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about being a dance instructor
Posted by mynaphsha
12/14/2009  4:21:00 PM
Where do you go, or what class do you take in order to get a DI(Dance instructor) certificate? And also how long does it take?
Re: about being a dance instructor
Posted by terence2
12/14/2009  10:54:00 PM
Where are you located ?... reason.. if in the U.S. , you have 2 style choices, American and International .

Both follow the same " pathway ".

Without going into too much detail, you first need to be a fairly accomplished dancer, in either of those choices .

The technical side is more of a memory test for the first level.

The time question has no definitive answer.. thats up to you..
Re: about being a dance instructor
Posted by quickstep7
12/15/2009  8:44:00 AM
I agree. You need to be a fairly competent dancer, and it can take as long as you wish to become fully accomplished DI. Good luck
Re: about being a dance instructor
Posted by mdmarkum
12/15/2009  10:35:00 AM
Or as is all too often the case, you can just call yourself an instructor without paying your proper dues, take people's money, spread ignorance, and often ruin a person's desire to learn.
Re: about being a dance instructor
Posted by kbroggel
12/15/2009  3:45:00 PM
Interesting this topic would come up. I am an experienced and certified Ballroom Dance Instructor. If you are interested, visit www.usistd.org for information on training and certification. I have spent literally thousands of hours and dollars beyond just being a good dancer to be a competent teacher and registered professional. I certainly resent the many people who are out there who do not "pay their dues" and get away with teaching dance.

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