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5/16: House Coalition Honors Marjory Smarth @Dance
Posted by REDness
4/22/2015  2:17:00 PM
Saturday, May 16th
Join the House Coalition
Honoring Dancer Marjory Smarth
at the 2015 Dance Parade & Festival

DJs Spinna (Wonderwax, BBE), Brian Coxx (Soulgasm NYC),
Ali Coleman (Voice of Voice), Gustavo Vargas (Blind Faith Collective).
Loft Kid Alex (House Coalition)

Be sure to select HOUSE COALITION as the group you YOU WANT TO DANCE with!!!

Parade Begins: 1:00pm / Meet-Up Time 11:30 am
We line up at 22nd Street & Broadway

A donation of $25 will get you a spot on the float or
e-mail RED@theREDness.com for details



House Coalition, created by Loft Kid Luis, is the biggest and boldest of the social dance groups to participate in the annual NYC Dance Parade and Festival. We are proud to announce the selection of our 2015 theme:


To celebrate the life and legacy of Legendary Dancer Marjory Smarth, and to mark her recent passing on February 12th 2015, House Coalition is dedicating its participation in the 2015 Parade to her memory. Our theme this year, Live True, Dance Free, is an homage to Marjory's dance, spirit and person in her own words. A logo created by her and her husband to raise awareness of how important it is to use dance as a means of expression, healing and to share that with others.
Please visit www.marjorysmarth.com to learn more about the Marjory Smarth Foundation.

 photo House Coalition_May2015_Double-smaller_zpsjplatbhh.jpg

RSVP for the event here:

Join theREDness Events Party Page:
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Check out the NEW REDness Parties & Events website:
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by BugRed
4/22/2015  12:14:00 AM
I've just had a fusion of my big toe- 3 weeks ago. My mtp joint was completely gone and bones spurs were all over making my joint lumpy and painful to find shoes. I had no movement in the joint for at least two years now. Only a few shoes including rocker type soles were comfortable. Many flats were not comfortable due to the height of the shoe at the joint. The pressure was painful. The surgeon promised the pain would be gone and the joint cleaned up and the two bone ends fused together. No movement didn't concern me since I've had none for awhile now. The pain after surgery was reduced considerably by taking the docs advice to keep it elevated as much as possible for the first two weeks. I hardly needs pain killers. I am now wearing the Darco ortho-wedge offloading healing shoe. It took a week to get used to wearing it. Crutches helped. You need to wear a higher shoe on your good foot to keep hips even. You need to keep it elevated for the first few days until your walking time increases. I'm curious to see how the next months will go once I am back to regular shoes. His walking will be less one joint, even though that joint was pretty much destroyed anyway.
cant get video to play
Posted by danceken
4/20/2015  11:51:00 AM
Can't get salsa video to play.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by John hagan
4/20/2015  4:14:00 AM
hi Carolyn. I am 68 and had fusion 18 months ago and operation was perfect with regard to angle etc. little pain walking again easily. That's the good news. Unfortunately the fusion has destroyed my gait which apparently always happens. I have friends in the health industry osteopath and podiatrist and they inform me they have Never seen any other result. Because of reduced big toe flex ion walking weight is transferred to 2/3 toes and to outside of foot basically making my foot almost unusable walking over a mile or standing long time. I am on my feet a lot so maybe compounding the problem. I am an acupuncturist and should have known this result if I had followed it through enough. It is all mechanical and absolutely logical. I cannot see that the result could ever be different unless you were not walking very much day to day. I am exploring orthotic at the moment but this has pretty much altered my life drastically. I am theosophical7@gmail.com should you wish to correspond
The momentum of turn
Posted by dancelover2012
4/19/2015  7:04:00 PM
I have a new lesson in Intl Rumba with the figure Backward Swivel, on beat 2 I step backward on RF and turn left 1/2. But I'm always unbalanced. Maybe I don't know the way to turn. What is your momentum to cause the turn?
Looking for a Partner
Posted by JHaskk17
4/19/2015  3:53:00 PM
Hello, I am currently looking for a dance partner. I've been dancing since I was five years old, but I've been taking professional classes for two years. This is my 18th year in life and I'm looking for someone that I can be compatible with.
Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by j davies
4/19/2015  3:17:00 PM
the best place for scripts online today is www.sequencedancescripts.com i've used them for several years and the facilities and service are both excellent. highly recommended.
Re: Feelings for Ballroom dance instructor
Posted by kitnhead
4/19/2015  2:07:00 PM
An interesting note: my ballroom teacher recently told me that it's commonplace for teachers and students to have relationships. Seems true because there are so many rules about it in studios that it must happen often enough that studio owners need to creat policy.

