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12/12: PARTY LINE Loft Party w/No Ordinary Monkey
Posted by REDness
11/30/2015  12:06:00 PM
Friday, December 12th, 10pm-6am

For this edition masters of the bizzare, No Ordinary Monkey join us on the set!

No Ordinary Monkey is Phil South (Golf Channel Recordings boss) and Anton Esteban (Ghost Note)

Party Line resident operators BLT & Ben Manzone will set the tone.

Presale tix: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?777010

THIS IS A PRIVATE LOFT PARTY therefore YOU MUST RSVP to thePartyLineInfo@gmail.com for location & details.

In addition we're pleased to announce our friends Sleepy Peopl are back on the freaked out visuals!

The Qweeen Erica Kenia will be serving drinks
The illustrious Siobhan Benson will be your hostess.
And the one they call Bruno will be greeting you at the door.

$5 Before Midnight
$15 after w/ flyer $20 w/ out (flyers available at A-1, Academy & TTLab
$10 Advance Ltd Tix
Open Vodka Bar until midnight

Learn more & join us on Facebook:


Join theREDness Events Party Page:

Follow theREDness on twitter:

Check out the REDness website:
Re: Patterns
Posted by vickisb540
11/28/2015  8:26:00 AM
I'm unable to find Laura LaGasse or Dancesportimage. Any ideas? And any ideas where to find other patterns? Is the rhinestoneguy.com manual any good? And will I have to have a serger to have any success with this? I don't have one.
Re: Best Quality Tailsuits
Posted by pakarinen
11/25/2015  5:44:00 PM
I bought my tail suit from ballroomsuits.com. Eric, who I believe is the owner, was very helpful, checking with me at least twice on my measurements after my local tailor messed them up. I added the wool upgrade for $100 or something like that. He also kept me up to date on the status of my order via email.

You might want to add an extra inch to your waist measurement as tailored suits don't allow much room for any weight gain. Don't ask how I know this.

There was a minor issue with the shirt collar because I take a size 17.5-18. He had to order one from DSI, I think. I ordered two from another vendor because we had a competition coming up and I didn't want to take a chance on having no collar. All of the collars got to me well ahead of time, so I had three for the comp. LOL.

I've used the suit for 3 comps now and I've been very happy with it. YMMV.
Scam response to Classified Ads
Posted by spookisgirl
11/23/2015  3:54:00 PM
Hi all,

I want to let others know--I have been scammed by someone saying they were going to buy my dresses through the ballroomdancers.com classified section.

If you receive an inquiry from someone claiming to only be able to use paypal and needing help paying a 'pick-up' agent, this is a scam.

I hope this will help others avoid being scammed as I was.
Posted by REDness
11/23/2015  9:51:00 AM
House, Funk, Soul.....Soulgasm!

Friday, December 4th, 9pm-4am

Join us for this very special event:

DJ Lineup:
+ guest DJ Future

$10 all night

Learn more & join us on Facebook:


Join theREDness Events Party Page:

Follow theREDness on twitter:

Check out the REDness website:
Dance Floor for sale- Florlok from England
Posted by boatingwego
11/18/2015  7:13:00 PM
~~Professional Dance Floor for sale ~Portable $3800 located in Baltimore, Maryland USA ~~ 20ftx31-1/2ft Florlock Dance Floors ~ Beautiful Mahogany Wood Portable Floor from England by Florlok ~ Floor can fit any size room up to 20 ft x 31 1/2 ft. Top of the line easy interlocking panels, so no screws of nuts to worry about.. Video below. Open your own Dance Floor Rental Business. Dance at home, Roller Skate at home, great for Bands & Church functions. Will post photos soon. Fit what size you need by adding 3 foot x 3 foot tiles.

Dance step error
Posted by LibertarianBookClub
11/15/2015  12:47:00 PM
For the Underturned Natural Spin Turn (Quickstep, Lady's Part), the description is 'Closed position, facing diagonal wall', but should be 'Closed position, backing diagonal wall.'
Re: Best Quality Tailsuits
Posted by ladydance
11/15/2015  9:54:00 AM
All the men at my studio (Ottawa) have bought tailsuits from MK Style. You can check them out at mkstyle.ca.
Posted by Deanpowers
11/13/2015  1:04:00 PM
Seems that the follower is anticipating her turn. In a good whip she doesn't know until she is led that it will be a whip.
Re: Best Quality Tailsuits
Posted by waynelee
11/13/2015  8:58:00 AM
Interesting question. It appears to me that the standard male dress code for International Ballroom, at least in the US, does not require tails. The male code now calls for dark/black suit, white shirt and white bow tie. I am not sure of the reasoning behind this change, but I have seen it in several competitions.
Best Quality Tailsuits
Posted by binky54
11/12/2015  10:25:00 PM
Hello. I am in the process of moving to compete at the silver level in international standard and by Canada DanceSport rules will need a proper tailsuit. I would like to get a high quality tailsuit and wonder what the top brands are for tailsuits as well as places where they can be purchased.

