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Dress for sale
Posted by ablasiole
2/24/2017  11:05:00 AM
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Re: Arthur Murray Stinks
Posted by Your business
2/19/2017  7:23:00 PM
Hello person who is mad about Arthur Murray. I'm not going to be bias but I will say this being I was an instructor at AM. Your probably upset because you just can't dance. I'm not trying to mean or rude promise. But some people have two left feet. Some people have even 1 left foot. And in this case yes there are times when people pay for lessons and they are upset because they feel as though they wasted money. But this is where common sense should kick in don't keep paying for something you can offord if you are not happy with it. Because honestly it's not about the money for many people or even learning to dance it's about the experience. Doing something that makes you smile like bowling. Most people suck at it but always end up doing it again bc it's fun. I have left Am to venture out to many studios bc I wanted to see if I was getting fair treatment. You know what I learned? In other studios instructors curse and are unprofessional and dirty and disorganized. To say the least at Arthur Murray you are getting a clean well mannered instructor who at least "pretends to care about your well being" even if they do or don't the point is at least you feel good when you are there and if you don't then it's not for you. So don't worry cause every closed door opens 10 more instead of sitting on a computer ranting go find that open door.
Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by Guest
2/15/2017  7:01:00 PM
Dec 1922 Victor Silvester in London at the Worlds Introduced the full Natural Turn. On that day the Modern Waltz was born as it is danced today. The Reverse Turn in those days they crossed the feet on the first part and a Heel Pivot on the second part. That was soon to go. They evidently were n`t big on closing the feet as we do today. This information is by the the man himself who on that day won the event. He goes on to say that in the Waltz on a few occasions many dancers used Foxtrot steps untii those feet came together on three
Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by terence2
2/15/2017  12:37:00 AM
The U.S. " Smooth " championship, I believe, dates before that .

The 1st "world's" , was in 1919...Not in all the current standard dances .

Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by Guest
2/14/2017  6:18:00 PM
American Smooth in Blackpool. Its worth watching this special presentation at the Blackpool Championship Especially as there is an explanation regarding the differences between it and the International style. As all the couples, after their solos, are recalled to the floor we are told to imagine this is the Grand Final of a Competition.
Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by deborahvilano
2/14/2017  9:20:00 AM
I'd like to talk about difficulties in a different light as it relates to Arthur Murray. Both my husband and I have been taking lessons for 3 years at Arthur Murray, and we are very pleased with our level of instruction. What is missing, however, is an ability to easily remember and practice what we learned in a lesson.

Isn't it time that every Arthur Murray work with a website like Ballroom dancers so we can go home and see a professional video of what we've just learned so we can practice it? I realize we can video what we've just learned, but that eats into our lesson, and quite often doesn't depict everything at the right angle to see the steps for both the man's and woman's part. Additionally, if the step is being done with a student, and the student doesn't know the step yet, there will be errors in his or her video, which will then be practiced by the student. Another issue is finding the video months later, because if you don't name it and save it properly, it's always a chore to find it. My husband and I often refer to ballroomdancers for specific Arthur Murray steps, but they aren't called by the same names, or they are sometimes done slightly different: and this is my frustration with Arthur Murray. Truthfully, it's 2017 and the use of the Internet and Videos (where you can slow them down to analyze the step) would be so helpful. Furthermore, I truly believe that Arthur Murray franchises would benefit from making videos available because this would keep students from getting discouraged and dropping out.

Over the years I have recommended this, (although I have not mentioned it to the new owners of our studio) and the thought was that it would result in students turning to the videos and not taking lessons: I believe just the opposite. Most people can't learn alone from watching a video-- but it's sure a fantastic tool for practice and reinforcement. I also once wrote the main office in Florida to suggest this and didn't even get a response.

Furthermore, I believe that a system could be created that when a student learns a step during a private lesson, the video is released for practice which is available for a certain period of time OR videos for a specific dance at a certain level are released to practice. It's time to begin to think differently about how to attract and maintain students. The price per lesson is very high, many cannot afford it, and for those who can, they want to see more progress. I'm 60 years old, and having a video of the material I just learned would be a huge asset for me. It's just too difficult for me to remember all the material.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.
Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by Guest
2/14/2017  6:16:00 AM
The first World Ballroom Championship was in December 1922. The first National Championship in American Smooth was 1984 ?. I think it is safe to say that every possible way of performing lets say a Natural Spin Turn had been tried and tested. I doubt if anything is completely new its just accepted as being current.
Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by terence2
2/13/2017  1:05:00 AM

Interesting.. you know nothing about Amer. style and yet, you have critiqued it !!..

What you witnessed, was the Comp style, NOT the " Social " style ( which was my reference and point ) and that was my comparison.

