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Re: Step points American foxtrot
Posted by Waltz123
9/24/2016  1:28:00 PM
Hi Alic11,

Here area few typical entires into the Step-Point figure in Foxtrot:

(1) Dance 1-3 Open Reverse Turn / Open Left Box, taking 1/4 turn to left to end with man backing diagonal wall. Either extend frame slightly to achieve a non-contact hold, or release frame altogether to achieve a two-hand hold. Follow with Step-Points backward (man back, lady forward). An odd number of these will leave the man's left foot free, so I suggest following with a Reverse Twinkle or a Back Run (SQQ). An even number will leave the man's right foot free to follow with a Feather Finish, taking 3/8 turn to left to end facing wall.

(2) If you dance a full Reverse Turn / Open Left Box you can likewise follow with Step-Points, this time with man dancing the forward part while lady dances back. Take the normal amount of turn on the Open Reverse, but release the hold as above. The first step of the first Step-Point will be taken with man dancing in line with lady. An odd number can be followed by a Feather Step, while and even number can be followed by an Outside Check & Develope, an Offset Twinkle, or a Passing Change.

Speaking of Passing Changes, they have quite a bit in common with the Step-Points. They can be taken forward or back, they begin and end on the same foot, and have the same alignments and amounts of turn. So they're almost entirely interchangeable, and can be mixed and matched at will. So for a full list of precedes and follows for Step-Points, just check either the same list for Passing Changes, or even for the Bronze level Change Steps O.P.!

(3) The most popular entry into Step-Points is probably the Syncopated Underarm turn to Right. The underarm turn is a slick way to transition from closed hold to open facing, and the figure leaves you perfectly set up with your left foot free to step forward outside partner on the lady's left, to begin a series of Step-Points. The only difference here is that the man will be facing generally toward center (alternating between DC and DC against LOD), so your follows will be a bit different than the version taken after the Open Reverse. My recommendation is to follow with a Grapevine to Right (two-hand hold), an Open Left Box, or if you're at a corner, an Offset Twinkle.

Hope that helps!

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: famous dancers
Posted by Stuart Nichols
9/23/2016  8:00:00 PM
Re: famous dancers
Posted by rkonert
1/30/2006 12:16:00 PM

Since we're talking about famous dancers does anybody know anything about Linda Dean?
Well this question is over ten years old and nobody's answered it yet, so I will.

Linda Dean has been a very popular coach specializing in Theater Arts/Cabaret, and a ubiquitous judge on the NDCA circuit for over thirty years. She achieved fame and her national titles as partner to George Hendricks in 1971, when they were the American Style Champions, and then to Vernon Brock, with whom she was the United States National Professional Latin American Champion from 1975-78. (source:NDCA.org)

She also partnered World Exhibition Champion and United States Latin American Champion Rufus Dustin, though I don't know if they held any titles together.

Linda suffered from knee problems following her years as champion, a consequence, she said, of the athleticism and strenuous limits to which Vernon's choreography pushed her. Even so, she continued coaching and judging nonstop, a testament to her determination and work ethic.

She has a Facebook page, though it hasn't been posted to in almost a year: https://www.facebook.com/linda.dean4/ I realize as I write this that I haven't seen her recently, so I hope she's well.
Re: Teacher doesn't treat me well :( Help!
Posted by ladydance
9/23/2016  6:09:00 PM
Welcome to the world of the dance diva. She is immature and short sighted (upsetting a paying client) but this is not uncommon. You have insulted her, first by switching instructors and then by not dancing with her at the party. Find another studio.
Step points American foxtrot
Posted by Alic11
9/23/2016  3:08:00 PM
Hi, can anyone advise on a preceding step to lead into step-points in American foxtrot? It's a lovely step but we can't think how to get into or out of it. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
Posted by Alic11
9/23/2016  5:19:00 AM
Hi, please can anyone make any suggestions as how to get into the step points and how to come out of them? thank you.
Teacher doesn't treat me well :( Help!
Posted by Sam9087
9/22/2016  11:48:00 PM
Well recently I've noticed my ballroom teacher isn't treating me good.
I'm currently learning Salsa.
There are two teachers, one is a male, and the other one is a female (she's the one that doesn't treat me good). I'm a guy.

So here's what I think happened:

I started taking private lessons with the female teacher, she is pretty good and she's pretty, but after the second private lesson I told her I'd like to switch to the male teacher I just didn't tell her the reason why (I just felt like I could learn more with the male teacher because I'm less of a nervous and relaxed way.). So she answered back nicely with a "Ok sure no problem". So I switched to the male teacher, and so far so good I'm perfectly fine with him I'm learning a lot, etc.

