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Irene Castle
Posted by dede
8/4/2005  2:51:00 PM
I do not know if this is the correct venue for such a request but I am in search of some assistance. A friend of mine has a life size portrait of Irene Castle painted by Olaf Brauner in an original Olaf Brauner frame. It is approximately 6' by 4' in size. She is ready to part with this beautiful artwork and I wondered if any of you might know someone who is interested. I feel Irene Castle would be at home in a dance studio or the living room of a dancer. If any of you have any suggestions, please post here or leave an alternate contact at cherkelady@aol.com. I would love to help my friend as well as find the perfect place for Mrs. Castle, the "queen of ballroom dance". Thanks for your help. dede
Re: Irene Castle
Posted by Frieda
9/11/2007  5:29:00 AM
I have a client who has expressed some interest. Could you furnish additional info, such as proof of authenticity, how to view, date and anything else that you would feel helpful to predent.
Thank You,
Re: Irene Castle
Posted by Serendipidy
9/13/2007  1:58:00 AM
The portrait of Irene Castle belongs in a hall of fame. I read somewhere that Fred Kelly' s dance shoes are in a hall of fame. I can't remember where.I can remember seeing so many years ago the Fred Astair and Ginger Rodgers film about Vernon and Irene. I've never seen any copies around. The part that stuck with me was when Vernon went out that day and never came back. He died in a plane crash as an instructor in 1918 during world war one.
Re: Irene Castle
Posted by terence2
9/12/2007  12:40:00 AM
I think you should post this on all the Ballroom sites- if it is an original-- it will attract much attention ( me for one )

Would like to know-- how did they come by it ?
Re: Irene Castle
Posted by Sharon Burns
10/15/2014  1:02:00 PM
I know of someone who is looking for this painting. Do you have any idea who the current owner is?
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