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Posted by Iluv2Dance
5/22/2009  2:46:00 AM
Hi to all,
I find it sad to read that, 'The Dancing Channel' will not be transmitting the Blackpool dance festival this year.
Re: Blackpool.
Posted by kaiara
5/23/2009  5:16:00 AM
there is a dancing channel?? How does on get that? can it be found online? gee, I gotta go looking for that!
Re: Blackpool.
Posted by Iluv2Dance
5/23/2009  7:34:00 AM
Re: Blackpool.
Posted by kaiara
5/23/2009  9:01:00 AM
found them, am somewhat confused by the system, but it looks like a very interesting site! Thank you!
Re: Blackpool.
Posted by Three Wise Men
5/23/2009  2:35:00 PM
kaiara. You are now entering into the politics of Ballroom dancing of which you know very little. The site that lluv2dance gave you, there will be no 2009 videos of Blackpool. The war between the IDSF and the WDC continues.If you go to Dancesport UK on their Foram you can read about what is really going on. Blackpool entries from Russia and Germany are down on last year.
Re: Blackpool.
Posted by terence2
5/24/2009  1:29:00 AM
Go to ... Dance Forums.. there is an hourly update with some vid,and results
Re: Blackpool.
Posted by kaiara
5/24/2009  6:45:00 AM
OK, now I am even more confused. I'm not good with politics, all the vitriol just leaves me confused.

So, is there a link that will have blackpool on it or must I wait for a DVD to come out?

is Dance Forums a reference to this site or do I need to google it?
Re: Blackpool.
Posted by terence2
5/24/2009  7:56:00 AM
No.. Dance Forums is an American site that is probably the most comprehensive on site tool for vid. clips taken currently .

just type Dance Forums.

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