So then the next time I went to the practice party she (the teacher) asked me if I wanted to dance with her but I wasn't really feeling like dancing (I went kinda shy or something) and I replied with a 'not really I'm just watching I'm fine, but thanks', and I don't know if she got offended or what but ever since then she treats me like garbage, every practice party she switches the music to another genre other than salsa (salsa is the only genre I know) just to make me stay seated the whole class. I can only dance once or max twice every practice party.

She doesn't even try to communicate with me anymore she doesn't ask me to dance with her and it feels really bad. It's been 2 practice parties that I have had to leave earlier than usual because of uncomfortable way she makes me feel. I can't even stay for one minute in the studio and I end up missing almost the whole party. In example she doesn't put salsa and I have to stay seated while watching her dance with another guy or girl for about 4 songs or something.
I don't know what I did to her but I feel really really bad. I've paid a good amount of money (about 500$) for private lessons and I've had to leave twice from practice parties because of the so uncomfortable way she makes me feel.
I don't think that's a proper teacher's attitude.
If you ask me I think she thinks I don't like her therefore she's applying the same to me, for example showing hate and acting selfishly (I do like her tho, I just don't feel confident enough to show her I like her and be more of a charismatic guy around her).
Please help me :(

PS She's the owner of the studio.
Your opinions mean a lot to me, please share your thoughts.

Thank you,
Re: jon canning
Posted by socialdancer
9/22/2016  3:38:00 AM

Jon has his new web site up and running, and a new CD too!

Good news is that he has made a limited re-run of Have I Told You Lately so get in there quick.

His new site is http://joncanningmusic.com
Re: jon canning
Posted by Jon Canning
9/22/2016  2:10:00 AM
Hi we now have a new website
Have I told you lately is on the site.
Thank you.
Re: male vs. female height
Posted by ballroomchick
9/19/2016  2:23:00 PM
I'm 5'10" tall. I wear 2 1/2" heels. I don't slump for anyone. I don't have a large selection of instructors - just 2 that are 5' 11" and they are worth their weight in gold. I do really well in American Smooth. Rhythm I work harder and have to make sure I really roll through the feet and have a lot of natural animation.

When I social dance I don't care how tall the guy is, they don't want to into a closed frame position anyway. Well except one old fart that was 5'2" and wanted to snuggle his head on my chest. I walked off the floor from that one.
Re: dance teacher put me with young kids
Posted by ladydance
9/19/2016  10:32:00 AM
Talk to your teacher for sure before quitting or she won't know what was bothering you. There has to be a reason she has held you back and you should know what it is. Personally, I think it is more important you be with your peer group. Tell her you are willing to work hard to keep up but you are unhappy with the kids. There is no point being there and paying good money if you are desparately unhappy.
Re: Courage to dance with other women than my wife
Posted by ladydance
9/19/2016  10:27:00 AM
Dancing with other women is the best way to learn how to lead. As a follower, I would prefer a simple routine of basics. Like the other poster said, pick 3 steps and create a mini-routine. If you mess up just laugh, stop and start again. I totally get not being able to talk and dance at the same time. Personally, I can't chat while dancing. Do you have a friend you can dance with? We take private lessons with another couple. My husband always tries out new stuff on the other woman to see if he has a clear lead. She is a good friend so there is no awkwardness if he screws up. Good posture and good frame is more important than a bunch of steps. Start with the dances you feel most comfortable with and go from there.
Re: Courage to dance with other women than my wife
Posted by nloftofan1
9/19/2016  9:05:00 AM
When you always dance with the same partner, you learn to compensate for each other's mistakes. So there is a really good reason to dance with other partners (aside from the social aspect): it will improve your dancing. When you ask another lady to dance, have three dance figures in mind. If your new partner is struggling with the basic step, don't move beyond it. But otherwise, try one of the others. If she has trouble following, no big deal. The dance police are probably not there. And maybe you can see what she's having trouble with, and modify your lead. (But remember, you aren't there to teach.) Telling you not to panic, not to tighten up is likely to have the opposite effect. But if you mess something up, the sun will rise tomorrow.
Courage to dance with other women than my wife
Posted by CajunRon
9/18/2016  10:21:00 PM
My wife and I are into social ballroom dancing and I would classify us as "average to a little above average". I love dancing with her. I am so comfortable with her because when we mess up we just joke, laugh and go on...and she knows the "signals" I give. But I can't muster the courage to dance with other women. I've tried a few times but not knowing what steps they know, I end up just dancing the basic step over and over again. And almost always, they seem to want to engage in conversation while dancing. I have a real hard time concentrating on dancing, coming up with the next move and leading that move while trying to engage in conversation so I feel like I flub both the dance and the conversation.

