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ballet troubles
Posted by phantomsbeauty1890
4/20/2005  5:56:00 PM
How many years would it take for a young teen to reach to pointe in ballet if she works hard?
Re: ballet troubles
Posted by sin beworld
4/21/2005  5:51:00 PM
if u follow ur dreams & work hard ull get there sommeday soon!
Re: ballet troubles
Posted by Helene
4/22/2005  9:07:00 AM
It depends on your personal strength and natural ability. Discuss with your instructor to see how close you are and set goals together.

Did your teacher give you exercises to work on (i.e. releves, foot rolls, etc)?
Re: ballet troubles
Posted by phantomsbeauty1890
4/23/2005  12:44:00 AM
I'm not the one who does ballet...my older sis does but she hasn't started ballet yet. If she starts this fall how long will it take for her to reach pointe?
Re: ballet troubles
Posted by Chantal
5/4/2005  12:21:00 PM
Generally it will take about 2 year of class, and over 10 years old. Because people who allowed under 10 years old, cause a great deal of trouble later. Like knee and back trouble. Its real cute to see a very little girl on point, but you better change school, because your teacher is very wrong. Hope thats help...god luck.
Re: ballet troubles
Posted by phantomsbeauty1890
5/4/2005  8:46:00 PM
thank you,are you a ballet dancer?
Re: ballet troubles
Posted by chantal
5/5/2005  12:03:00 PM
No, I am not a pro ballet dancer, but I do take class when I was younger. I did about 13 years of ballet, in one of the first school of ballet here in Montreal. I love it very much, and I start at age 17 with the little girls of 6 or 7. I fell strange with the very young children...but I want to know so much about dancing...well it's just great...Keep on dancing... bye bye!
Re: ballet troubles
Posted by Whatley
5/23/2010  6:35:00 PM
i have been dancing since i was 3 and now im 12 and i got on pointe early this year.. but some of my friends started 2 years ago and got on pointe.
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