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Re: Rumba Box Step ????
Posted by terence2
2/13/2013  6:50:00 AM
You're getting a little confused here (I was an examiner for many yrs in the States both Intern. and Amer. styles) and unless AM has changed since I left, their ECS, commenced with a Triple to the mans left.

And the Cha in Intern. style is normally "prepped " on "1" before breaking on " 2" as are the Amer.styles. Direction is just one of the major differences between the two.

There has, in recent times, been some Profs who think that the Amer. system needs to be more aligned with the Intern, style in technique. (I personally, disagree with this).
Re: Rumba Box Step ????
Posted by terence2
2/13/2013  7:01:00 AM
The " down beat " is the 1 and 3 of each bar; combining the 1st and 2nd beat in the bar, thus occupying more " time ", is given a SLOW value. " 2 " is contra tiempo and occurs on 2 and 4.

If you mean that some songs seem more "1" than "2" oriented, yes, that does happen ,and some more of a "2" , particularly in Salsa, BUT, that, does not change the basic principle of the music structure.

For e.g. in Cuban Son, the stressed "4" is its signature , but ,its still breaks on "2", contra tiempo, with a very identifiable "1" in the bar .

Latin music is very complex, and can even change mid stream in a song, going from a 3/2 clave to a 2/3 .
Re: Rumba Box Step ????
Posted by O.K.
2/21/2013  11:01:00 AM
In the Rumba Box or otherwise, there are three steps and four beats.By stepping forward on a slow which is two beats is it possible to comfortably get a movement of the hip on that step and any subsiquent Slow. Please correct me if you think this is a sensible way to dance a Rumba.
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