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Top 5 Salsa Steps Every Beginner Should Learn
Posted by lschelfhaudt
4/4/2018  8:57:00 AM
I've been teaching for over 10 years and I constantly see beginner students fall into the trap of the 3 hour cheap salsa class that promises a million steps. The student feels as if they're really getting their money's worth but in the end the information was overwhelming and impossible to retain. As a student, starting from the very first step of the bronze level is the way to go. Here are the "Top Salsa Steps Every Beginner Should Learn"

1. Basic
This sounds obvious but decide what type of Salsa basic you are working with. Are you learning Salsa on 1, Salsa on 2 or Mambo (which can be considered a combination of the two)? I can't stress enough, how well you know the basic will dictate how you dance all the following steps. Know your basic....know the timing, technique, style and partnering that's associated with it. This can also be done to the side known as "cucarachas" or "side breaks".

2. Right Turns
Right Turns are usually the first turn one should learn. These can be done just for the lady or in combination with the gentleman in a series called "alternate right turns". Know your right from your left ;), timing, technique and how to following/lead this step.

3. Open Break
An Open Break is very basic on it's own. To use it properly, it should always precede another "step". Open Breaks are common entrances to certain steps. The step itself only changes the man's footwork but the lady should be aware of spacing change between the couple.

Check out more top steps on my dance blog https://www.firstdancephilly.com/blog/top-salsa-steps-every-beginner-should-learn

Thank you!
Lauren Schelfhaudt
Re: Top 5 Salsa Steps Every Beginner Should Learn
Posted by terence2
4/6/2018  2:33:00 AM
Salsa is Mambo with an education.

As Puente said .. " ALL salsa is mambo but not ALL Mambo is salsa " .
There are several distinctions but essentially, in linear style , basics are . are comparable . The breaks are matter of choice as in 1, 2 and even 3 ( PR's use this )
The real differences are in the music .
Re: Top 5 Salsa Steps Every Beginner Should Learn
Posted by nloftofan1
4/6/2018  9:37:00 AM
“…Yes, what does it mean? There's no salsa music. They just put that word to the music that we were all doing all the time, the mambo, the cha-cha, the merengue: they called it “salsa.” Salsa is a condiment of food. You eat salsa. You don't listen to it. You don't dance to it, you know? It became a popular word and all American people… “Tito could you play me a salsa?” …--Tito Puente
Re: Top 5 Salsa Steps Every Beginner Should Learn
Posted by terence2
4/11/2018  7:48:00 AM
The reasons for the name salsa ? is/was primarily marketing and the change in style of current musical trends. The name sparked a revival

The trends today are now Casino and Son, hence the proliferation of new music in the genre ( along side the old ). Traditional Son music takes a back seat .

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