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Re: Remedy for bad smelling dance shoes
Posted by pakarinen
9/22/2014  11:33:00 AM
I'm experimenting with putting a bar of deodorant soap in a "soap sock", or whatever those plastic mesh bags are called, in each shoe. Seems to help and I'm reluctant to put my dance shoes in the oven at 120 F for 30 minutes like some people have suggested.

Fresh Wave did nothing at all; there's a deodorant aerosol that DSW sells that does some good.

I also have a bar of rock salt which is supposed to inhibit bacterial growth when rubbed on damp feet - haven't tried that yet.

I also might try a car deodorizer hangy thing in each shoe - those are usually powerful enough to give me a whopper of a headache so they might do the trick.

Lysol spray?

Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by Telemark
9/22/2014  1:20:00 AM
If you are beginning in dance, find a good teacher.

Your teacher will benefit from a formal study of the standard technique and will doubtless have acquired a copy of the IDTA's new edition, but the green book is of historical interest, and offers little of use to the novice.
Re: Walter Laird's Technique of Latin Dancing
Posted by Portuguese dancer
9/21/2014  6:58:00 PM
hello to all dancers and dance lovers
im a portuguese dancer, and i have been searching for the green book, edition 1972, but cant find it anywhere on google.
Does anyone know some website or haves the book in .pdf, that could help me ?
its very important for me to read this book, because im beginning in dance, and i want to learn more !
thank you!
Re: Another Newbie With Questions
Posted by ladydance
9/21/2014  3:29:00 PM
Whenever someone says they would like to learn how to dance but are 'too scared', I ask what is the worse that can happen? If you don't get it (in the beginning) so what? If you work on it, you will. My husband and I have been dancing over 10 years, we still take lessons and we still take hours to get to the point where we can comfortably add a new step seamlessly to our routine. Dancing is supposed to be fun, it is not easy but that is part of the fun. There is a real sense of accomplishment when you master something new.
Re: A vibrating wearable to give you the tempo ?!
Posted by germandanceteacher
9/21/2014  3:44:00 AM
Oh, you are a little bit late - it already exists: named EARS, published by God (or the evolution).
Re: Full Membership comparison?
Posted by updm002
9/20/2014  9:16:00 PM
I have been a full member for a couple of years and this is an amazing value. A lot of things in this sport seem over priced but this is NOT one of them. Great value and a super easy decision to renew at 79 dollars.
Re: Full Membership comparison?
Posted by Administrator
9/19/2014  9:34:00 PM
Hi Hledgard,

That is correct. There is no auto-renewal on membership. It has to be done manually, but it is offered at a reduced rate of $79.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Full Membership comparison?
Posted by hledgard
9/19/2014  2:54:00 PM
I too am considering premium membership. I hope the membership is not auto-renewel. Can you clarify?
Re: Reverse Top
Posted by Waltz123
9/19/2014  10:05:00 AM
I apologize for the confusion. The current video demonstration shows the Reverse Top following a Natural Opening Out Movement. I will make a note that we should film a demonstration of the Reverse Top by itself, in order to match the written chart more clearly, when we do our next film shoot. This will also be included in one of the future full instruction videos.

For now, note that the dancers are beginning with steps 1-6 of an Opening Out Movement (fig. #14). This includes the first forward break and cha-cha-cha beginning in right side position and ending closed, as well as the first step of the next forward break on count 2, where the lady begins to pass in front of the man at about 0:09. As he replaces his weight to his left foot in a Cuban Cross on step 7 (count 3) at about 0:10, this is really the first step of the Reverse Top -- the equivalent of step 2 in the man's and lady's charts. In this video, the dancers continue on through step 10, dancing two measures of Reverse Top, but of course it can be extended to three measures as in the charts, or even longer if desired.

I hope that helps clear things up for now. We'll add a more basic video as soon as we can!

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Another Newbie With Questions
Posted by nloftofan1
9/19/2014  8:44:00 AM
Videos are very helpful. You can watch good dancers dance a particular figure correctly a hundred times in a row if you want to. But they don't replace an instructor (a video can't watch you dance and say "No, you should be doing ... rather than ...").

My wife and I are also social dancers, not competitors. Sometimes people look at us and say "Oh, you look so good." But we also remember our favorite instructor saying "Yes, those are the steps, but it's not how I would do them." I hope that somehow this will help you with your confidence. Remember, one of the reasons your instructor looks so good is that he (or she) has done that figure 10,000 times. As ladydance points out, it takes practice. (To some extent dancing is intuitive. If what you are doing is hard to do, you're probably doing it wrong.)

Another instructor we know starts beginner lessons by having the students simply listen to the music. Doing that without worrying about "Which foot do I move next and where do I put it?" helps students get the "feel" of the rhythm.
Re: Another Newbie With Questions
Posted by Michael-Francis
9/19/2014  8:00:00 AM
Thanks so much for the input. I do understand what you mean about the videos. They are intimidating to say the least. Perhaps that is where my efforts to help the situation has failed.

I will refrain from the videos, and concentrate on what is taught in the class.
I do suspect that she has a slight issue with rhythm, from past dancing experience with her. I was a musician in years past so my rhythm is pretty good.

She is a wonderful person, and for us to be able to socially dance will be something that she will enjoy forever. She wants to do it but is "scared".

