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Stage Tango Moves and Routines
Posted by traditionaltango
6/27/2013  10:12:00 AM
Tango show producer Sergio Segura is preparing a special program for those who want to learn exciting tango moves and perform stunning choreographies. Students will receive professional level training and will learn complete routines worthy of performance.

This course will allow students to feel comfortable learning and performing complex routines for the stage. Excelling students may be chose to show off what they have learned by performing at Sergio Seguras events and productions.

Course Description:
This course will train students to perform. Each week will focus on a different sequence or routine. By the end of the course, students will be well versed in the vocabulary necessary to perform stage tango routines, and will be ready for the stage. Those who master the choreography will have opportunities to perform in Sergio Seguras Tango Productions.

Mondays: 8:45 to 10pm (Starting July 1)
Price: $35 per class or pack of 5 for $150.
Gender Balance provided.
No tango dance experience is necessary, but any kind of dance training is desirable
Balance, coordination, memory and attentiveness is required.

Every week, we will be teaching a choreography sequence from mild to wild. The sequences will be different every week. We will be working on dance partnership, synchronization, speed performing exciting moves, including cuartas, montadas, sentadas, lift and jumps, variaciones (fast), adagios, finales, bows, etc.

Course Description:
Each class will consist of:
Body Conditioning (stretching and body warm up) 15 minutes
Tango Conditioning (individual tango exercises) 15 minutes
Stage contents. We will explore more deeply all the topics taught in Fundamentals of Stage Tango. 25 minutes (see the program below)
Choreography sequences. 25 minutes
Stretching 10 min

Stage content program:** The order of the program might vary depending on the pace of the course. **

1 Fundamentals of Tango.
Posture and embrace used in stage tango. Partner work applied to tango
Positions of the tango dance: Paso Basico, molinete, americana, parada, quebrada
Stage spacing and angles.
Dance Interpretation
Entrances to the dance(Musical introduction showing different kind of encounters)
2 Bases: Paso basico, baldosa, different kind of walkings, cadenas, vueltas americanas, linear hexagon, etc.
3 Highlights and effects. Embellishments, ganchos, boleos, barridas, sacadas, rulos, etc
4 Adagios (slow musical parts). Different adagio routines.
5 Poses. Cuartas, Montadas, Sentadas, dips, launches
6 Variation (fast musical part) , High speed corridas , molinetes with ganchos, sacadas and boleos. Linear ganchos . Spins and pirouettes.
7 Hops, Jumps and lifts
8 Ending Sequences for Finale. Bows.
Bonus: Make up, Hair Style, Costume

What to wear: Jazz pants, shorts, sweatpants, etc. Nothing too baggy. What you might wear to the gym. Dance shoes are mandatory. Very high heels are not recomendable. No rubber soles. Dance sneakers are fine too..It is most important that you feel comfortable and confident in your dance wear! Any garments that are stretchy and allow freedom of movement in which you can also see your line will work! Do not let self-consciousness be an issueImportant:
This is an 8-week course for those who are serious about performing tango. Those enrolled should plan to attend every class.
Punctuality is mandatory. Be ready with clothes and shoes. We will start and finish on time.
Free Practica is on Saturdays 4 to 5pm.
Classes make up. Since this is a intensive course there is no chance to make up classes, although the material can be reviewed if there is an available coach in the Practica.
A half an hour coach class per couple is included by appointment, at the practise time on Sat 4-5pm. Extra floor fee will be applied for a different schedule. The coach class has to be tak
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