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Handmade Couture Dancewear
Posted by elenadancewear
10/31/2014  3:00:00 PM
Hello everybody,

I am creating haute couture dancewear for any type of dance.You can contact with me via email socialpapanikolaou@gmail.com

Best Regards
Re: where's the best dancing in FL, Tampa & pts So
Posted by Jayne K
10/30/2014  4:22:00 PM
There are some awesome studios in the St. Pete, Clearwater and Palm Harbor area. You can go to a different practice party practically every night of the week! There are privately owned studios as well as chain studios available.
Re: The late Len Scrivener.
Posted by Malcolm Webb
10/30/2014  12:44:00 PM
Len Scrivenor was one of my coaches. He was like a god to most top amateur dancers of the day back in the mid seventies. Along with Patric Plumb and Bill Irvine, you would not want to cross him. He had a towering reputation as a top coach and you certainly felt in awe and trepidation of him. I wouldn't want to criticise his book. He was scary. Not quite as bad as Bill Irvine, who threw a salt shaker at me (didn't miss) when he saw a small gap between our midriffs whilst we were going through our whole quickstep routine. We had to do it without holing each others hands or waist. Quite an achievement to undertake.
Re: Heel Caps
Posted by ballroomchick
10/29/2014  10:12:00 AM


You need to go to a good dance shoe store. They SHOULD have heel caps. There are LOTS of different shapes and sizes. Some shoe brands make their own caps to sell on the side.
Re: where's the best dancing in FL, Tampa & pts So
Posted by nloftofan1
10/29/2014  8:32:00 AM
One idea: Go to the USA Dance (National) website and look for chapters in Florida. There are three in the Tampa Bay area; I know that because one of my daughters lives there.
Heel Caps
Posted by Anna
10/29/2014  12:53:00 AM
I have just bought a new pair of latin shoes and my existing heel caps don't fit on the heels. They are a flared heel, but the flared heel caps don't fit. I was wondering if you can buy smaller sized heel caps?
Re: Salsa Dancing Confusion
Posted by Telemark
10/29/2014  12:23:00 AM
"So do you believe that for someone that wants to Master salsa should focus only on this dance ?"

No, not at all. But you are referring to mastery - whereas I'd aim to work towards competence first. However, anyone who posits the view that there IS a composite Ballroom/Latin style or technique just hasn't noticed that in International style there are ten dances, most of which are as different from each other as they are from Salsa. I'd immediately discount their opinion completely, and go looking for some real help.

If you're having difficulty following, is that because you are dancing with people who can't lead (there are lots of those), or is it because you have got into the habit of committing to memory extended sequences or choreography (which is bad BR/Latin dancing, not good BR/Latin dancing) and you are not actually following, at all?

My focus would be to count all the styles that you DO dance, including Salsa, and concentrate on what makes each of them distinctive, in terms of technique and characterisation: there is no generic 'Ballroom' dance. Rumba & Cha Cha have a common technique (but look and feel very different), and the 'swing dances' - Waltz, Foxtrot & Quickstep share fundamentals such as the walking action and the use of rise & fall (but look and feel very different).

No one will be able to diagnose your problem without seeing you dance. But find another teacher!
Re: Salsa Dancing Confusion
Posted by Voco
10/28/2014  9:43:00 PM
Salsa is a club dance. It is danced in clubs disregarding the rules of International or American competition dances. For example, in the eyes of a trained Ballroom, Latin or Rhythm dancer, it looks downright ugly when the men dancing it in the clubs, back-weighted, stepping on the heel on nearly every step.

Mambo of American Rhythm is the closest relative of Salsa. But looks much better. Some Salsa dancers dance a version of Mambo and call it Salsa on Two.
Also, it seems that the more the dancer can pack into a measure, the more is appreciated, regardless of the quality of the movement.

You have to decide what direction you want to take. Copy the ugly moves of the club-dancers and be comfortable and accepted in Salsa social dance circles, or continue your more structured dances. Although there are a few dancers who are comfortable in both worlds.
Salsa Dancing Confusion
Posted by SalsaLover
10/28/2014  12:20:00 PM
Hello to all , i would like to discuss some Stuff that confuses me .
I have been to ballroom and Latin dancing for a long while , but never started learning salsa . So i tried to start learning salsa with private and team lessons .
My problem is that after doing lots of lessons where ever i go it seems i cannot dance easily with people at parties and cannot also follow easily , after having a discussion with my teacher , i was advised that the ballroom / latin dancing American and international overlaps my style (Different styles when dancing Salsa )
So do you believe that for someone that wants to Master salsa should focus only on this dance ? (All kinds New York/ Cuban / La ) ...
Re: Bronze 1 versus Bronze 2 syllabus?
Posted by Waltz123
10/27/2014  10:15:00 AM
Oddly enough, sub-levels at NDCA competitions (e.g. Pre-Bronze / Intermediate Bronze / Full Bronze, etc) do not correspond to specific sub-levels of the medalist syllabus, unless otherwise specified. So if you enter in Beginning Bronze, you are allowed to dance any figure from the entire bronze syllabus.