If anyone has any information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Unusual Figures
Posted by ForrestOutman
11/8/2015  4:58:00 AM
Hello lluv2Dance and terence2 I'm quite interested in the Bradley Drag. I'm a dance historian and I'd love to speak with you both more about it and dance in general. My profile has my phone number in it, but I'm located in the U.S. so email me please Forrest@DanceHistorian.com or we can of course use this board to go about communication, though it would be fun to share vintage sources with you which email allows.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by mspayne22
11/5/2015  11:55:00 AM
I just had bunion implant surgery along with MTP bone spurs{top of foot} & cyst removal with Topaz procedure {tendon stripping} on Oct 19th on right foot. 24hrs post op, I could not take the pain killers fast enough. Of course I was expecting the pain. By day 4 post op I took naprosyn every 12 hrs and percocet when needed, mostly at night. By day 7 only naprosyn. I started experiencing sharp stabbing pains that would come and go in the implant area. The intensity of the sharp stabbing pains started diminishing around day 9-10. I searched the web to see if anyone had gone through anything similiar, to no avail. Day 10 I had my first outing where I wore my post-op boot when I had to leave the house and walked on my heel about 10 minutes the first hr, then 15-20 minutes the 2nd hr. I did surprisingly well. It was swollen when I arrived back home, I iced and elevated it. Day 14 I had an appt. so I velcroed up my post op boot and I walked and stood about 30 min out of an hr this time. Not as much swelling but I iced and elevated it anyway. Day 16 I had my 2 week post op appointment yesterday. Some stitches were removed. My Dr. said the sharp stabbing pains are nerves healing. And she was pleased with results so far. I was told to park my knee scooter and wear my post-op shoe to ambulate now. I was a little nervous. Then she said to take the dressing off when I get home to allow my scars to heal, now I'm really nervous! The dressing was my security blanket. When I return in 2 weeks she will change me to a better shoe. And yes Im still experiencing very mild sharp pains in implant area. My midfoot has dull aching pains that come and go. Well today I soaked my foot in plain epsom salt and applied antibiotic creme, then nervously and very carefully moved to the bed to elevate it and allow the scars to dry up. But when Im ready to get up I will place gauze over scars and ace bandage to protect wounds from the heavy post op boot. I hope this gives someone an idea what to expect with this sort of surgery. I will update in 2 weeks so those who are interested can follow.
Re: music lists
Posted by KarenaMurphy
11/5/2015  9:25:00 AM
thank you jonathan

looking forward to the new changes

Karen Murphy
Re: samba closed rocks video
Posted by Administrator
11/4/2015  11:23:00 AM
Hi FitFunnyGuy,

Thank you so much for the tip. We'll fix it as soon as we can.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: music lists
Posted by Administrator
11/4/2015  11:22:00 AM
Hi Karena,

Thank you for your interest.

I regret to say that we have officially closed the doors to our music store. The dance music and instructional video industry has transformed over the last 10 years, and the sales of physical CDs and DVDs has slowed to a trickle. So we've packed up our stuff and moved on to other things.

The video business is now about streaming directly from the internet. Luckily we've been planning for it all along, and it is the primary focus of BallroomDancers.com.

Music is now delivered primarily to people's computers and mobile devices, although it is split between streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify, and services such as iTunes and Amazon that let you purchase and download individual songs to own. The ballroom industry as a whole has generally embraced the latter, but it's still possible to create playlists on Spotify with a limited list of modern/pop tunes that work for ballroom. We aren't planning on following either of those paths, but we do hope to transform the music section of our website into a referral service. Or I should say rather, we will be returning to our roots as a referral service, since that's how our music section began in the early days before we started selling CDs ourselves.

The referral service will start as a list of songs in each dance style that you can purchase from other companies such as iTunes and Amazon. We also hope to include the libraries of some of the companies whose physical CDs we had previously sold, such as Casa Musica and WRD. Eventually, we'd also like to expand it to include a social media slant, with users providing suggestions to other users, etc.

This, of course, will all take time to develop. So to get your music fix in the meantime, I would refer you directly to the two companies who provided the majority of our merchandise:

WRD Music http://www.wrdmusic.com
Casa Musica http://www.casa-musica.de

Both WRD and Casa Musica sell their music on CDs. Casa Musica also provides an mp3 download option for certain tracks.

Thanks again for inquiring!

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Name of figure? (danced in rumba?)
Posted by Waltz123
11/4/2015  10:59:00 AM
Funny you should ask. It doesn't officially have a name, but between me and my colleagues it's referred to as the "Dancing with the Stars", because there's one every episode!

Re: videos stopped working 10-25-2015
Posted by nloftofan1
11/3/2015  3:27:00 PM
According to Wikipedia (not necessarily the last word on the subject), "On February 20, 2013, Mozilla implemented support in Firefox for decoding H.264 on Windows 7 and above. This feature relies on Windows' built in decoding libraries. Firefox 35.0, released on January 13, 2015 supports H.264 on OS X 10.6 and higher."

I am currently using Firefox 41.0.2 on a Mac under OS X 10.10.5. I'm not sure what format I'm seeing, but I can view the "Variation of the Week" video. Previously, I was able to view the videos using QuickTime (I don't have Flash installed).
Name of figure? (danced in rumba?)
Posted by heelsandemotions
11/2/2015  3:49:00 PM
Hi everyone!
I just started dancing two months ago and it's been amazing so far. I was watching some dance videos and I would love to know the name of this one figure (which I think I've seen it in a few different dances). You can see it in a video here (sorry it's a bit jumpy): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_-ux27s2bA
The figure can be seen from:
0:52 - 0:55

Thanks so much in advance! :)

Re: videos stopped working 10-25-2015
Posted by Administrator
11/2/2015  2:05:00 AM
Update: Video should now be working for Firefox and Opera browsers, as long as you have Flash installed.

We are working on adding a complete library of videos in "WebM" format, so that Firefox and Opera users can watch our videos without requiring that Flash be installed. In the meantime, please either install Adobe Flash, or use Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Apple Safari as your browser.

Jonathan Atkinson
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