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Ballroom Dance party August 28, Hubertus, WI
Posted by Sue Conway
7/24/2016  7:21:00 PM
This dance takes place at the Sterling Chalet, 1271 Hwy 175, Hubertus, WI.
There are four programs with waltz and foxtrot mixers in between the programs.
The dance is from 5pm -9pm and costs $12 per person.
Snacks are provided!
Questions, please email ThomasVincentConway@gmail.com
Need to find someone to alter rhythm dress
Posted by Music Teacher
7/23/2016  11:44:00 AM

This is my first time posting on this website. I live in the Chicago suburbs and I am looking to find someone who can alter a rhythm dance dress I recently bought. I need the strap in the back and the straps at the shoulder to be loosened. Please let me know if anyone knows of a seamstress who could do these alterations. It doesn't seem like it should be too complicated.

Thanks so much,

Music Teacher
Posted by Waltz123
7/23/2016  1:00:00 AM
Is there a way to view the videos in slow motion. I am having difficulty seeing what the lady is doing exactly with her feet. Thank you.

Yes, there is. Or at least, there will be very soon, on our new website. The new website is currently under construction, but the syllabus portion with the dance videos is complete:


Look for a small "1x" icon in the lower right-hand corner of the video player and click on it. A menu will pop up with options to play the video at 3/4, 1/2, or 1/4 speed. If you don't see the icon, or if the menu selection seems to have no effect, it may be that your browser doesn't support the speed control. Apparently not all browsers do. I have checked and verified the following browsers on Mac (latest versions):

Google Chrome

I will check PC-based browsers for you shortly, if someone else doesn't get to it first. I would imagine that those 3 also work on PC. The only question mark is Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge.

Again, feel free to browse anything in the syllabus or the Learning Center overall on the new website. It all works. Just be aware that other areas of the new website are still under construction, so you might run into problems if you go poking around other areas such as the message board, classified ads, and dance directory. For that, you'll need to return here to our current website.

Jonathan Atkinson
Posted by Geust
7/22/2016  3:56:00 PM
With my DVD player which is attached to my TV I can hit the pause on my remote followed by the forward button, which normally does fast forward. Press the forward again will slow it down even further.
Posted by marilyn16
7/22/2016  10:46:00 AM
Is there a way to view the videos in slow motion. I am having difficulty seeing what the lady is doing exactly with her feet. Thank you.
Re: quickstep
Posted by TrumpetsGo
7/20/2016  9:28:00 AM
I'm just wondering if you can quickly know the steps on this dance ?
Re: foxtrot steps
Posted by aispark
7/19/2016  7:48:00 PM
Thank you for your reply !
The official CD (Latin & Standard)
Posted by adyk78
7/19/2016  3:08:00 PM
Hello dear forum members . I would like to offer the exchange of official albums for ballroom dancing . I have almost all the news from 2015-2016 dancehopper.com, musicmarket.jp. Not missing a few. It is also willing to share with you in the individual to whom it is necessary . On this issue, please contact us by mail gagara78@gmail.com Thank you very much for your attention was glad to share the information with you .
Re: foxtrot steps
Posted by nloftofan1
7/19/2016  10:03:00 AM
And for American Style, the answer is definitely"yes." The Chasse is a part of several standard figures.
Re: foxtrot steps
Posted by Guest
7/19/2016  3:21:00 AM
You should make it clear that you are enquiring about the International Foxtrot.
If it is the International Style, you can do a Reverse Turn with no Heel Turn for the lady and taking the steps outside the man. Simular to a Quick Open Reverse in the Quickstep. You then take 2 4 or 6 or any even number, and finish with the normal Feather Finish.
Question 1. Yes they are now doing Chasses in the Foxtrot. A few years ago that was definitely a no no . You would have to watch your timing with this one .
Re: quickstep
Posted by terence2
7/18/2016  11:04:00 PM
If you are learning a routine, why do you not ask your teacher ?
foxtrot steps
Posted by aispark
7/17/2016  5:10:00 AM
Can we do chasse in foxtrot like quickstep ?
Also can we do more than 4 steps(6-8 steps) before turning for foxtrot weave steps ?
Re: quickstep
Posted by Guest
7/16/2016  7:41:00 PM
If I was a beginner trying to learn from a Technique Book I would finish totally confused. In the Foxtrot who would start on the Right Foot as the first step of a Three Step following a Reverse Turn, which to my way of thinking would have only two steps. Somebody once told me that Ballroom Dancing is not a Science but is an Art.
Re: quickstep after the natural spin turn
Posted by Guest
7/16/2016  6:57:00 PM
Social Dancer is correct. It might be worth pointing out that it is possible
after a Natural Spin Turn to do a Heel Pull turning to face diagonal to the centre which leaves the Left Foot free to do any Reverse Movement
CUBAN social
Posted by terence2
7/15/2016  10:30:00 PM