Just got to get her over her "fear of flying"

Re: Another Newbie With Questions
Posted by ladydance
9/19/2014  7:35:00 AM
Honestly, youtube has been the scourge of ballroom dance. Everyone looks at videos and based on what they see decide it is either too hard for them or too easy and they won't need more than a lesson or two to be proficient. No one does this for golf or any other sport that I can think of. Fear of being the only one that can't learn the steps is the huge. As a studio manager and part-time instructor, I see this all the time. Instructors who teach beginners have several tricks to encourage new dancers and explain the steps. After the first class, you wife will realize that everyone is in the same boat and that everyone is so busy learning that they have no time to look around at what others are doing. Beginner classes are just that, for beginners. Dance is not intuitive, it takes practice and a certain amount of dedication. Timing and rhythm are all very important but first you have to learn the steps and get the muscle memory. Do not 'help' the instructor. You probably won't have the opportunity as you have a lot to learn. First of all as the lead, timing is your concern, make sure you can hear the beat before correcting your wife. Learn to lead without pushing and pulling or talking- not as easy as most men think.
Another Newbie With Questions
Posted by Michael-Francis
9/19/2014  7:13:00 AM
Hi All,

We are Michael and Francis.
We live just outside Charlotte, NC.

Yes we are very new to Ballroom Dance, so now is the time for a couple of the many questions we will have on our journey to learning the basics of social dance. We are not interested in competition dancing, only to enjoy dancing in a social environment.

It has taken a while for our schedules to mesh enough to start some classes, but now it seems to be happening.

The first question I have is in regards to confidence. We had signed up for some dance lessons from a local dance studio, and the first class is next Thursday. Last night we were just looking through a few videos, and something that I had never heard from her before. "I'm not going to be able to do that." What we were watching was a video on West coast swing basics. So now after hearing her repeat those words several times, I realized that she lacks some confidence. My my question is this: What are the tips that you as instructors give your students when they show a lack of confidence. She seems to feel that she doesn't have enough rhythm to "count and Step" at the same time. We are both in fairly good shape, she weighs about 105 wet, and is in good physical condition so that should be an issue.
I know she wants to do this, but feels reluctant to proceed.

The next question is about Rhythm and keeping time. How can I convey to her about recognizing the rhythms and how they translate to the footwork. I know this will be the job of the instructor, but he may need a little help.

Thanks in advance for your input.
Re: Remedy for bad smelling dance shoes
Posted by ladydance
9/17/2014  5:42:00 AM
Clean feet do smell, just like armpits, when they get sweaty. I have found the best way to get rid of the odor in my satin standard shoes is to wash them with antibacterial soap and put them out in the sun to dry.
Beauty Corsets
Posted by Deborra
9/17/2014  4:59:00 AM
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Re: Remedy for bad smelling dance shoes
Posted by Telemark
9/16/2014  5:41:00 AM
Soap is even better. Clean feet don't smell.
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by pakarinen
9/15/2014  3:06:00 PM
My wife and I sailed on the Crown Princess two years ago with one of the ballroom cruise providers. Although there was no provision made for private ballroom dancing per se, a subgroup of us "took over" one of the lounges in the evenings. There was a quintet playing there after dinner who played nothing but ballroom once they saw there was a group of serious dancers who appreciated and actually danced to ballroom music. The floor was rather small but adequate if you kept your traveling in check.

Unfortunately, so many passengers came down with norovirus that the cruise was cut short and we returned to Lauderdale 3 days early after sailing almost to South America with no stops. (See "Princess Noro-Cruise to Nowhere" on cruise boards.)

Princess did give us a full refund and paid our airfare home, but that was our last cruise. It's not worth the risk to us of having a pricey vacation ruined being trapped at sea while our fellow passengers are vomiting in the hallways. And in the elevators. It can happen on land too, but there you can at least crawl to the beach to die.

The saving grace of the cruise was the dancing. Although one instructor got sick and we didn't see her at all after the second day, the remaining instructor was outstanding and he made up for a lot of the hassle.

Your experience may vary, of course...
Re: Remedy for bad smelling dance shoes
Posted by O. K.
9/14/2014  8:11:00 PM
Bi Carb of Soda. Which is Baking Soda. Put a dash in your shoes after use.
Re: Cruises with ballroom dancing
Posted by Terry Walker
9/14/2014  3:20:00 AM
I recently had my first cruise with the Fred Olsen line from the UK having previously been a P & O cruiser. On the latter their dance areas are very small and they do not provide dance hosts for the benefit of single passengers.
On Fred Olsen I found the dance floor about twice the size,even for such a small ship ( about 850 passengers) and they had 1 lady & 3 gents hosts. Each evening at 7.30pm, after 1st sitting, the resident orchestra played ballroom music for 45 minutes before the first show after which there was a further 45 minutes dancing to records. I am 82 & still love ballroom dancing and find it keeps me very fit. Being able to dance with a good partner made the holiday so enjoyable for me as a widower & I have booked 2 cruises for 2015.I have created a CD of my favourite ballroom music in the hope that they will use it on my voyage to Tenerife in the New Year.
Looking for Dance Instructor - Ballroom and Latin
Posted by patriciafr
9/13/2014  7:01:00 PM
Patricia's Dance Lessons in Spring TX is looking for professional, fun and motivated male & female dance instructors to teach private and group lessons in Ballroom, Latin, Country, American and International Styles and also Pro-Am Dance Competition.

Previous dance experience is mandatory; previous teaching experience is a plus, but not necessary, we will train the right candidate. This will be for a full time position at our new studio opening soon in Spring / The Woodlands area.

Please send your CV to info@patriciasdancelessons.com and if possible a few dance photos and videos.
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