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Need help with practice music selection
Posted by craiguerabbitry
4/1/2012  12:50:00 PM
I know this is unusual but I am looking to find some songs to practice with. The problem is I need it in country music (George Strait, Hank Jr., Reba, Eddie Rabbit, and the like). I am just starting out so that is what I have available. Where I live there just isn't much else played at the dances. I would appreciate any help or input. Right now I am learning the FoxTrot, Rumba, Samba, and Waltz.
Thank you for any help!!
Re: Need help with practice music selection
Posted by waynelee
4/1/2012  8:16:00 PM
Just my quick thoughts. For country music, have you tried iTunes? At least there you could listen to them before downloading/paying for them. Now, for your choice of dances, does your studio offer Country Two Step? I think that the Two Step, East Coast Swing, and some waltz would cover most of the country dances. For other modern "party" dances, then Cha Cha, Merengue, and Bachatta would be good choices.
Re: Need help with practice music selection
Posted by Colleen
4/2/2012  7:02:00 PM
I don't know if you need like specifically country or country feel. but here are some waltzes with country feel (they are listed as jazz in my itunes but they don't sound it)

Tenessee Waltz - Les Paul & Mary Ford
I Really Don't Want to Know - Les Paul & Mary Ford

i don't know if that helps at all but i find those 2 very country-esk and easy to dance to
Re: Need help with practice music selection
Posted by dancewithu2
4/3/2012  3:19:00 AM
Well do a search on ballroom dance music. There are a lot of list to be found.
Usually broken up by dance type; now look for you country singers.
Here's one to start you that I found eddie rabbitt on:

You should be able to find lots of waltz, east coast swing and mayby west coast .
Re: Need help with practice music selection
Posted by fiker
4/3/2012  4:21:00 AM
Rascal Flatts has several songs in both Cha Cha and rumba beats (My Maria, Dancing on the Boulevard, Neon Moon). Waltzes in Country music are easy to spot (Could I have this Dance for the rest of my life). Fox trots in Bronz timing are common in country music as well, as the timing is close to a two step. Listen to your country collection and you'll find a lot of what you are looking for.
Re: Need help with practice music selection
Posted by jose2000
5/14/2012  2:12:00 PM
Re: Need help with practice music selection
Posted by Bruce
10/2/2012  6:36:00 PM
There are many possibilities for Bolero music. I would start with Jose' Feiciano, particularly his "Seor Bolero" albums. Luis Miguel, Alejandro Fernandez, Jose' Jose', Los Panchos, Tamara, and Andrea Bocelli (!) are other great places to look.
Re: Need help with practice music selection
Posted by
1/5/2017  8:59:00 PM
That would be Brooks and Dunn...not Rascal Flatts
Re: Need help with practice music selection
Posted by OZ.
4/3/2012  12:21:00 PM
Craig. I hold nothing against Country Music. But in my humble opinion you will never get the true feeling of a International Style Waltz from a Country and Western type tune. Compare Lotus by Secret Garden as an example of a Waltz played as it should be played. That will give the true feeling of dancing a Waltz.Then listen to a Country and Western Waltz. Which do you think is the more appropreiate.
Google "Lotus by Secret Garden " and become converted.
Re: Need help with practice music selection
Posted by SmoothGeezer
4/4/2012  1:18:00 PM
I'm making a big assumption you are doing American style, because country music is more popular here. I go to a lot of places where only country music is played, and even though I do the country dances, I am constantly looking for a song I can do ballroom to because that is my favorite. For practice purposes, a country song can work, much as it does for me at a country place (even though I can think of better choices). For the dances you listed, here are some that will work:

From a Jack to a King by Ricky Van Shelton
Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight by The Statler Brothers
I'll Take Texas by Vince Gill & Shelby Lynne
All Of Me (Loves All Of You) by George Strait
Eat At Joe's by Suzy Bogguss (also works as a West Coast Swing)
Side By Side by Kay Starr
I'm Moving Along by Pasty Cline
Waltz Me Once Again by KD Lang
Blue by Leann Rhimes

I'll not list these. There are many. Just look for some 3/4 time music that's not too fast.

There are a lot of songs that will pass for a rumba. The country music dancers use many of these for cha cha, but in my opinion they aren't very good cha chas and work better as a rumba. Most country bands have a lot of trouble imitating Latin music.

I Just Want To Dance With You by George Strait
I Can See Clearly Now by Anne Murray
Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn
One Night At A Time by George Strait
Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard by Alabama
Gulf Of Mexico by Clint Black
Two Pina Coladas by Garth Brooks
My Maria by Garth Brooks
South Of Santa Fe by Brooks & Dunn

Other songs, not necessarily country songs, but done often by country bands that are also rumbas are: Spanish Eyes, Under The Boardwalk, Up On The Roof, Slow Hand, Blue Bayou, and Spanish Harlem.

I know on NO country song that has a samba beat.

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