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Rumba rhythm
Posted by Testus1
2/25/2015  10:36:00 PM
Help me please. In cha-cha there is a rhythm guapacha. How is called this rhythm in Rumba?
Digital marketing tips for business owners
Posted by havenharris
2/25/2015  10:06:00 PM
As a business owner, its crucial you not only approve final marketing campaigns, but also that you keep yourself up to date on the most current strategies, new technologies, and effective digital tactics. Otherwise, your stamp of approval will be little more than a paper pushed across the table. If you dont know whats working, you cant make sure your marketing team is at the top of their game.

If your knowledge is lacking or youd like to take a more active part in developing your companys marketing strategies, 2015 is your year. Sujan Patel, the VP of Marketing at When I work, has over 12 years of experience with internet marketing and has used what hes learned to come up with a list of tips for business owners who want to help their marketing team flourish. Here are the top 3:

Make viral videos

Thats easier said that done, of course, because what youll really make is a funny or pithy or thought-provoking video that you hope will appeal at the right level to viewers who then share that video with their friends (thus, making it viral).

According to BusinessInsider.com, the ROI on viral videos can be significant. Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video, Patel noted. And online video viewers are numerous, with over 188.2 million people in the U.S. watching 52.4 billion online content videos just in the month of December, 2013. Those numbers will only have gone up in the intervening year.

Brush up on your copywriting skills

If you dont already have a copywriter or editor on your marketing team, it might be time to hire one. Automated emails and weekly blogs are all well and good, but if they dont appeal to your target audience or dont produce ROI, youre just wasting your time.

A trained copywriter knows how to attract readers attention, hold it, and then funnel them in the right direction as they continue on their purchasing journey. Business owners should have copywriting skills of their own as anything they write and send or post electronically could potentially be seen by consumers.

Implement better email marketing techniques

Whether you dont have any email marketing yet or you already have an established client list, there is always room for improvement. Email lists should be sorted through on a regular basis to remove dead or inactive email accounts. Its been proven through research, according to Patel that when marketed through email, consumers spend 138% more than people who dont receive email offers.

To decide the best strategies for your business, spend time consulting some of the published works on the topic and take a look at your competitions emails to see what techniques theyre using.

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Re: Jack McGregor and Bemil
Posted by Marie mcgregor anderson
2/25/2015  3:27:00 AM
Hi. Jack and bemil were my aunt and uncle, I am so glad they made a difference to people's life with there dancing, if u were to get a video of them . I would be grateful if you could pass me a copy as I have been trying myself for one, so glad to know of some of his pupils . Marie
Posted by Jtate72
2/24/2015  2:04:00 PM
Hi all - I just joined this forum. I was a pro dancer in my 20's and 30's but have not danced in many years. Unfortunately, it left me with lots of joint problems. I enjoy doing yoga and walking for exercise and love to take a ballet class here and there, but it got to the point this past year where I could do none of those things without a lot of pain in my feet. At age 60, I have had a knee replacement and about 4 months ago had a big toe joint replacement as there was no cartilage left and I had bone spurs. I did not want a fusion as I knew it would limit flexibility greatly and would make all those pursuits next to impossible. My podiatrist doctor sold me on the idea of joint replacement saying it was a shorter recovery time and would allow me flexibility. That is not at all how it has been! I have had almost constant pain since the surgery. I cannot get a shoe on my foot due to the swelling and the pain.

At this point I am considering having it removed. I am seeing an ortho doctor for another opinion. After some tests it appears I am either dealing with infection in the bone, rejection of the implant or something called CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). He's afraid that the bone is too compromised at this point to even consider a fusion and that the amount of scar tissue that has developed will create a "joint", so he has proposed just taking the implant out and letting it heal as is.

Has anyone else had this sort of thing happen?? I am so depressed about this.
Re: The Name of a Song
Posted by lpzetts
2/20/2015  7:40:00 AM
"The Wanderer" by Dion
The Name of a Song
Posted by hledgard
2/20/2015  7:20:00 AM
The opening Swing video on BallroomDancers begins with
i'm the type of guy never sit down . . ,

Love the song. Do you know the name or artist?
Re: Slow Waltz Music for a wedding first dance
Posted by nloftofan1
2/19/2015  8:08:00 AM
Two that I like, from roughly the same time period as Elvis: "Charade," the Andy Williams version, and "Godfather Waltz" (Henry Mancini). The Godfather Waltz is a bit slower than most waltzes; not sure if that makes it easier or harder for inexperienced dancers.
Re: Slow Waltz Music for a wedding first dance
Posted by guest
2/18/2015  3:10:00 AM
Keri Noble "Falling".
Re: Finding the beat
Posted by Voco
2/18/2015  1:45:00 AM
Hi Martin,
This aspect of dancing is usually not taught properly, or totally neglected, by most dance teachers. Perhaps because they are not trained music teachers. Of course, there are exceptions, as our host Jonathan, who is an expert music teacher as well as a dance teacher.

The reason, I believe is that most dance teachers learn the recognition of beat-1 by instinct. What I am hearing from teachers is that men dancers have more difficulty of recognizing the 1 than lady dancers. So dont be too hard on yourself.

You hear all kinds of suggestions for clues. Like the 1 is the downbeat. When you ask how do I know which one is the downbeat, you get the answer: that is when the conductors baton moves down and the dance teacher looks at you with an expression on his face: you are you not very smart, are you?