To the OP: don't feel guilty about enjoying a little attention. Make a budget for it. If you can afford only one lesson per week, then so be it. Do groups for extra practice. You deserve joy as much as the next person.
Re: Feelings for Ballroom dance instructor
Posted by ladydance
4/19/2015  1:22:00 PM
There is no proof that katemeg is involved in an abusive relationship with her dance instructor. From what she has told us, he tells her that she is a good dancer and she picks up steps quickly. He is young, good looking and married. That is all we know. Almost every instructor I know quickly learns who they can be honest with and who they can't. Some people do not want to hear the truth about their dancing. One of the most popular teachers in our city (a woman) tells everyone that they are doing a terrific job. Most of them are horrible dancers, all hunched over, no frame, no footwork etc. They love her because she makes them feel good. Is that abusive? Without knowing more, it is unfair to blame the instructor because katemeg is having feelings for him. Dancing in close contact is a natural progression in learning to dance nothing more. Is katemeg a victim? Only she can answer that.
Re: Feelings for Ballroom dance instructor
Posted by Guest
4/18/2015  5:30:00 PM
.. I keep saying "women" vs. dance instructors - of course, it applies to men exactly the same.
Re: Feelings for Ballroom dance instructor
Posted by guest
4/18/2015  1:35:00 PM
Confusing, ambivalent signals, warmth, friendship, physical contact - then abrupt indifference excused by professional need or marital status, especially for secondary gain, especially practiced routinely around vulnerable aging women in difficult personal situations - is a classic manipulation and a textbook emotional abuse. Chronic variable scale ambivalent treatment conditions these victims to continue returning over and over again, spending all their money and embarrassing themselves. Mind, I have not mentioned dancing yet. I am a psychiatrist, and I have seen these women of all ages - victims of ambivalent signal manipulation over and over - hospitalized, suicidal, obsessed, their lives destroyed. Those are extreme cases and I have never encountered any in practice that had anything to do with the dance instructors - but since I entered the dance studio world, I was shocked, how this type of abuse is actually a trademark of a dancing industry; I have met with a lot of victims and I observed the works just while sitting and watching the dynamics on the floor. In short - "hot"/"cold" treatment is an emotional abuse, no matter what setting it happens in.
There are wonderful professional instructors who do very well without that crap - especially when you clearly indicate what you expect from your lessons. But you have to actively search to find them.
Dear Katemeg - just make sure that you, as a customer and a sophisticated woman - completely control the process and withdraw from any sticky situations immediately. You are not going to win - these are cunning very fine tuned players for your money. Some are cynical and the process is very clear to them, some may not even understand some of the things they practice - their mind and conscience are very well protected by multiple immature subconscious defenses, but does it matter to you? I wish you all the best - dancing is a beautiful, healthy hobby, once you are in control and not being played.
Re: Feelings for Ballroom dance instructor
Posted by ladydance
4/18/2015  8:12:00 AM
She is not in "the equivalent of an abusive relationship". She is in a dancing relationship and her feelings are her own and hers alone to control. Women often misinterpret the relationship when they are new dancers because they don't understand that physical closeness second nature to dancers. Instructors are all hugs and kisses and dance the most romantic rumba even if they care nothing for their student. Due to the expense of private lessons, they know that their relationships are key to maintaining students. I have worked at a studio for a long time and I am a student. I see both sides of issue.
Friday 4/17: SOUP @Cielo w/Tony Humphries, Chris L
Posted by REDness
4/16/2015  10:21:00 AM
Friday, April 17th, 2015, 10pm-4am

Join us for this special event at Cielo

Love & Logic present
SOUP with special guest DJ TONY HUMPHRIES
+ residents Chris Love & AB Logic
George Quest & TonyLee

FREE entry b4 midnight with RSVP to RED@theREDness.com
reduced entry after 12 on list


18 Little West 12th Street

RSVP for the event here:

Join theREDness Events Party Page:

Follow theREDness on twitter:

Check out the NEW REDness Parties & Events website:
Re: no response on payment made!
Posted by Administrator
4/16/2015  9:27:00 AM
Hi Cobus,

I apologize for the delay. The package was shipped immediately upon receiving the order. Unfortunately shipping to South Africa is often curiously slow (up to a month). We have sent you details about your shipment, including your tracking number, in a private email message. Please check your email for more information.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by feet1234
4/16/2015  7:23:00 AM
Hello all here is a long running forum about fusion

no response on payment made!
Posted by Cobuscdt
4/16/2015  12:20:00 AM
Good day. I have paid for a dvd on this website more than a month ago.The payment was received in good order and yet I have had no response whatsoever on it being processed or expected delivery time. I have sent numerous emails to no avail. I would like a response ASAP!This is unacceptable. C du Toit
Re: Feelings for Ballroom dance instructor
Posted by guest
4/15/2015  2:43:00 AM
*rule 36
Re: Feelings for Ballroom dance instructor
Posted by guest
4/15/2015  2:35:00 AM
Your old-fashioned sentiment is there to save you. Run. Grieve. Recover. Next time with a different teacher - keep your distance. It is not as exciting, but will save you from lost years of anguish. You are in an equivalent of abusive relationship. At this point, it might take you up to a year to recover (or longer). Gibbs rule 49 (modified 40) - if it feels that you are being played you most likely are.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Ogil
4/14/2015  5:24:00 PM
I had fusion of my large toes on both feet. Have regretted it ever since. Cannot wear heal shoes. I will squeeze into a low heal for special ocasions, but very painful. Avoid operation at all costs, if not too late.My sister had same op, a few years later and had a joint put in .... much better option. Don't do it!
Re: Feelings for Ballroom dance instructor
Posted by katemeg
4/13/2015  8:54:00 PM
I don't wish for anything to "happen" between me and my dance instructor. I just feel uncomfortable with how "good" I feel when we are dancing. It is very confusing for me. I know I am at a very vulnerable stage right now and guess that I am a little old-fashioned about feeling attracted to a married man.
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