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Hershey Symphony Ballroom Gala - April 11
Posted by corrineshearer
1/31/2015  7:11:00 AM
Enjoy an elegant evening of dinner and dancing to the music of Phantom, Broadway and more.
Saturday, April 11 - 5:30 to 10:45 PM
Hershey Lodge and Convention Center
This unique event features dancing to live music by the HERSHEY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA and the HERSHEY SYMPHONY BIG BAND, a beginner dance lesson, silent auction, and exhibition dancers. Dinner is included in the ticket price and dress is black-tie optional. This annual Benefit Gala supports the music and outreach of the Hershey Symphony. You can find more information at www.hersheysymphony.org or call the Symphony at 717-533-8449. Tickets deadline is March 28.
Is there any Ballroom dancing in Edinburgh ?
Posted by tatango
1/28/2015  12:51:00 PM
Does anyone know if there is any ballroom dancing in Edinburgh?
Posted by athenarena
1/26/2015  4:16:00 PM
I am in the same situation. I went in to get just a bunion removal & my Dr took my joint out of my big toe & now it is fused & cant wear any high heeled shoe or put any kind of a boot on. Ive ben wearing tennis shoes everyday since. I am now in the process of searching for a Dr that will unfuse the fusion & im having difficulty in finding one that will. Im so sorry you have to go thru such sorrow. It has affected me physically & mental emotional distress. I wish u all the best. U can email me at athenarena@gmail.com maybe we can help ea other thru this horrible mess. Sincerily athenas
Finding the beat
Posted by martinkleiner
1/26/2015  1:56:00 PM
I know there are a lot of posts already for those of us that have a hard time hearing the beat, much less counting the beat. Part of the problem is that many people have good suggestions, but without immediate feedback telling us if we are right or wrong, practicing on our own could actually be hindrance rather than a help.

So far the best I have found is a four minute youtube video on www.ihatetodance.com. On this video, the author plays the music while simply moving his hand over numbers from 1 to 8 corresponding to the music. To use this site, I can close my eyes and try to listen for the timing in my head, count out loud and then open my eyes and see if i am correct. Tada! Instant feedback.

I can finally hear the difference between the odd beats (1,3,5,7) and even beats (2,4,6,8). However, I cannot hear the difference between the 1, 3, 5, or 7. I can start on an odd or even beat but only get the one beat 25% of the time (statistically this is correct; 1 out of four chances).

1. Can someone please tell me the name of some songs that have a rhythm with a very, very bold and obvious "ONE"?
2. I know that this is asking a lot, but if someone could repeat the video like the one on the site mentioned above I be very appreciative. Rather than random music though I would like to have two videos each of specific ballroom dance music (foxtrot, waltz, rumba, chacha, etc.)

At least for me, I need the feedback! I cannot wait until I can ask someone to dance without the fear and anxiety of not knowing when to make that first step!
Re: Why remove all variations of weeks ?!
Posted by newsdiane
1/24/2015  9:03:00 AM
A followup to my last post: I tried viewing the videos in Safari, and they work. But they are not working for me in Chrome. So it looks like Chrome is the problem, at least on my computer.
Re: Why remove all variations of weeks ?!
Posted by newsdiane
1/23/2015  4:00:00 PM
I think here may be a problem with videos on the site. I haven't been able to see them for a few days. The screen is black.
I am logged in, so that should not be the problem. I don't think it's my computer's fault, as I am able to watch YouTube videos, and I have tried on two different computers.
Re: Why remove all variations of weeks ?!
Posted by Administrator
1/23/2015  9:46:00 AM
Nothing has been changed or removed. Are you sure you're logged in? Try logging out and back in, then check the Variation of the Week again. The variation archive drop-down menu is right above the video window.

Jonathan Atkinson
Why remove all variations of weeks ?!
Posted by ranktsui
1/22/2015  11:30:00 PM
Compliant !!
From to-day on ... why ballroomdanceers.com remove ALL Variations of weeks ? It is just ONLY show the " Cha Cha Variation #3" ! I've already the member and paid fee !
Posted by newsdiane
1/22/2015  10:38:00 PM
I am seeking more opinions for after-the-fact treatment because every step I take hurts! I am back to dancing, but I don't know for how long. After having a cheilectomy and osteotomy (cleaning out of joint and shortening of the big toe joint) in May, my foot is worse than ever.
At this point I may need a second osteotomy to make my toe mobile again. Another option is an implant. I will not opt for fusion, unless I hang up my dancing shoes permanently. DID ANYONE'S DOCTOR INDICATE THAT BALLROOM DANCING IS POSSIBLE AFTER A FUSION?
Re: Need advice: Slow waltz to fast music
Posted by ladydance
1/20/2015  1:33:00 PM
First of all, it is 4/4 so you can't do a waltz. You could try an American rumba or foxtrot. International Foxtrot would work but that would be beyond the reach of a wedding couple.
Re: Coast shoes
Posted by ballroomchick
1/20/2015  1:25:00 PM
I've tried them and have not been overly impresses.