Occasionally there are exceptions. For example, certain competitions may choose to specify that newcomers are only allowed to dance figures 1-5. I believe DVIDA has a newcomer division in certain competitions that has this rule. If you're not sure, check both the entry forms and the rules & regulations page of the competition you're considering. If you don't see a specific rule about it, it means everything in bronze (or whatever medalist level you're aiming for) is fair game.

Jonathan Atkinson
where's the best dancing in FL, Tampa & pts South?
Posted by mayagsd
10/27/2014  7:57:00 AM
Looking for advice from ballroom dancers in Florida. I'm trying to plan vacation/retirement time in Florida and am interested in locations with good/active ballroom dance scenes. Particularly looking at Naples area and around Sarasota. Thanks in advance.
Looking for a partner.
Posted by Valeriek
10/26/2014  6:30:00 PM
I am dancing pre-champ and champ J2 and Youth.
Looking for a partner, male age 14 to 17.
Living in Brooklyn NY
Bronze 1 versus Bronze 2 syllabus?
Posted by pakarinen
10/26/2014  9:58:00 AM
What's the dividing line (NDCA preferred) between the Bronze 1 and Bronze 2 syllabus for Standard waltz? I assume Bronze 2 is full bronze and Bronze 1 is intermediate Bronze? My studio uses the DVIDA syllabus, which doesn't list a Br 1 and Br 2.

Which leads to the next question, What is "Pre-Silver"? I see it listed after Open Bronze at some comps.

Is there a translation chart available?


Re: Swing Jive Out
Posted by O.K
10/24/2014  1:19:00 AM
I have a recording of a International Style Latin competition which was televised. In it the co- commentators Karen Hardy criticized one of the six finalists for dancing the Swing Jive. Stating that they had difficulty keeping in time with the music being played.
So Socially with slower music or in a Medal Test or in a Professional Examination it would be passable. But not for a International competition.
Re: IDTA Syllabus
Posted by Fallaway Whisk
10/22/2014  10:03:00 AM
I completely agree with balldancer!

I too was the prowd owner of lots of medals up to above Gold Star III and thought I could dance reasonably well. I got the shock of my life when comparing myself to low level competitors!

The other issue is it is not just students, but also qualified teachers.

In many cases, the teachers cannot move!


Re: Another Newbie With Questions
Posted by terence2
10/22/2014  3:57:00 AM

Caution.. being a "musician " is very often a hindrance when making assumptions that will not translate, necessarily, to what you are taught.
You will find anomalies in some of the construction in certain dance figures. Don't let it bother you, it will ( I hope ) make sense eventually .

PS.. I have taught many musicians over the years, even from world class Orq. who could not always reconcile some of the areas that you may question.
Looking fwd to your comments on WCS
Re: my husband doesn
Posted by ballroomchick
10/21/2014  11:47:00 AM

Being a jerk is NOT gender specific. These ...girls are breaking social dance code - you do not refuse a person a dance (male or female) unless....
#1 you dont have your dance shoes on.
#2 You really dont know the steps of the particular dance. (but you should be willing to have that person show you how to do the basics)
#3 You are totally out of breath and need a dance to re-oxygenate.
#4 You just killed your foot.

In the 4 studios I dance - married folk come to there and dance with everyone.
Wives come by themselves and dance with everyone.
Husbands come by themselves and dance with everyone.

Its a dance not a contract to do .... what ever. Unless you are making passes at the girls, which I assume you are not.

Brush it off to these females being total jerks and dont bother wasting your time on them again.

As for your wife, crowded floors teach you better floor craft and how to better pay attention to your partner. I have found as I have progress out of Bronze and working for competition, I dont enjoy social dancing as much. I get tired of guys cutting out important portions of patterns. Pushing/pulling me off my center/balance. Young guys who dance smooth dances like they were 105 yrs old and on glass hips. I understand keeping progressive moves in check when the floor is crowded, but when its open and barely moving gets old fast. IMHO

I wish you and your wife the best.
Re: my husband doesn
Posted by allybabba
10/20/2014  3:48:00 PM
I'm in a little different situation ... I'm a guy who has danced for 15 years, intermediate skills. It's been a one-a-week hobby for many years. I just married my partner of 5 years. She hasn't danced much before, but we're taking lessons, she's turning out to be a much quicker study than I ever was ... she's learning fast.

So, it seems like a good deal. This is the situation: she's fine with the dance part, she just doesn't like the social part - for herself. She also doesn't like crowded dance floors.

She's fine with me going dancing by myself - as I have for a few years. However, I'm feeling less comfortable going by myself, largely due to the less favorable reactions of some women dancers. During a mixer, a couple women that didn't know me refused to dance with me more than once (the numbers were fairly even, we were paired up again), even though I kept a respectful distance, and let them have their space. This generally did not happen before, and it was somewhat embarrassing; I assume it was because they saw my ring.

Any thoughts on what is the best way to work this situation? It seems that married women who go dancing without their spouse are not seen with the same suspicion as a guy who does.

Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by tREVOR
10/20/2014  3:39:00 AM
Pretty Paper Roy Orbison
How do you start over Roy Orbison
To soon to Know Roy Orbison
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Trevor
10/20/2014  3:37:00 AM
Mull of kintyre paul mccartney Has a very strong 3/4 time easy to dance to
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