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Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Luella Rose
12/20/2013  3:54:00 PM
I have this problem, too. I have learned more from this forum than I have from my podiatrist and the internet sites all together! At this point I am just living with it, but the permanent lack of flexibility bothers me more than the occasional pain.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by slagle
2/2/2014  5:57:00 PM
yes I have one form a doctor that messed up whan the doctor was takeing a buion out my toe was up in the air and I had have 2 surgerys
Posted by JOHN JOE
12/17/2014  3:05:00 PM
I had my toe fused yesterday and OMG!,am I in pain today ....HELP
Posted by Wendy
1/19/2015  11:15:00 PM
I had mine fused Dec. 17th and did not know there were less invasive options. I would to have chosen to have my toe straightened with screws had I known. I am a shoe freak and need to wear heels, booties, my frye boots, I have a feeling i will never get them on. I am sick, sick that i did not do any research. I have had six spinal fusions with cages, screws, plates etc. and this doctor is in the group. I want to go back and have him undo it now!
Posted by athenarena
1/26/2015  4:16:00 PM
I am in the same situation. I went in to get just a bunion removal & my Dr took my joint out of my big toe & now it is fused & cant wear any high heeled shoe or put any kind of a boot on. Ive ben wearing tennis shoes everyday since. I am now in the process of searching for a Dr that will unfuse the fusion & im having difficulty in finding one that will. Im so sorry you have to go thru such sorrow. It has affected me physically & mental emotional distress. I wish u all the best. U can email me at athenarena@gmail.com maybe we can help ea other thru this horrible mess. Sincerily athenas
Posted by Al
2/5/2015  2:59:00 AM
Hi all, I'm not a dancer but in trawling the internet on Hallux Rigidus this came up. I enjoy hiking but the arthritis in my big toes is making it extremely painful beyond 2 or 3 miles. The advice I've received is that a joint replacement is ok for older people who are not going to 'abuse' the joint and is a much quicker recovery. Trying to define what level of use constitutes abuse is nigh impossible. The life of joints is not long and the procedure is probably in its relative infancy compared to say knees. Fusion gets rid of the pain but is a long recovery and I've not been able to get any info from anyone who's had it done in relation to hiking afterwards. Some say better to live with the pain.

It does feel like hiking will not be possible which is a terrible shame.
Posted by newsdiane
2/7/2015  10:50:00 PM
The more I look into this (and now with consultation of doctor #3), the more I think fusion and joint replacements are a lousy option. Maybe as a last resort for me, but not yet.

My most recent doctor advises waiting a full 12 months after the chielectomy & osteotomy. He says he's seen people's feet improve suddenly within the first year. I'm still only 9 months post op.

I am now working on stretching the arches/achilles/calves/hamstrings/ankles, and I am in less pain. I have been dancing a great deal the past couple of weeks, and doing private Pilates lessons and physical therapy twice a week.

Walking and dancing are a challenge, as my range of motion in my big toe is limited. I am trying to train myself not to roll on the outside of my foot.

My foot will probably never be pain free, but I am hoping that through icing the foot and exercise I can tolerate the pain and continue to dance.
Posted by Jtate72
2/24/2015  2:04:00 PM
Hi all - I just joined this forum. I was a pro dancer in my 20's and 30's but have not danced in many years. Unfortunately, it left me with lots of joint problems. I enjoy doing yoga and walking for exercise and love to take a ballet class here and there, but it got to the point this past year where I could do none of those things without a lot of pain in my feet. At age 60, I have had a knee replacement and about 4 months ago had a big toe joint replacement as there was no cartilage left and I had bone spurs. I did not want a fusion as I knew it would limit flexibility greatly and would make all those pursuits next to impossible. My podiatrist doctor sold me on the idea of joint replacement saying it was a shorter recovery time and would allow me flexibility. That is not at all how it has been! I have had almost constant pain since the surgery. I cannot get a shoe on my foot due to the swelling and the pain.

At this point I am considering having it removed. I am seeing an ortho doctor for another opinion. After some tests it appears I am either dealing with infection in the bone, rejection of the implant or something called CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome). He's afraid that the bone is too compromised at this point to even consider a fusion and that the amount of scar tissue that has developed will create a "joint", so he has proposed just taking the implant out and letting it heal as is.

Has anyone else had this sort of thing happen?? I am so depressed about this.
Posted by Linda in Canberra Australia
2/28/2015  2:00:00 PM
I had my right metatarsal phalangeal joint fused in 2012. 45 min procedure, a small titanium plate and six screws were used in conjunction with a small chip of my heel bone to fuse the joint. No pain after at all - stayed overnight and was sent me home with endone but never needed it nor did I need panadol. Surgeon was Dr Brendan Klar in Canberra - lovely person, highly skilled surgeon. Hence there being no pain. Can wear heels up to about 4cms comfortably. Linda
Posted by Jtate72
3/4/2015  10:54:00 AM
Thank you for replying, Linda. It's good to hear that you had such a successful surgery. And the fact that you have enough bend in the joint to allow you to wear a small heel is encouraging. I had a "tap" of my joint this past week and am awaiting word as to whether the cultures show any infection. I too am pretty certain I am looking at fusion ultimately.

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