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New Comer
Posted by Bernice Gauci
5/3/2019  12:28:00 AM
Hi all, I'm new to this site and just as new to dancing.
I have been looking for a dance forum for ages, and I finally found this.
Me and my husband (both in our early 30's) have started latin dancing since Sept 2018. I used to dance when I was younger but my husband had absolutely no clue on dancing.
Anyways, we started with simple routines for Cha-cha, Jive and Samba so far. We struggled a bit with regards to beat in Samba. On the other hand, we're very confident in Cha-Cha.
Tonight we're going to start Quick Step.
Do you think we're too old to be dancing? Where we live, there are not much places where you can go to dance, so basically, we're just dancing at the studio as a hobby.
Any helpful tips for beginners would be appreciated.
Re: New Comer
Posted by nloftofan1
5/3/2019  8:26:00 AM
I know many people more than twice your age who dance. Not only is it fun (the main reason to do it) but there are known health benefits, proven by real scientific studies. The benefits are mental as well as physical. As for places to dance, check usadance.org. USA Dance is a national organization that supports ballroom dancing. They have chapters all over the country, probably near you. They have monthly (sometimes more often) dances and other activities
Re: New Comer
Posted by Bernice Gauci
5/20/2019  3:22:00 AM
I am from the tiny island of Malta, so not in the US.
Re: New Comer
Posted by SocialDancer
5/3/2019  11:20:00 AM
I started when I was about your age. That was 40 years ago but we still enjoy dancing socially.
You don't say where you are from, but it is likely there are more places to dance than you may think. Don't expect your studio to tell you about other venues though, they want you to stay with them. Outside of the dance schools news of other dances spreads largely by word of mouth, so once you find one, you will find others.
Dancing is fun, and it is something you can do as a couple, but it can also be frustrating and a great place for an argument. My advice would be to try to avoid the blame game. When a step doesn't work it wasn't either of your fault. Just agree to say "WE went wrong, lets try it again!"
One further tip: If a step goes wrong it was probably because the previous step wasn't quite right, so check that one too.
Re: New Comer
Posted by Bernice Gauci
5/20/2019  3:23:00 AM
I am from the tiny island of Malta, so not in the US.

Great idea about checking the previous step, and I do tend to go for the 'your fault' method.
I will work on avoiding that.
Re: New Comer
Posted by SocialDancer
5/20/2019  3:43:00 PM
Malta is very popular with older Brits who like to spend a few winter months in the warmer climate. I understand several of the hotels cater for them by offering ballroom and sequence dancing.

Sequence dancing uses the standard ballroom and latin rhythms plus a few others, but each individual dance has a distinct name and repeated 16 bar routine that every body dances at the same time (in theory). Because the dancers are typically older the emphasis is on the social aspects rather than technique.

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