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Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by RobbieRR
7/13/2013  9:03:00 PM
Great thread! I appreciate the suggestions for a greater variety of dance music.

I was surprised not to see this one: Cait Agus Sean - Flying
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Mike from Flanders
8/3/2013  11:36:00 AM
A great V walz and modern.... Blackheart (2 steps from hell)
Re: contemporary waltz songs
Posted by Doug M
10/2/2014  2:16:00 PM
Great suggestion! I'm going to teach a waltz line dance to this one!
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Trevor
10/20/2014  3:37:00 AM
Mull of kintyre paul mccartney Has a very strong 3/4 time easy to dance to
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by tREVOR
10/20/2014  3:39:00 AM
Pretty Paper Roy Orbison
How do you start over Roy Orbison
To soon to Know Roy Orbison
Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Dutch
11/11/2014  1:27:00 PM
Only love can break you heart - Neil Young
Waltz number 2 - Eliot Smith
The day the courasel burned down- Todd Rundgren

Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by Dreamgown
11/12/2014  11:18:00 AM
They are a bit old, but I like these:
Kenny Rogers - If I Were a Painting
Andy Williams - My Coloring Book
Andy Williams - Charade
Goya Matsuda - Moving On
J Johnny Mathis - Foolish
Tom Jones - Funny Familiar Forgotten Feeling
Dinah Washington - Fly Me To The Moon
Until It's Time For You To Go - Don't know the artist

Re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by nloftofan1
7/13/2015  8:13:00 AM
Agree wholeheartedly with "Charade" by Andy Williams. Maybe not "contemporary" if you mean written within the last couple of years, but it may be the best Waltz I've ever heard. Another good one from approximately the same time is the "Godfather Waltz". There are several good versions but the Henry Mancini version is my favorite. It's a little slower than average, but that allows more time for "expression". (And the Godfather "Love Theme" is a great Bolero.)
Re: re: Contemporary Waltz Songs
Posted by m9b6c3
7/15/2015  1:29:00 PM

Yes I would like to exchange ballroom and Latin music.

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