I really like Soul Dancer, they have wonderful padding that if feels like your walking on a cloud.

I've also heard really good reviews on Diamant Dance shoes. These too have wonderful padding to keep you on the dance floor all day long. However, coming from Very Fine prices you might get a bit of sticker shock.

I get my shoes from Karizmah Dance Shoes and Boots who carries MANY different brands. They ship AND if they don't fit right you can send them back (provided you have not danced in them, you can not do when you order from most shoe companies.) The web site is www.karizmahdanceshoes.com
Posted by Wendy
1/19/2015  11:15:00 PM
I had mine fused Dec. 17th and did not know there were less invasive options. I would to have chosen to have my toe straightened with screws had I known. I am a shoe freak and need to wear heels, booties, my frye boots, I have a feeling i will never get them on. I am sick, sick that i did not do any research. I have had six spinal fusions with cages, screws, plates etc. and this doctor is in the group. I want to go back and have him undo it now!
Re: Love this site!
Posted by dheun
1/19/2015  1:53:00 PM
A job change cut in to the amount of time I can spend on this site, but as someone who has been on it and watching it develop for the past several years, I can tell you Jonathan's work to improve this and always make it relevant is really terrific. As for wether it will help your dancing, it's hard to imagine it wouldn't ... especially because you can interact so much in this format and get good ideas, advice, interpretations, pointers, etc., from excellent sources who love to help on this site. You'll see the occasional testy debate, but those are OK, too, and you always learn something from them. Some time in the future, I hope to be on the site as much as I used to be, which was pretty much every day for years!
Videos and Premium Membership
Posted by Administrator
1/19/2015  10:28:00 AM
If you're having trouble viewing any of the videos, then signing up for membership won't change that. Videos that require basic or membership are clearly labeled, as you described. All others should play immediately and automatically. If they don't, you'll need to troubleshoot to find out why.

The first thing we'll need to know is: What kind of computer or device are you using to view the website, and which version of the website are you viewing?

We have two versions of BallroomDancers.com: The main website, www.ballroomdancers.com, and the mobile site, mobile.ballroomdancers.com. If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, we recommend the main website, while mobile devices such as iPhones and Android phones should use the mobile site. Tablets such as iPads can go either way, depending on which experience you prefer.

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer viewing the main website, and you are having trouble viewing the videos, please make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player installed. We will be switching everything to HTML5 video later this year, but for now, Flash is still required. Alternatively, you can install the Apple Quicktime Player (even on Windows), and switch your video viewing preferences in your BallroomDancers.com user account to Quicktime. One of the two is required.

If you are viewing the full website using an iOS device such as an iPad, you should also switch your video viewing preference to Quicktime, as iOS will not play Flash video. Alternatively, you can use the mobile site, which plays HTML5 video.

If you are using any small device such as a phone with a 5-inch screen or smaller, we urge you to use the mobile site. It's a much better experience, as it's formatted to fit smaller screens.

Most modern Android devices should be able to view the HTML5 video on our mobile site, but it's not guaranteed. You may need to install an app, tweak some settings, or upgrade to a later version of Android.

And finally, Apple fans be aware: As of the latest release of iOS8, there is still no fix for the web app bug. We are still holding out hope that Apple will fix this problem in the next release. In the meantime, to view video on our mobile site with iOS8, please uninstall your web app and launch our mobile site with Safari.

The Premium Membership policies can be found at checkout, prior to your purchase. It can also be found in our customer service area (Shopping > Customer Service), or by following this link: http://www.ballroomdancers.com/Shopping/Customer_Service/premium_policies.asp.

Jonathan Atkinson
Dance partner
Posted by dancerballroom
1/19/2015  6:24:00 AM
looking for a 10 dances partner or only latin.
About me
Age: 27
Dance category: A in 10 dances.
Height: 180cm
For further information please feel free to contact me through PM or add me on Facebook.
Best regards
Svyatomyr Tsyperdyuk
Need advice: Slow waltz to fast music
Posted by Jacksonuk
1/18/2015  2:35:00 PM
I have a couple who wants to perform their First Dance to Jack Johnson's "Better Together" in a couple weeks. The song is 110 BPM, really fast for a traditional slow waltz.

Is it a matter of just speeding up the steps or something more? Should I go seek an alternative dance style for their dance? If so, any suggestions, keeping in mind this is a wedding and all.

Re: how did the video shoot go?
Posted by derAlf
1/18/2015  3:13:00 AM
Hello, on my first day with ballroomdancers.com
My experience up to now:
"Login or Register to view this video"
"Get access to hundreds more video clips anf full screen video"
So I have registered and loged in, but no way for my video.
Next advice:
"UPGRADE to premium Mebership to view this Video"
"Pay $99 PER YEAR"
Now I am searching for termination condition of such an agreement, but whitout results I came only to this forum.
Who can send me a link to the condition of contract (or discount, or 18 month for the price of a year, etc mentioned by the Administrator) please ?

Thank you very much.
Re: Coast shoes
Posted by Brenda
1/17/2015  8:25:00 PM
Thank you very much!
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