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Posted by dancedivatoo
10/25/2013  12:02:00 AM
I am stuck and don't know what to do next. I want to continue to pursue my dancing to become a pro one day. I was taking private lessons for about 5 years at a studio near where I live, but now my instructor has moved to another studio about an hour away. I want to continue to train and perform, I think I should find another dance studio to go to. It has gotten very expensive to take lessons, I want to be more serious about my dancing. What should I do next?
Re: help
Posted by jj2046
10/25/2013  12:40:00 AM
An instructor cannot teach you forever, try more instructors, then you will know what you want and what is best for you :)
Re: help
Posted by ladydance
10/26/2013  7:09:00 AM
What do mean by become a pro? Do you want to teach, compete, both? I think you need to clarify your goals and after 5 years of training you should start thinking about taking take your exams. However, you can teach without any formal papers and many 'pros' do. Do you have a partner? Most pros compete at some point in their career and to do that you need to practice and learn with a partner. Have you ever competed as an amateur? Every pro I know started as an amateur and worked their way up through the levels.
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