The Silver/Gold levels, were designed to be different from Intern. style, ya know, it's called CHOICE..

Both chain schools do teach Intern style and, both have turned out world class dancers ( one, 3rd at Blackpool ) the other, 8th in the world in Latin .

In case you do not know, the variety in the " Smooth and Rhythm" (as they are called ), give more types of dance as choices, thereby giving appeal to a wider audience, and after all, is that not what "dance " is all about? .

Just for your info, I am a dual Fellow in 2 English Soc.in Ballroom and latin( English trained ) and same, in the American style , and a former Examiner .

I do respect your opinion, but I think you need to research the other style before you come to a full conclusion ( there are ex. on this site in the vid section ).

By the way, I do hope you realise that EVERY dance we teach in the Intern. style , was NOT originated in the UK, and "we " subsequently changed them, some for the better and otherwise, some may say not !!

Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by Guest
2/12/2017  5:43:00 PM
I know nothing about American Smooth only what I see on you-tube. To compare that style with the International Style is ridiculous. I watched some of the stuff from the Emerald Championship And let it run. I finished with an International Style from Hong Kong competition. I think when you said Light years above. You should have said Light years apart. There is no comparison at all. What I saw from the Emerald was more like Exhibition Dancing without any lifts. Very little if any body contact. Moving in any direction. International Style both moving as one without breaking hold and moving around the floor in an anti- clockwise direction. I am not criticizing any style, just pointing to the differences in style which cannot be compared. But I see with the Smooth that those in a closed hold look very much like the International not only in stance but also in routine some of which came strait out of the Technique Book.
Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by terence2
2/12/2017  3:53:00 AM

Were you there when Barry Sandland ( a friend ) was Owner/manager ?..Tom Chapman was the franchisee

He eventually moved to the States, and now has a studio in Florida.

PS.. You are correct about the Amer. style social.. It's light years above the English system, and I still teach the rhythm and smooth style ( QS apart ) to my students .

Curious.. with whom did you train in London ?
Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by AnnTwinkletoes
2/11/2017  1:47:00 PM
I am 81 years of age. In my 20s and 30s I had the pleasure of being an Arthur Murray instructor for 10 years in one of the London, UK, schools. I still teach several times a week for charities, clubs and churches. Many of my students are in their 80s and a couple are in their 90s. I say Thank God for the American, Social style dance. Without it many (and I include younger people) would give up and miss the pleasure that dance brings.

Just as in medicine there is alternative medicine, so in dance there are alternatives. Please allow that there are alternatives in dance. Why not watch a few vids. on You Tube and see what real people doing real dancing is really like. It sure as Hell isn't the International Style.
New game makes great homework for beginners
Posted by Gary Molton
2/10/2017  9:52:00 AM
A new mobile phone ballroom dancing game makes great homework if you are learning to dance.
Users can select which dance steps they need to practice and the phone displays the steps then measures how they move with the phone in comparison with how the steps move. Should help new students learn the basics much more quickly.
More details and relevant links can be found at phonedancing(dot)com
Dress for sale - evening intrigue
Posted by Blasiole
2/8/2017  3:04:00 PM
Dress for sale on encore ballroom couture website

Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by terence2
2/7/2017  1:44:00 AM

You obviously have never been to enough studios to evaluate teaching standards.

Yes, there are sub par standards in some schools, but, there are also numerous studios who are more than well informed on good teaching techniques and standards.

How do I know ? I coached all over the States for many years, and "behind " me on their visit list, were former champions in BR and American style .

In ANY profession, one may find sub par performance ( Even in Doctors !! )

For your info.. 2 of the best ever dancers in BR and Latin came out of the FA studio in DC ( one became 3rd in the world, the other 8th in Latin ) I could name numerous others .

I was fortunate enough to train both in their early careers .
Re: Arthur Murray difficulties
Posted by Dr. F.Knox
2/6/2017  6:42:00 PM
If people are to take the trouble to learn to dance, why not do it properly and get lessons in International Ballroom Dance.
I have yet to see anyone from these studios able to dance.
Slow motion box steps etc., are not dancing.
Spend your money wisely. Don't waste it. Also avoid the politics of these "studios", which can be nasty.
Re: Pointing toes and Foot movements
Posted by Guest
2/6/2017  2:09:00 AM
Shadow. Find a school that has a good reputation and join in their Bronze Medal Latin Classes. Other than that go to on you- tube " Rumba Walks " just to get an idea what its all about.
Pointing toes and Foot movements
Posted by shadow
2/5/2017  12:50:00 PM
I've seen dancers with lovely, perfectly pointed toes and beautiful, clean, controlled foot movements. How can one achieve this? Any tips?
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