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Re: We need more black pros.
Posted by cherry yu
10/6/2021  9:42:00 PM
I wanna know more about this because this is really informative!

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Re: We need more black pros.
Posted by belleofyourball
9/22/2010  2:40:00 PM
Yes...because its so much more fun to schlep miserable old black ladies around the floor as opposed to miserable old white ladies.
Re: We need more black pros.
Posted by marcia24
9/30/2010  12:42:00 PM
There are Several Ballroom Schools,Clubs and Studios in the Caribbean that are predominantly black who particpate in Blackpool and do very well; especially from BARBADOS.
Re: Black Ballroom Dancers
Posted by lafemmefidele
10/18/2013  9:35:00 PM
check out blackinballroomdance yahoo group
Re: Black Ballroom Dancers
Posted by Kay
10/18/2013  10:46:00 PM
I am Afro-American and I am also natural ( hair) I am currently a ballroom dance instructor. I also compete. You should be able to teach and dance anywhere as long as you have the skills and knowledge. Some places will hire you regardless of your experience as long as you are willing to go through training. I have not recieved any racism either. It's very welcoming and a fun career to get into. Good luck!
Re: Black Ballroom Dancers
Posted by terence2
10/23/2013  11:34:00 PM

Couldnt agree more !

One of the many things that drew me towards Salsa,after all my many yrs as a Prof. in BR , and to re-think my "take", on latin dance in general, was the diversity, and, not only in music, but by the participants .

It is culturally,IMO, lite yrs ahead of B/room .
Re: Black Ballroom Dancers
Posted by Retta
2/4/2014  3:09:00 AM
zHi Kay,
I just moved to the Charlotte area and would like to learn how to swing dance. Can you me names and numbers
Re: Black Ballroom Dancers
Posted by Shauntai Arrington
1/8/2018  10:24:00 AM
I have been dancing for the better part of 17 years( moved around alot). Anywho, I have almost always been the only Blk/AFR-AM. I don't mind it but it would bee nice to see more on the dancefloor. I have been back in Northeast Fl for two years and still trying to find black ballroom dancers to simply network with and I haven't found any. So if you know any in the Northeast, specifically CLay, Duval, and surrounding counties let me know:)
Re: We need more black pros.
Posted by cherry yu
10/6/2021  9:41:00 PM
I highly appreciate your work here! Thank you so much!

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Re: Black Ballroom Dancers
Posted by cherry yu
10/6/2021  9:41:00 PM
I love your content! Great job!

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