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Posted by luv2dance11
2/3/2009  8:29:00 PM
i really need help because i try so hard in dance and i dont feel like im noticed at all. i know this isnt very important being that noticed and all, but i just feel like im not getting any better in my teachers eyes!!!!!!!ANY HELP????!!!
Re: Help!
Posted by lizabeth_rae
2/11/2009  8:41:00 PM
I know this sounds completely crazy, but the more confident you are in your dancing, the more noticed you will be. Portraying a great attitude and confidence in your dancing really shines through, even if your feet are doing the wrong step.
Also, just a little note... as a teacher, I know that when I start giving my students more to think about, or correct their technique more frequently, it is because I am seeing improvement and know that the student can handle more. So, when you feel that you are going through a "dancing slump," it usually means that you are getting better, it just doesn't always feel that way. :)
Re: Help!
Posted by Polished
2/11/2009  9:02:00 PM
I do not try to Dance Better than anybody else.
I only try to Dance Better than Myself.
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Pin that on your wall and remind yourself every day.
Re: Help!
Posted by DivaGinger
2/13/2009  12:45:00 AM
Gah, too many dance movies geared toward the teenager set make this whole "notice meee!" thing a ridiculous epidemic. I have *no* mothering, nurturing instinct, so I'm a bit more impatient than those who have actually put the guest-room downstairs to use. This is dancing, not Christmas dinner with the folks or your ten-year high-school reunion. You don't have to seek anybody's approval to enjoy dancing.
Re: Help!
Posted by dheun
2/13/2009  7:03:00 AM
If you let the teacher know that you feel you are not improving, and you'd like more specific feedback and exercises to improve certain aspects, you should at least find out where you stand.
Students who make an effort to connect with the teacher and show an interest above and beyond the average student, will usually get a little more attention and feedback. Those students, of course, tend to be at the studio more and stay on for a series of sessions. Not one and done, as they say.
It sounds like you enjoy dancing, but your notion of equating "being noticed" with actually improving and reaching your goals is not a very good formula. Taken even further, the opposite could happen -- you could become delusional about your skill level in general. In other words, it's just as bad, or worse, to feel you ARE being noticed, but you're not really improving your dance skills.
Re: Help!
Posted by belleofyourball
2/13/2009  8:01:00 PM
You are paying your teacher to help you make corrections. Now find someone to go to tell you you are doing a good job.

Your teacher is just a person. A human being who may or may not notice what you do right for any number of reasons.

Find other people you care about and talk to them about how you are doing. Work against yourself and worry about how the moves feel to you. You'll have other teachers but as far as who the real judge of your progress is...it's you. Only you know if you are really progressing to the extent of your abilities.

Change who you go to for your kudos, your teacher can't be the only person in the world who knows about your craft.
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