Any advice?
dance teacher put me with young kids
Posted by haylee&dance
9/16/2016  6:29:00 PM
i just want to say before i get started, i love dance and i really do try hard. i also really love EVERYONE there, there very nice and welcoming.

so im 16 years old (my birthday is in July) and im in 11th grade. iv'e only been doing dance since i was 11 while everyone i know has been doing dance since they were 3.

there is a level for 8-12 called intermediate
a level for 12-14 called juniors
and a level for 14-18 called senior

note: how well you do is based on what class she puts you in
and every level their is is jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, lyrical, pre-point, and point

for the last 5 years iv'e been stuck in the junior class. the first three years were great/awesome, i made lots of friends and i was trying so hard to be as good as the other girls. then the 4th year came(two years ago) most some of my friends in junior moved into senior and some of the intermediates moved to junior, i was OK because my best friend was still in the same class as me (she one year younger than i am).

ok so last year i was not happy at all. i was so embarrassed, my best friend moved into the senior class and im stuck in the juniors still! now i was the oldest, the tallest and i was also fifteen. everyone is two years younger than i am. so embarrassing watching everyone move up even my best friend that is younger than me moved up!

i wanted my mom to pull me out so bad, but that wasn't even an option. i cant do any other sport because im too old and (im home-schooled) the school district im in is really crappy. so i bit my tongue, dealt with the embarrassment because there would be no absolute way she would still keep me in junior next year, i would be sixteen, i would have my permit and i would be better at dancing. everyone last year said i improved so much and i dance just as good as the other girls and if not better.

well so my first day of dance was Wednesday and what do you know EVERYONE i mean everyone that was with in juniors last year moved into senior! every last kid in the junior class that is younger than me had moved up while i stayed in the same dang level. so now, im stuck in a class with the kids that just got out of intermediate that is 10 year old, 11 year old, 12 year old, 13 year old and 14 year old. IM 16, im in 11th grade, im graduating early next year and my teacher STILL wont move me up. despite the fact that im less experienced, im the 3rd oldest dancer in the entire studio (not including the teachers). i was really tearing up the entire time i was dancing, i was so embarrassed and my heart was really hurt because it made me feel really stupid that she thought i wasn't good enough to be in with my age level. i told my mom to pick me up after my first class was done because i couldn't take it no more.

i dont know what to do.... my mom will let me quit if i want to. she also thinks its complete crap that my dance teacher still kept in the junior class with a bunch of little kids while every one from last year moved up and i didn't. i plan on talking to her to move me up into senior next week when i go again. i just need someone else's opinions or someone who's was or still is in the same position to tell me what they did. if i quit i have NOTHING else to do
Re: Books to study for teaching ballroom and latin
Posted by nloftofan1
9/12/2016  10:41:00 AM
FOLLOWUP: I went to a West Coast Swing "cool moves" class last night. Everything in that class was based on the basic Whip. I mentioned to the instructor that my Whip wasn't as good as it should be. In half a minute she found the problem and helped me fix it.

Books and videos are very useful, but they can't do that.
Dancing in Utah, espeically Salt Lake City?
Posted by TundraDancingGal
9/11/2016  7:20:00 PM
We'll be taking a terrific vacation next month, including 4 days in Salt Lake City. I've been told that UT has a very active ballroom dance community with some top dancers coming from the area. No, I don't expect to be dancing with Mark Ballas or taking lessons from Shirley, but anyone know of places we could stop in for a dance or take a lesson?
Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by ballroomchick
9/6/2016  11:21:00 AM
e-mail me and I'll send you photos
and you can go to my Face Book page as well.

My inventory has grown to the point I need to build a web site.
Just have not had time right now to do that.

my e-mail address is

r u m b a dot g i r l at y a h o o dot c o m
Re: 1st Comp--dresses on a budget?
Posted by kfors
9/2/2016  2:31:00 PM
What is your website where one can see what you have available?
Re: Books to study for teaching ballroom and latin
Posted by Guest
8/28/2016  11:21:00 PM
Nioftofan1. I agree. And the same goes for reading from a book, as it does watching a video. We must know what we are looking for. I have often said to a person that we move our head onto step two of a Natural Turn in the Waltz far to early. And that they should, in slow motion, freeze frame, and see that the head stays over the closing foot and not the extended to the side foot. Thus creating Sway.
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by ballroomchick
8/25/2016  11:02:00 AM

One day you might want to decide if the money you are paying to be dragged around the floor and being confused is worth it.

YOU are the customer - if you don't feel that you are getting your money's worth take your check book and go to someone else.

Would you feel the same way if you were shopping for a dress and it didn't fit you right. Would you still buy it because you were told to Tough It, You Had To?

You don't have to keep drinking the kool-aid. You can decide to find an instructor who will work with you. They ARE out there, you can find a good fit if you just look and try them out.
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