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Posted by flyingkamakiri
1/28/2014  9:25:00 PM
Okay, I have Pro Tan, Sex Symbol, St. Tropez, and a bunch of cheap drugstore tanners. Can anyone give me any advice/method on how to use any of these? I dance Latin and Ballroom. Particularly the Sex Symbol since its my newest addition.
Re: Tanners
Posted by ballroomchick
1/29/2014  9:42:00 AM
I've never had much luck with self spray or all over body lotion tanners.

I DO use Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer on my legs so I don't blind others working in the studio during the winter. It does not get real dark.

I've found it best to go get a spray tan. I've use the booth tans, but if your not careful how you hold your arms/wrists you can end up with white "raising stripes" when the spray does not get into the creases. Best results I've had is to have someone spay you down. If they miss a spot of you find one that lighter than you want they can touch you up. Can not get that with the automated spray booth.
Re: Tanners
Posted by flyingkamakiri
1/31/2014  2:47:00 PM
Yes. I have heard very good things about spray tans at some of the tanning studios in my area. I guess i'm pretty frugal in that I want more bang for my buck and all. :( But can't argue with quality. The natural Glow I have heard about too and may pick up a bottle to try for standard. If its not too dark i probably won't use it for latin.
Re: Tanners
Posted by Ballroomchick
2/3/2014  10:34:00 AM
If your in the states be sure to check out the Groupon site for local tanning coupons. I checked my local tanning place's web site and found they were offering discounts there if you bought a package. What was even better - the package did not have an expiration date! Groupon's DO have an expiration date - so be careful in your planning.

For the do it yourself spray tanner. The girls I've talked to said they had their room mate spray them down.
Re: Tanners
Posted by flyingkamakiri
2/3/2014  11:07:00 AM
In your experience, does tanner work okay with foundation? I want my face and chest to be consistent, but with my acne i always try to hide it with foundation. Tanner just seems to make it show up more. any advice for that?
Re: Tanners
Posted by ballroomchick
2/3/2014  2:16:00 PM
Yep I hear you! I sometimes get a "stress zit" on my face. Foundation is needed to cover the prob that the tanner shows in excess!

On the other hand my brother tends to squint when he gets sprayed, he gets white "racing strips" under and around his eyes. His wife or I touch him up with foundation before a performance.

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