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American Style Tango Syllabus
Man's Part
Lady's Part
Demo Videos
Concepts and Components
A. The Tango Close
Beginning Bronze
1. 8-Count Basic<<>>
2. 6-Count Basic<<>>
3. Progressive Rocks<<>>
4. Basic Corte<<>>
5. Promenade with Left Swivel<<>>
6. Promenade With Right Turn<<>>
Intermediate Bronze
7. Closed Promenade<<>>
8. Open Promenade<<>>
9. Open Left Turn<<>>
10. Outside Swivels<<>>
11. Open Left Turn to Outside Swivel<<>>
12. Left-Turning Rock<<>>
13. Rock to Corte<<>>
14. Rock to Promenade<<>>
Full Bronze
15. Contra Rock<<>>
16. Reverse Pivot<<>>
17. Cross-Body Lead<<>>
18. Promenade Pivot<<>>
19. Release to Side-by-Side<<>>
20. Side-by-Side Fan<<>>
21. Underarm Turn to Left from Side-by-Side 
22. Underarm Turn to Right from Side-by-Side
Beginning Silver
23. Walks in Open Left Side Position
24. Left Cross Turn<<>>
25. Promenade Ronde, Slip & Swivel
26. Natural Turn from Promenade
27. Cobra Fans
28. Change of Places<<
Intermediate Silver
29. Right Side Release
30. Syncopated Underarm Turn to R.
31. Step-Points
32. Cross-Body Lead to Underarm Turn L.
33. Cross Body Lead to X-Line & Swivel
34. Promenade Kick-Ball Change
35. Promenade Fan Swivel
36. Promenade Lock
Full Silver
37. Slip Pivot
38. Corte Roll-In / Roll-Out
39. Shadow Roll-In / Roll-Out
40. Shadow Basic
41. Shadow Rocks
42. Oversway
Open Gold Variatiations
v1. Tango Variation 1
v2. Tango Variation 2
v3. Tango Variation 3
v4. Tango Variation 4
v5. Tango Variation 5
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