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Pros dancing Amateur
Posted by Cyd
8/10/2009  3:58:00 PM
I would hope that we do keep up with what is going on abroad. Here it is . Should Professionals be allowed to return to the Amateur field and compete. This is something that is not a joke, but is very real at this point in time. Just for the record this is not being instigated by the WDC which is the Professional controlling body who have no control over the IDSF and their running mates. Please correct if any of the above is not correct
Re: Pros dancing Amateur
Posted by terence2
8/11/2009  12:33:00 AM
Thats been possible for many yrs.. its conditional, and has to be approved.. there is ( I believe ) a 1 yr time lapse before entry into Amat. comps ..

One of my former Pros i was coaching elected to return to Amat.( and has stayed in the Div since )

One cannot flip flop at will )
Re: Pros dancing Amateur
Posted by Cyd.
8/11/2009  4:42:00 PM
Terence. I wonder what would happen if in my country i was allowed to return to the Amateur Competition Field. If i went abroad to another country and entered an Amateur event and somebody there said " Hold on i've got a video of you competing in a Professional Comp ". I wonder what the ruling would be.
Re: Pros dancing Amateur
Posted by terence2
8/11/2009  11:19:00 PM
IF you had obeyed the "time " lapse..you would be in legal territory.

And.. to make this clear.. I,m not refering to a World class dancer, who after 20 yrs as a Pro, applies to change ( it most likely would not be granted ) the circumstances I speak of ( I know 2 ) were "pros " who had little exposure in the Comp. world .

Re: Pros dancing Amateur
Posted by anymouse
8/12/2009  11:16:00 AM
The rules including any waiting period are unique to each country.

This may sound wrong for international competitions but actually it isn't. At those events no one is concerned if their competition might have been a pro. That's only of concern for local competitions so its best if each country has rules which match its local conditions.
Re: Pros dancing Amateur
Posted by Cyd
8/12/2009  4:42:00 PM
Terence. If one person was allowed by their association to return to the Amateur field, and another wasn't. If that person took the matter to court, what do you think the ruling might be.
There is a saying. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. Does that make sense or does it not.
Re: Pros dancing Amateur
Posted by terence2
8/13/2009  1:12:00 AM
The rules of the Soc. in question are laws which pretty much all Soc. abide by..and, you are asking a Q without any specific detail, as to why one was not allowed.. I would assume, a very good reason could be, for e.g.. a prof. competitor. for too many yrs..

I would also suspect this is a very rare occurence.. I know of only 2 such instances over the past 40 plus yrs ( and one of those was 6 yrs back and had not taken Prof exams the other was a part time " teacher " )
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