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Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by lmstudio
11/18/2011  8:50:00 AM
I wonder if someone might help me to define my status. I was a professional teacher and competitor for almost 10 years back in my 20s. I am now 56 and have not taught or competed in 25 years. Does one revert back to amateur status, or is it as I asked in my Subject line: once a pro, always a pro?
Re: Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by lorenabravo
11/19/2011  8:32:00 PM

My understanding is that one can regain their amateur status after a 2 year hiatus from competing and teaching. I don't know if anyone has heard otherwise...

I'll ask around a bit and see if this information is accurate, but I'm fairly certain that after such a long break from dancing that you could easily claim yourself as an amateur.

Re: Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by terence2
11/22/2011  11:00:00 PM

This happens more frequently than may be imagined.

Write to the governing dance body in your locale, and inform them of your intentions.. its just a formality .
Re: Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by belleofyourball
11/21/2011  11:38:00 PM
terence is...as always correct. A letter is the way to go. I've had an occasion to dance with one or two of the gentleman from two different sanctioning boards and they truly are nice people. I couldn't imagine any of them standing in your way. I mean maybe if you are Corky Ballas or one of the Hiltons it would be different ...but if you were you probably wouldn't want to go back to being an amateur.

Anymore many of the amateurs are better dancers than the majority of the so called pros. It isn't universal but far too common and I think that is what takes the objection out of pros returning back to the ranks of the amateurs
Re: Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by terence2
5/21/2018  2:56:00 AM
Thank you for those kind words. " Always ?" wish I were that perfect !!.. And. your response is spot on
Re: Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by Anonymous
11/20/2011  1:40:00 PM
Imstudio. It is within the rules that a former Professional can revert back to an Amateur. It has been done before, and the same rule must apply to anyone and everyone. What is good for the Goose is good for the Gander to quote a phrase.
Apart from that the structure has changed over 25 years. i doubt if any information or details from that long ago are still around today. Anyway at the present we have top Amateurs openly teaching more pupils today than you ever saw. And earning much more than you ever did.
Re: Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by terence2
11/21/2011  6:28:00 AM

Im not sure to whom your post is directed ?
Re: Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by lmstudio
11/21/2011  8:39:00 AM
My post is directed to anyone who might know the answer to my question. I figured that there may be some pros on the forum that would be able to answer, or maybe someone in the same position as me. I was filling out some online forms to look for a dance partner in my geographical area and was unsure about how to classify myself. I was also curious about what would happen if I ever decided to compete again.
Re: Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by terence2
11/21/2011  11:23:00 PM
My response was directed at the post that implied there were "many Amats " etc.

As to pros on the site, yes, there are several of us. I gave you an answer from empirical evidence about one of my former students, who went from Amat to Pro. back to Amat, and is now Pro ( and making semis and finals in Standard ).

There has to be a time lapse, before re entering the comp. arena and has to be approved .
Re: Once a Pro, Always a Pro?
Posted by lorenabravo
12/5/2011  2:23:00 PM
Hi! Okay, I got ahold of one of the officers of the PDF, and I was told that there would be no problem for you to reclaim your amateur status. You simply need to write a letter to Judi Hatton (VP of the NDCA). Here's the link to her page on the NDCA website. You'll see her email address there:


Let her know your situation. She'll get back to you right away (telling you that yes, you can be an amateur), and then you will need to register with the NDCA as an amateur before your first competition, or you can skip this part if you end up doing pro-am.

Sorry it took me so long to get this info for you. Best of luck with your dancing, and welcome back!


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