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Posted by danceislife
4/25/2008  9:48:00 AM
I hav bin dancin now scince i can remeber and have never struggled with a step that i couldn't practice and still not struggle.

I have now been asked my dnce coach to do doubles and triple pirouttes and no matter how hard i try, i just cant do it.

If anyone has any tips please tell me them!!!

i am getting so frustrated! so please help >
Re: Pirouttes
Posted by luv2dance11
2/10/2009  8:16:00 PM
I know how yu feel. It is tuff to get your pirouttes down. just practice balencing and keep practicing your turns. if you do this, i promise, you will have your turns down quickly
Re: Pirouttes
Posted by Polished
2/11/2009  2:05:00 PM
danceislife. If you Google Pirouettes there are a few to look at. One lady does 37 in tap shoes on a wooden floor.This is the step that Ballerina Margo Fontaine was never happy with untill she was into her 40's. Untill today I have never come across that name in Latin. I take it for granted it is a ladies step???. It must go under a different name.
Re: Pirouttes
Posted by lizabeth_rae
2/11/2009  8:35:00 PM
I'm not sure if these tips will help you or not, but it may be useful to keep them in mind...
1) make sure you are spotting the direction that you want to end your turn, even if you are doing multiple turns
2) try to keep your center (belly button) pulled in for the duration of the turn, the minute you let your middle loose, you will fall out of your turn
3) arms help! but you need to be sure you are holding them up from your back your sides (right under your arm pits). it will keep your ribcage on top of your hips and help keep you centered. posture is key!!

Hope this helps!!
Re: Pirouttes
Posted by Iluv2Dance
2/11/2009  9:49:00 PM
Excellent advice, Elizabeth. Having not read a post from you before, I hope you become a regular contributor.
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