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Too old to start dance?
Posted by Yruiz
1/4/2017  10:52:00 AM
Im going to be 26 this month. Id really like to start dance but feel I may be too old? Ive never taken classes before. I wanted to start with Ballet but I want to also dance Contemporary and Jazz. Im not flexible at all. I dont have hopes of becoming professional, I just want to dance. Is it too late to become really good at it? I cant find any adult classes in my area either.
Re: Too old to start dance?
Posted by Tommy
1/4/2017  6:36:00 PM
I met an older man at social dance ( ballroom dancing) whose wife died when he was 80. He got lonely and started going out and met a much younger lady who loves to do ballroom dancing. He learned all ballroom dances except paso doble and has been dancing since. he is now 96 and still dancing even quick steps and swing dances, believe it or not. He even drives to the dance venues day and night. Who says you are too old to learn to dance?
Re: Too old to start dance?
Posted by nloftofan1
1/5/2017  2:25:00 PM
The key part of your post is that you want to dance. You may never join a ballet company or dance on Broadway, but you can become as proficient as you want to (and it's more fun to do it right than to do it wrong--it feels better). People start learning to dance at all ages. I hope you can find the adult lessons you want.
Re: Too old to start dance?
Posted by kiaragillett
1/11/2017  4:58:00 PM
Never! My aunt started to drag her husband along to Latin American and Ballroom in his 50's.
I have personally witnessed beginners in their 40's + who go on to compete and do well!
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