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Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by Telemark
8/27/2008  8:34:00 AM
Does anyone know of a source for obtaining individual scripts for a handful of Modern Sequence Dances, without first having to join a subscription service to take all the current competitive winning scripts as they are published. You used to be able to get them from Brockbank Lane, but not any more (without an annual subscription). Even if you do subscribe, if the scripts you want are not in the current year's crop, you have to then buy them individually anyway. Gr!
Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by SocialDancer
8/21/2008  4:00:00 PM
I had not noticed that recent change of policy by Brockbank-Lane, but Ron and Nichola Lane have just announced that they will be retiring at the end of the year and they are looking for a buyer for the company. It remains to be seen if anyone will take it on and what service they will offer in the future.

There are only a few licensed publishers of these scripts and most offer only a subscription service as a resource for teachers.

One who still appears to be supplying individual scripts is David Bullen (google bullendancing).

Another possibility is the Christchurch (New Zealand) on-line dance script library. This requires a $25 annual subscription for access to all their scripts though I cannot vouch for the integrity or accuracy of the scripts.
Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by Polished
8/21/2008  4:39:00 PM
For those who are intersted in Sequence Dancing won't be disapointed if they Google " Sequence Dancing Queensland ". they won't be disapointed. Plus there are Links to the UK with lists of competitions.
Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by Telemark
8/22/2008  11:45:00 AM
It sounds as though the Christchurch Club is worth trying. The scripts I want are a very mixed bunch - mostly from within the last three or four years, but some golden oldies too. At the current conversion rate, $25 is rather more attractive than £39 for a subscription that I don't want, just so that I can buy the scripts that I do want for an additional cost.

I'll report back on the quality of the scripts, for anyone who is interested.

Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by Telemark
8/23/2008  12:56:00 AM
Having signed up, I have looked at about half a dozen scripts, and can confirm that they are at least as good as any I have ever seen.

Well worth the modest cost, and a very useful source for reference.
Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by annew
8/25/2008  10:34:00 AM
Does anyone know the history of this Christchurch service, and, in particular, whether they have permission to reproduce scripts from the original copyright holders.
Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by annew
4/5/2009  5:33:00 PM
Re: Christchurch script library. Having now checked this service out - there are one or two things worth pointing out to potential subscribers -things that are not obvious BEFORE you subscribe - so buyers beware !

Scripts are not available for ALL of the dances listed in the glossary on the public website. In fact the scripts that ARE actually available represent a rather small proportion of those listed (20 - 30%). The scripts that are available are generally the newer ones (so if you are trying to get hold of a fairly old script the service will be of little use to you).

Given the number of scripts actually available in their library, it is obvious that their claim to being "the worlds largest script library" is wholly false - BL offer access to a larger number of scripts.

It is also apparent that Christchurch rewrite scripts using their own format and their own template. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this in and of itself, there is clearly potential for incurring errors during the re-writing. Indeed, on looking through a sampe of the scripts, I found quite a number of errors and descriptions that made no sense (it is possible that those errors were carried over from the original script, but I doubt it). I also suspect that in some cases they have scripted the dance themselves rather than referring to the originals.

If you need fairly old ie pre 1980 scripts, there seems to be little option other than to subscribe to Brockbank - Lane. And if their service ceases, it seems there wil be no way of accessing these old scripts at all -all to be lost in the annals of time it would seem.
Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by Telemark
8/27/2008  8:19:00 AM
Given the number of scripts actually available in their library, it is obvious that their claim to being "the worlds largest script library" is wholly false - BL offer access to a larger number of scripts.

I see no such claim: their claim is:

We also have the most comprehensive on-line dancescript library in the world!

I don't know of a larger one - certainly Brockbank Lane have exactly NOTHING online, and they will only supply older scripts, by post, to subscribers to their current script service (£39pa + the cost of any older scripts, as ordered). You can't order and pay online, either, because they do not accept any form of online payment, which a particular nuisance if you are a non-UK customer.

As far as I know, B-L doesn't even have a website. Seemingly, the proprietor is retiring, and the business is for sale. Their marketing methods certainly need a rethink, if the business is to have a future in new hands.
Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by annew
8/27/2008  12:16:00 PM
ok. i missed the word "on-line" - in that case their claim is substantiated.

however, i stand by my other criticisms.

with regards B-L. i guess the methods used by B-L have served them well, and not surprisingly, because their clientelle are of an age that generally are not very IT-savvy. you must also remember that the vast majority of sequence dancers are only interested in getting express deivery scripts of the latest new dances as when they are released and so the B-L service is directed at that.

i agree however that BL's policy re the supply of old scripts seems a bit remiss. on the other hand they probably took the (not unreasonable) view that they had the monopoly.

The other plus of B-L is the supply of lady's steps (B-L write these as they are not supplied on the original scripts from the associations), another facility that may soon cease - having said that, i guess that anyone could publish scripts of lady's steps, and indeed sell them, without infringing any copyright laws, after all, how can you possibly copyright something that doesn't exist in the first place ??

Re: Obtaining Dance Scripts
Posted by j davies
4/19/2015  3:17:00 PM
the best place for scripts online today is www.sequencedancescripts.com i've used them for several years and the facilities and service are both excellent. highly recommended.

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