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How hard would it be for me to start pointe?
Posted by Ms. Eyre
6/18/2016  3:57:00 PM
Hi everyone!
I am a former competitive figure skater who wants to enter the world of dance. I was forced to quit skating about 3 years ago due to a severe ankle injury, but all is well now. I wish I could continue skating but the cost to skate at my level is too expensive.
I did dance (ballet and Chinese folk) when I was young and again when I was older during my years as a figure skater. I danced continuously for about 4-5 years but I wasn't allowed on pointe due to the fact that I was still skating 24/7 at the time and my coaches had fears of me ruining my feet too much.
I am now 19 years old and I would love to learn to go on pointe as a new challenging activity for me. It has been a while but I have maintained most of my flexibility (splits) and quite a bit of muscle from my years of training (and recently am working to get back all my strength). I was wondering if anyone had any idea how fast I could go on pointe, can I learn on my own or if I even can go on pointe. It would be really helpful to get some insight and even some exercises to help me get enough strength and balance to start pointe (right now I am dancing at home and will start classes when I return to New York for school).

Also, I have flexible flat feet and I've been training real hard for the last two years to strengthen my ankles.

Thanks you guys so much :)!

Re: How hard would it be for me to start pointe?
Posted by Barb7124
6/19/2016  11:28:00 AM

Have your feet evaluated by a qualified teacher. You may be able to start in demi-pointe shoes before you go on full pointe. Start slow! You will also need to get fitted by a professional at a dance shoe shop, to make sure you get shoes suited for your feet and ability. Do not buy any pointe shoes online and just try them. Good Luck!

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