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Re: Beginner Group Lessons - What Focus?
Posted by bocagirl
1/10/2019  12:36:00 PM
I realize this thread is old, but I would take foxtrot/swing first, simply to encourage the man on developing a solid dance frame within foxtrot. Once comfortable, he'll be able to adopt that foxtrot to slower nightclub songs where he can develop his confidence. I consider the foxtrot the best beginner's dance for that reason. Similarly, if paired with swing, he'll get an introduction to his first rhythm dance. If you're lucky, your community instructor will teach you at least a solid basic triple-step, outside and inside turns. With the basic foxtrot, and swing step, you stand the best chance of having your boyfriend want to dance in the future. Plus - for some men - they have trouble feeling the cha-cha rhythm very well, and thus struggle to find the beats. This results in confusion of when they should be doing their rock-steps, and quite a degree of frustration. For this, and some others I haven't even stated, I believe foxtrot/swing is the better combo. I hope you'll post back how it all worked out.
Re: Beginner Group Lessons - What Focus?
Posted by BallroomChick
2/4/2019  3:21:00 PM
If your in the U.S. there are places to go dance. Check into USA Dance, there are chapters in each state. This group hosts weekly dances.

Many of the studios host open dance parties so you can practice what you've learned.

When I started out learning it was Smooth 101 - Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango.
Smooth 102 was the same, but more advanced step patterns.

Latin 101 was - Salsa, Cha Cha and Rumba.
Re: Beginner Group Lessons - What Focus?
Posted by prak
2/25/2019  1:00:00 PM
chacha and waltz are slightly more approachable for beginners for reasons outlined by others (simpler steps all of the same length).

Chacha is great for much modern music, and foxtrot can be too. There is always a waltz, though it's often a faster "country waltz". But at a non dance event, foxtrot is going to be difficult where chacha is doable. (Swing also good here).

So, yeah, start with chacha/waltz. Also check out your local universities; they often have dance clubs which are inexpensive and open to non-students.

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