind of security is possible.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Downloading from BallroomDancers.com
Posted by ahuntert
11/27/2013  3:31:00 PM
Where is the app. Thanks
Re: Downloading from BallroomDancers.com
Posted by Administrator
12/4/2013  12:50:00 AM
Hi ahuntert,

It should have been here by now -- We were expecting it over a month ago -- but the programming team in charge of it has fallen behind. I'm expecting them to finish it before the end of the month. Thanks for inquiring, and sorry for the delay!

Jonathan Atkinson
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