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Posted by ballroom_billy
7/20/2006  8:08:00 PM
am i really the only person on this site who is interested/has taken classes in modern/contemporary? odd. c'm on, there has to be someone else out there. well, if youre interested, reply!
Re: really?
Posted by EastCoast
7/21/2006  8:48:00 PM
No you are not the only one to take contemporary dance. Before I was dancing ballroom I used to dance contemporary, ballet, jazz, tap and pointe.

Did not get interested in ballroom until 28 years of age. It was a good back ground to ballroom. Made it easy to transition. Can't do wellin that type of dancing anymore and ballroom is funner anyway. Only thing I don't like about ballroom is that you need a partner. Used to dance on stage and was a soloist and it was easier then. Why are you asking about contemporary dance?
Re: really?
Posted by ballroom_billy
7/21/2006  9:00:00 PM
i was just looking through all of the forums and messages and found it really hard to believe that of all the people on this site i was the only one interested/has ever taken classes in contemporary... now i am happy... i am not a total loner... for once in my life...
Re: really?
Posted by East Coast
7/22/2006  8:57:00 AM
How long did you study dance? How did you start in ballroom.? Do you miss dancing alone at times?
Re: really?
Posted by ballroom_billy
7/22/2006  9:09:00 AM
i started with tap and jazz when i was 4, and then lost interest in jazz for a while but stayed in tap. when i turned 10 i stared taking lyrical jazz and contemporary. i am 13 now and still love contemporary and tap, but can only take 1 class at a time right now. i got interested in ballroom after watching dancing with the stars, so i took a class and have put aside contemporary and tap for a while. i am trying to find a way to take more than one class since i miss contemporary. what about you? yes i do miss dancing alone, especially because it has been really hard for me to find a partner my age. i am sort of... "just one of the guys", so i have plenty of guy friends... the problem is that they are "too cool" for ballroom. a few of them said it was too dorky, and another had already taken a class but he didn't like it. i am taking a community learning ballroom class, so there are people for me to dance with but would sometimes like a more permanent partner. it would be nice to dance with someone i actually know for once too!


ps, you dont hve to answer this, but how old would you have thought i was... people often thik i am a lot older than i really am. i find it interesting to see what people say.
Re: really?
Posted by insideout_55
7/22/2006  9:36:00 AM
I could tell you are a teenager because I am a teenager :) I'm 16 though. I know that young people who dance and take initiative like you do are more mature than their age shows. People have mistaken me for being 18 since I was 14. It's so great to hear of more young people who are taking up interest in ballroom. I started with tap, jazz, ballet, etc from the time I was about 4 years old. My strengths were modern and jazz- but the center at which I was dancing wasn't providing the challenge I wanted anymore. I became an asst. teacher to the classes I was attending, but couldn't afford to go to the studio that had a company since their only scholarship was for ballet/pointe. I wasn't satisfied with the plateau I had hit, and when I saw the movie Strictly Ballroom, I knew that's what I wanted to do and have been dancing ballroom ever since. I assure you that you will find a partner since guys your age are often in short supply! I didn't find a competitive partner until my current one moved here from Ukraine.
Re: really?
Posted by ballroom_billy
7/22/2006  10:30:00 AM
ahhhh, insideout_55 you made me smile!!! especially with the fact that you actually could tell i was a teenager. i feel so special now!

anyhow, its good to hear that i am not alone! ukraine, huh? pretty cool. how do you guys do in competition? what style of ballroom do you usually compete in? i have just started but have had an interest for a while. how do you take classes? i mean, are you at a studio or do you take community classes? and i am having troubles following well. do you think finding a more permanent partner would help? thanks

ballroom billy
Re: really?
Posted by insideout_55
7/22/2006  6:03:00 PM
=) Well, we're preparing to compete. His standard isn't nearly as good as his latin, so we're still working things out and getting new choreography. Still in the beginning stages ;) I'm focusing on international style. I take classes at a studio where the private lessons are half off for under 18 (a great find w/a great teacher!). Also, my teacher is going to open his own studio w/a focus on kids. How long have you been dancing ballroom for? Don't worry so much about needing a permanent partner. You need to learn as much and practice as much as possible, and if that means getting a partner- go for it! It's never too early to start looking and having try-outs even just to practice with someone.
Re: really?
Posted by ballroom_billy
7/23/2006  6:45:00 AM
i have only been dancing for a little over a month ;( and the classes i took were with a community college so it was 2 hrs. every mon. night, but only for 5 mondays... and i havent gotten a book in the mail again yet saying when the next session of classes is. so for now, i am going to a local ballroom club- they have classes on fridays and sundays, along with open dancing and once a month they have socials.

that is pretty marvelous with the deal your getting on lessons! lucky duck. i want to practice more often but i don't have a partner... so it makes it just a little difficult. ;( thanks for your advice... it is neeto to hear from someone closer to my age who likes ballroom too!
Re: really?
Posted by Alwayzroses
7/23/2006  9:26:00 AM
I too started out with jazz and tap, which I found has really helped with ballroom. So no you are not a loner.

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