Other teachers say listen for the 4 or 8 beat repetition pattern. Still others say try to recognize the 8-measure phrases and you will find beat 1. Some say start counting when the vocal start; that is beat 1. (Unfortunately not always.) And the useless suggestions go on.

Some will say keep listening to a music and connect the count with a vocal part which is 1 (first identified it by your teacher) and keep counting an eventually you get the recognition skill intuitively. Also, they add that you have to move your foot or hand at 1, not enough just saying it.

This last method is probably the best, but some songs still remain mysteries. This is just my humble observation. I am sure Jonathan can correct me and point you to a better method.

At any rate, let us know which method works for you.
Re: Finding the beat
Posted by dman
2/16/2015  9:37:00 PM
I helped my coach out for a while with some beginner classes. The method we concluded was most productive and helpful to everybody was to play some music after introducing the beat (mind you it was almost always playing the same song or same beat), but let the dancers start moving on their own to the music. If you are able to move more naturally to the music on your own instead of being told how to move or a structure, it may aide your dancing further in the future. I don't know if this helps, but I sure hope it does.

One of my favorite fox trot songs is Moondance by Harry Connick Jr. and it does have a pretty obvious beat to it.

A good rumba with obvious beat I would recommend Just another woman in love by Anne Murray.

Cha and Waltz have a whole plethora of great songs. Sway by Carlos Santa I believe it is would be a good cha song.

For social dancing I might recommend just getting out and going for it. If you make a few mistakes, so be it. Have fun and enjoy yourself and the time on the floor. Dancing is all about the pleasure of the dance time spent with the partner you have.

Good Luck!
Re: Opinions on this website
Posted by ladydance
2/13/2015  1:00:00 PM
It looks like these people are resellers (prices seem high) so I would check out Latino Dancewear on ebay and see what the shop charges directly. I know one person who ordered from them through ebay. The dress was as pictured, OK quality, she was pleased with it. That was at least five years ago so things might have changed since then.
Re: Opinions on this website
Posted by ballroomchick
2/13/2015  9:52:00 AM
I agree with Belleofyourball, that these dresses dont look up to date or have much quality to them. You get what you pay for when ordering China made clothing. AND even though you provide measurements it still might not fit. Been there, done that.

What about the dresses listed for sale on this site?

Have you checked out LeNique Dancewear? They are in Los Angles, CA but do travel to different competitions.
Heres their FB page to look at some of dresses they have for sale.

Have you checked out Encore Ballroom Couture? They do rent some of these dresses. You can pay a fee and have them shipped to you for try on.

Check with your local studio as well as your dance instructor for help. Many girls have dresses they no longer wear and would be happy to sell.

I set up a Dancers Trade day at my local studio. I was so impressed with how many girls set up tables to sell their gown and Latin dresses. Such choices in sizes, styles and prices!
Re: Opinions on this website
Posted by belleofyourball
2/12/2015  10:07:00 PM
Well...these don't look like competition dresses that I would wear to a comp like Nationals, Emerald or Ohio Star, etc.. If it's Fred Astaire or AM in-house sure you'll be fine. If money is tight rent a dress and seriously try something on...at least a sample before you actually buy something. Wait until a major comp is in your town or close by and go try some dresses on.

You also don't want something that is no longer in style because it makes you stand out and not in a good way. This is again not an issue if this is an AM or FADS event.

Opinions on this website
Posted by makic2589
2/12/2015  2:51:00 PM
I am searching for a Latin/Rhythm and Smooth dresses. I found this website: http://www.latindancefashions.com/shop/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=117_118&sort=20a&page=19. Does anybody know if it is reliable? If the products are good quality? And if it's worth the money? I am really skepticle about it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.
American Tango Face
Posted by newsdiane
2/11/2015  7:56:00 AM
Any tips about what to think about to achieve a good American tango expression? My "angry Tango face" tends to look too stern.
Re: Starting a dancewear company
Posted by ballroomchick
2/10/2015  11:57:00 AM
Are you in the States? I struggle to find American size skirts that are about knee length for our dance shop. Biggest request has been skirts that have attached dance shorts.
Starting a dancewear company
Posted by hmissm3
2/9/2015  7:41:00 PM
Hi guys, I'm a 24 year old dancer and about a year ago my best friend and I decided to start a dancewear company because everything nowadays is made in China with low quality. We also wanted to give dancers a better looking alternative to jazz shoes and a less painful one to heels.

We are about to launch our company and are struggling to find a name. Can you please help us? All you have to do is take this 3 minute survey and let us know what you think.

Thank you in advance! Also any suggestions outside of the ones in the survey, feel free to post them below. It means a lot! :)

Posted by chachabikerchic1
2/9/2015  6:35:00 PM

I have tried to get on here twice now to look at videos and I am not able to watch any videos. I've always been able to watch them before. How come I can't now?
Password change
Posted by adrianrbf
2/9/2015  10:45:00 AM
I wanted to change my password, but there was an error message, saying: "The new password must be between 4 and 20 characters, consisting only of letters and numbers (no spaces or punctuation)." Admittedly, the new password I wanted to set did include punctuation, - but so does my current password. The initial password one sets upon registration may include punctuation, later passwords may not - or so it seems. Strange.
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