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Dancers needed for international contract
Posted by JasmineGeorge
6/4/2006  6:41:00 PM
My companies website is www.galaentertainmentmanagement.com I am
also a performer myself a contortionist and a dancer my personal
website is www.elastojazz.com so that you know who you are talking
to ... Also you can get references of me from Rodrigo runner of
Quesar Circus School in Homebush Bay, Jason Liu Brennan, dance
teacher at Sydney Dance Company and also from Sue Porret the owner
of Aerial Angels in the Gold Coast a performance company that
supplies artists for the big casinos etc
Tihanys website is www.tihanyspectacular.com and the special group
for Tihany just for dancers is at
http://groups.msn.com/tihanyspectacular where you will find other
dancers currently on contract, and many photos and information on
the message board about the show
The people you will work with are from the best dance companines in
the world, Bolshoi, and Royal Ballet, so you can use it as an
opportunity to learn alot off other people, and to put that you have
been working for Francis Demarteu (Choreographer) on you CV means a
huge amount, Holiday on Ice and The Lido are considered to be the
cream of the crop show wise, and your choreographers have worked for
years on those shows.
The costumes in the show are internationally acclaimed, I will
attach some of the photos here for you
The contortionist does her act in a beautiful giant water fountain,
the magician makes a helicopter appear on stage, there is a Roles
Royce in the show, it is 5 star spectacular. The director of the
show is Franz Cleizer, he started Tihany in Europe, he is known
internationally as Tihany the magician, just so you know the caliber
of artists we have for Tihanys birthday people like Zigfreid and
Roy, and the owners of Roncally fly into Mexico for his birthday
this month... It's something very special and that is without suger
coating it there are about 56 artists in the show, a cafeteria and
restaurant behind the circus, and also a school for the 30 children
in the circus.
The show orginally from Hungary, is now touring Mexico then later
Puerto Rico so you will have a chance to see some beautiful
countries. The show is a mix of Ballet, Jazz and Caberet with Vegas
Magic and Cirque Du Soleil all mixed in, it is truly beautiful. The
spectacular performs under the beautiful Santa Fai tent from exactly
the same as Cirque Du Soleil only pink and yellow, very big and very
beautiful, hold 3,000 people per show
If you come in July for example I will have 4 Australians, and 4
girls from the and two more Aussies coming in November, also almost
all the Russian and Argentinan girls speak English. They will be in
Guadalajara for July, which they expect to be sell out like previous
visits to the beautiful city.
12 month contract 10 to 12 shows per week 250 US dollars per week.
Your return airfares are paid for by the company, as well as your
working VISA, and all income taxs, you will also be supplied with 5
star accomodation, there are 2 beds to each room (Two female dancers
per room) your only expense will be food which is very very cheap in
Mexico, and also you will have travel from the special Tihany bus's
to and from the hotel and show each day
Dancer Applications
Short Video or DVD;
(Does not have to be professional footage, just get a friend to tape
you performing the following skills the best you can do)
Pirouette in Passé & Attitude,
Développé Split kicks right, left leg, to the front, side, back, and
fan kick)
Grand Jeté Right and Left leg
If you like you may make a short choreography or dance showing extra
skills etc
What are we looking for??
Someone with elegance, an obvious history in dancing, and stage
And a part where you say Hi my name is….. Your Age, Height, and
Weight, Where you are from
Send applications to:
Gala Entertainment Management
2498 Roll Drive # 1343
San Diego CA
U.S.A 92154
Thank you
Jasmine George
Gala Entertainment Management
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