For those that like authentic Cuban/salsa music, this event will suit Salsa styles and of course, Son and Casino,plus some Chas and Bachata .

.Sept. 3rd. in Honiton, Devon..8pm- 11pm ( 11.30 if busy )......BYOB .

Mackarness hall, St Pauls church High st.. ample parking,, large wood floor

info... salsahoy2000@yahoo.com
Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by ballroomchick
7/15/2016  2:42:00 PM
Former Pro Latin Dancer

AND you have it the nail on the head as to WHY A.M. NEVER allows their students to dance outside of "the family."

*** He knew a lot of patterns from them after 2 years... but little technique. A lot of "walking" around the floor for tens of thousands of dollars.****

They can NOT compete in the real world. NO Cuban motion and no technique!

No matter how much money you have in the real world of dance, if you don't use Cuban motion and if you have no technique you will ALWAYS come in last - unless someone falls on their butt.

WOW $160 for 40 mins!?!? I get a full hour with a 5 time American Rhythm champion and I pay less than half of that!
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Marybeth
7/15/2016  9:50:00 AM
I had my fusion 6/22/16. I had no choice sin e there was my big toe was way out of alignment, causing it to overlap the toe. This caused rubbing with any shoe I wore. there was also significant arthritis. It has been only a little over three weeks. It seems much longer. I am doing well. Hate the boot, which I will wear another three weeks. I am using Arnica gel, which works great for bruising and swelling. I also use prescription Voltaren gel for pain in my toe and sole of my foot. The boot also threw my back out, causing back spasms. I raised the other "wedge" shoe with an insert. That helped lot. Can't wait to get rid of the boot. I also use a walker for balance as I try to kill myself using crutches.

Next step for me will be therapy and water walking, and deep water exercise. I am hopeful.
Dance Themed Coloring Book
Posted by ALittleBitofMotion01
7/13/2016  2:49:00 PM
The Dancers' Garden Coloring Book just published. 56 pages with instructions. Check this out on Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com

The Dancer's Garden Coloring Book: Volume 1
Authored by Mrs. Jerilyn JN Napachit

List Price: $10.00
8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)
Black & White on White paper
56 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1533383723 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1533383723
BISAC: Performing Arts / Dance / General
Coloring book for relaxation for dance enthusiasts.
CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/6291684
Re: quickstep after the natural spin turn
Posted by aispark
7/12/2016  8:07:00 PM
Thank you so much for your reply in details.
It was a part of the routine that my new teacher gave us, I didn't feel comfortable to do it but I didn't want to offend him questioning the step. The rolling promenade step follows after the 4-6 reverse step (my teacher call it)
Regarding the quarter turn to the left step, my teacher also calls it by that name for progressive chasse and I don't feel comfortable...
Looking for MALE and FEMALE Dance teachers
Posted by rc08645
7/12/2016  1:38:00 PM
My name is Robert and I am the owner of a dance studio in Hillsborough New Jersey. We are currently looking for male and female teachers to add to our staff.

Our website is: www.joy2Dance.com

If you are interested, you can send us an email to: info@joy2dance.com with subject line: Teacher Inquiry.

Teachers who are couple are also welcome.

Our studio is friendly and beautiful place.

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