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Re: Premium Membership
Posted by Administrator
10/20/2015  10:50:00 AM
The site is excellent and the videos which I can access are really helpful but I was extremely disappointed when the fee was introduced once the videos moved on to the steps for higher badges.

Thank you for your feedback. We understand that our Premium Membership service is not for everybody. But for those who are accustomed to paying over $100 for 45 minutes of instruction or $50 for an instructional video containing one level of a single dance, $99 for the entire bronze, silver and gold syllabus in 19 dances is quite a bargain.

You also have to understand that from a business perspective, it would not be possible to provide the service that we do without having Premium Membership at the rates we currently charge. Producing new video material, developing and building the website, apps and related services, and keeping it running on a day-to-day basis is unbelievably expensive. So we're glad that you enjoy and benefit from the free part of the service, but just realize that it is only because of those who pay the premium fee that you have this option.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Premium Membership
Posted by Administrator
10/20/2015  10:32:00 AM
What do you get for $100/year? Is it worth it? Why / Why not? Is it possible to get a trial membership? One month of use for $10?

Here's a detailed comparison chart: https://www.ballroomdancers.com/users/premium.asp

The type of material is exactly the same for all levels -- It simply comes down to the amount. We don't offer trial memberships, but there should be no surprises when you upgrade. What you get is basically much more of the same. As an example, there are currently 400 beginning bronze narrated demo videos available to the public, 600 beginning and intermediate bronze for free basic users, and 1,400 for premium users, including all of bronze, silver and gold.

For those who are unsure of what to expect, we recommend creating a free user account and checking out the videos in the first two levels. For most dances, this is beginning and intermediate bronze. Also, the first step in silver is free to the public, so you can get a sense of the material at that level as well.

Thank you for your interest!

Jonathan Atkinson
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