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why all the hate
Posted by danceforlife19
7/26/2007  8:49:00 AM
I don't understand why so many people get so upset over...what's the right timing, what's the right style, what foot do I start on. Their is good conversation and then their is childish bickering. Grow up and realize it's all just dance, even the competitions. You must move with the times or die. Things change deal with it and just have fun. If someone likes rumba forward and someone else likes it side, who cares, if you are really dancing, then you dance with the person not the dance itself. If you like Arthur Murray, Fred Astaire, or an independent great. But don't put one down because you are jaded. Now go enjoy it, have good clean debates and conversations and quit trying to kill what we all love, because hate just makes the next generation want to crump or whatever and ballroom will die. Thank goodness for television. Hopefully some of you out there feel the same.
Re: why all the hate
Posted by terence2
7/28/2007  5:17:00 AM
I think you need to get some of these discussions into context .

There are several on here ( like myself ) who are long standing professionals, and what you may see as an argument, are many times, differences in philosophies .

Sometimes the debates and questions ,
are quite often , framed in an academic approach .

Pros quite frequently have discussions about many topics surrounding our profession.---- and yes-- heels and toes are important to us.
Just imagine the chaos, if it was a free for all ( this currently exists in the world of Salsa, with constant dissention )

realise this--- if we didnt care, as pros,-- where would you get your info from ??
Re: why all the hate
Posted by Doug
7/28/2007  5:36:00 AM
Sorry but you misunderstand,there is nothing wrong with discusing points of view, some people get a little excited but this is nothing like HATE. Competetive Dancing is not just dancing with a partner it's moving and feeling the music in every muscle and bone in the body ,moving as one person to the rhyme and harmoney of the music. Much money time and energy goes into it so it's only natural that we won't to discus,debate and argue it's our way of learnig and improving,but I do agree we could be a little more polite at times.
Re: why all the hate
Posted by danceforlife19
8/1/2007  10:10:00 AM
Ignorance is bliss. I'm not saying there aren't many good debates here, but come on you have to admit posts like: I hate AM and American style sucks, or replies like, your teacher is an idiot and why can't you spell you must have no clue, are incredibly hateful and ignorant. So not everyone just those that are snobbish, or elitist, or just plain mean. Again as in the first post, debates are good, hateful debate is bad...simple as that. Some of the people here need to grow up. And to make you feel good...MOST don't.
The sins of the few.
Re: why all the hate
Posted by rhythm4ever
8/1/2007  12:57:00 PM
to dancerforlife19 - very well said, I usually don't post just come to read the discussions but I just had to say I love some of the topics but others just leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate but the derogatory comments have GOT to go the conversations on here can certainly be candid AND civil at the same time, right?
Re: why all the hate
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Re: why all the hate
Posted by cherry yu
10/21/2021  10:25:00 AM
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Re: why all the hate
Posted by cherry yu
10/21/2021  10:25:00 AM
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