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Re: teaching beginners
Posted by O.K.
9/1/2014  11:00:00 PM
We had a German teacher a while back who wrote. In the Quickstep he never uses the word quick. He said a beginner will invariably snatch that step. So his basic Quickstep was starting on the RF. Slow-- SlowSlow Slow- Slow- SlowSlow and so on. It does work nicely for a beginner.
To continue. I was told many years ago that to teach think of the first part as the first rung of a ladder. Do it over several times then teach the second rung over and over. Then join 1 and 2 together and repeat several times . Do the same with section 3 and so on.
Re: premium content
Posted by Administrator
9/1/2014  5:31:00 PM
Hi Bruce,

You wrote:
Does the premium content include instructional videos for all Bronze. silver and gold dances? in Ballroom and Latin?

As of this writing, the Premium content primarily includes narrated demos of all figures bronze through gold in 19 dances (5 standard, 5 Latin, 4 smooth, 5 rhythm), plus a handful of social/nightclub patterns (mostly bronze equivalent, with some silver) in Salsa, Lindy and WC Swing.

Instructional videos are on the way. We've filmed the entire bronze syllabus, and we're working on editing them every day. However, we're only in the beginning stages of this as of the writing of this message (9/1/2014). We're currently adding about 2-3 instructional videos per week, with another film shoot planned for February 2015, which we will use to shoot a number of instructional videos: Bronze (equivalent) Lindy, level 3 Salsa, several bronze combinations, and some introductory silver figures.

Ultimately the plan is to always be adding content, even after we've finished the entire syllabus, bronze through gold. There are more dances, as well as infinite possibilities for variations and technique lessons. As long as there's demand, we'll be here producing content.

To see the latest instructional videos added, check the rotating banner at the top of our homepage. Whenever we announce a new instructional video on the homepage, we make it free for all users to preview, even if it's one of the more advanced figures.

Does Premium last for 12 months? Is there an automatic renewal we have to be aware of in order to prevent auto renewal.

Premium Membership can be purchased in one, two, or three year installments, with considerable discounts for purchasing more than one year at a time. One year is the shortest amount of time available for purchase.

We do not have an automatic renewal plan. You will be reminded to renew at the end of your term, but it's a separate purchase you must make. As and added incentive, we offer a special renewal rate of $79 per year, an offer which expires shortly after the expiration of your premium status.

I hope that answers all of your questions. Feel free to contact us again if you have any more!

Jonathan Atkinson
premium content
Posted by 9bruce9
9/1/2014  2:48:00 PM
Does the premium content include, instructional videos for all Bronze. silver and gold dances? in Ballroom and Latin?
Does Premium last for 12 months? Is there an automatic renewal we have to be aware of in order to prevent auto renewal.
Could you post a list of what is included in the Premium.
It appears you have done a great job putting the site together. I am very interested in upgrading after I see your answers. Bruce 9bruce9
Re: Full Membership comparison?
Posted by Administrator
9/1/2014  2:20:00 PM
Hi Denpin,

It's actually correct -- we began in November 2013, although we did alter our game plan after having edited a few videos, realizing it wasn't the best course of action. We spent a while cataloging and preparing all of the assets, and are now back to editing, this time much faster -- about 2-3 videos per week (although I do have to take this week off to attend the US Championships in Florida).

When I return, we'll be hiring some additional help, and will have taken a decent-sized chunk out of the bronze by the end of the year.

I'm also concurrently working on a complete overhaul of the website design, which will include a lot of nice extras, like full technical charts (adding footwork, rise & fall, alignments, etc). This new design shows you which figures now have instructional videos. If you want to preview the new design, you can check it out here:


Click on the syllabus page for any dance to see the chart for that dance.

Jonathan Atkinson
Full Membership comparison?
Posted by denpin
9/1/2014  11:32:00 AM
I am considering upgrading to the full membership however your comparison page seems to be very outdated and so I am confused as to weather or not the full membership provides full instructional videos for all steps at the BRONZE level. Your comparison page currently states....
"Full instruction videos for bronze syllabus patterns will added beginning November 2012."

If I upgrade will the website provide Full instruction videos for all of the bronze step or not?

Thank you
Re: teaching beginners
Posted by lydiashao
9/1/2014  5:04:00 AM
You can teach rumba first.because rumba is the slowiest .beginners could follow easier at the beginning.my English is not ver good .i hop my advice could be benefit to you.hope you can understand my words.good luck to you!
Re: American Foxtrot curved feather
Posted by socialdancer
9/1/2014  3:09:00 AM
We need to be careful that we are all using the same definitions and meaning of the terms used in the book.
For International style the IDTA use the term "straight" solely in relation to sway, where it is understood to mean 'no sway'. It has no bearing on the direction of movement or turn of body or feet.
I agree that we often see turn taken too early. The turn does commence on 1, mainly due to the use of CBM, but the step is still taken forward. Starting the turn too early results in the RF moving diagonally forward.
Re: height problems
Posted by Smooth-dancer
8/31/2014  8:54:00 PM
I dance with a number of men who are shorter than me, and it doesn't hinder them. They have great movement and speed! You should try it!
Re: American Foxtrot curved feather
Posted by Telemark
8/31/2014  12:10:00 AM
As we're talking about IDTA (International) Foxtrot technique, note that turn does commence on 1, with 1/8 to R between 1 & 2, 1/8 between 2 & 3 and CBM on 1 & 3.
height problems
Posted by BHernandez4166
8/30/2014  9:26:00 AM
So I have wanted to learn how to dance for the longest time. I have never tried, however. My height is what hindered me. I am 5'2" and male. I was always concerned that my lack of size would decrease my ability to preform with someone taller. Is this in fact the case, or would I be OK?

Thank you.
Re: Ballroom dinner dancing
Posted by yao
8/29/2014  10:43:00 PM
Re: Ballroom dinner dancing
Posted by impactcent70
8/29/2014  4:54:00 AM
Really good.
Re: American Foxtrot curved feather
Posted by O.K.
8/29/2014  1:59:00 AM
nioftofant 1.Thanks for the information. It seems there is a tendency for a person to wrongly turn on the first step. It means to do it correctly relies a lot on the lady not to anticipate the move
Reverse Top
Posted by mayagsd
8/28/2014  11:46:00 AM
the description of the man's footwork states that the reverse top commences with the man's R.F. to the side and slightly forward (on count 2)...i don't see this in the video.
Re: American Foxtrot curved feather
Posted by nloftofan1
8/28/2014  9:06:00 AM
According to the IDTA book (Guy Howard) you are correct. The sway on the three steps of the Curved Feather is/are:

1 St
2 R
3 R
Re: American Foxtrot curved feather
Posted by O.K.
8/27/2014  5:48:00 PM
I have not got the latest Technique Book. In mine there is no Curving Feather.I do understand that any turn or curve has Sway. Question. In the latest Technique Book is the first step of a Curving Feather a straight step. Therefor no Sway until the second and third steps. What does it say?.
Re: American Foxtrot curved feather
Posted by terence2
8/27/2014  2:15:00 AM

The combo of.. Curved Feather to Back feather to Feather Finish.. Known as the The " Prince of wales ". One of the most clasic Foxtrot Amalag/variations, and great for developing and refining technique .

Wanna create " swing " in your FT ? then practice that combo
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