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anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint?
Posted by Carolyn1016
3/21/2013  5:56:00 AM
I just started ballroom dancing a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. However, I have severe arthritis and a lot of pain at the base of my big toe, and will have a fusion of the joint next month. Has anyone had this surgery? How has it affected your dancing, height of heel you can wear, how does it feel after it has healed, etc.?
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by novemberecho
3/21/2013  6:35:00 AM
I've been postponing cheilectomy surgery on both feet (for bone spurs in MTP joint as result of osteoarthritis) for some time because I'm afraid of how it will impact my dancing. My understanding of fusion in the MTP joint is that it removes all flexibility in the big toe joint, meaning your foot will pretty much have to stay flat, wearing heels is not an option, and you can no longer 'rise' onto the ball of your foot. I'm no doc; just read a lot (and take everything with a grain of salt). Have you asked your doc? If it's that important to you, I'd look for a doc who specializes in sports medicine, or even better, treating dancers. And get a second opinion. Try alternative treatments if you can (physical therapy can work miracles).
Wish you the best & hope you'll keep us posted on the outcome!
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Carolyn1016
5/13/2013  1:28:00 PM
Hi! Your comment motivated me to get a second opinion. I found a doctor who is a gymnast himself and understood my goals. I had a hemi-implant done on May 2 and just had my cast removed today. My work is cut out for me now with exercising the joint. Pain is minimal right now, but the rest of my body is sore from crutching around for 11 days! I will get back to you with an update soon! Thanks for your thoughts!
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by updm002
3/22/2013  2:09:00 PM
Hello, I have been dancing silver level smooth ballroom for 4 yrs now and have had a cheilectomy of my left big toe 18 months ago and also have had a right big toe fusion 14yrs ago with the screw removed 18mo ago..I really had no choice in getting either of these surgeries..live with severe pain at times or surgery?..I had a large amount of arthritis in my right great toe due to an old injury where a steel beam fell on my foot..the bump got so big and painful I could barely wear shoes..the pain started when I was in my mid 20's and I had the fusion surgery in my early 30's..I am now in my late 40's..I did dance off and on socially during that time..I do not have pain in the fused toe and can rise to the ball of my foot about 2 inches off floor..I also have heel spurs so I wear orthotics made for my feet when I can fit them inside certain shoes..the negative with fusion surgery I would have to say would be that your balance is more challenged and my 2nd and 3rd toe are starting to shift toward the fused toe and that can cause a little discomfort kind of what hammer toes do.. I have been trying a toe spacer between big toe and 2nd toe and wearing orthotics as much as possible..seems to help.. I didn't start experiencing that hammer toe feel till about 2 yrs ago..I wear sas style mary jane shoes when I dance showcases or compete..they tend to have a smooth sole for dancing and have adjustable buckles and give my fused toe more cushion..You can also find lower heeled shoes and danceshoes online that also come in wide widths.. I also wear an extra wide shoe..not a good problem to have when you are a dancer-hard to find!..THe surgery itself was pretty painful the first 2 days but subsided quickly after I learned to really elevate the surgical foot.. helped more than drugs.. I wore a small foot cast and used crutches for 6 wks..overall fusion surgery takes more of the arthritic pain away because it fuses the joint.. A cheilectomy takes out the bump but not arthritis and can cause swelling for up to a year which it did for me..my right toe is stiffer but i can dance if i wear jobe stockings to help with arthritic swelling , comfy sas shoes, and aleeve.. good luck and let me know if you have any more q's , happy to answer..
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Carolyn1016
5/13/2013  1:34:00 PM
Thanks for your reply! I may need more advice from you about shoes when I am ready to start dancing again. I had a hemi-implant done on May 2, and the cast removed today. You are so right about the importance of elevating the foot post-op. That was really the only thing that kept the pain under control for the first couple of days, and the pain meds made me too loopy. My back and legs are sore now from lack of exercise, so I am very motivated to get back on track again! Isn't it something what we will endure for the sake of dancing!! And I am a real beginner at age 59, so I have to get moving! Just took the dog for a walk -- It's slow going, but I can do it! Yay!
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by PhilRob
4/1/2013  11:25:00 AM
Four years ago I had this problem with my left big toe joint. The Doc wanted to fuse or replace the joint. I said no to both and had him clean out the joint ie: chip, chisel, scrape etc. instead. He said I'd be back in 3 years for a more permanent fix but so far so good. It's a minor irritant but it bends enough and there is almost no pain. I chose the least permanent/ invasive fix as I feared permanent loss of flexibility....and would do it again.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Carolyn1016
5/13/2013  1:40:00 PM
I am so glad I decided against the fusion and found a doctor who did a hemi-implant that has been in use successfully for 50 years. We can always fuse as a last resort, but I am so grateful that I won't be losing the flexibility. I had the surgery on May 2 and the cast removed today -- and I am walking in my regular walking NIkes this afternoon! I am hopeful that it will heal well and I'll be dancing again in a few months! Thanks for your thoughts and good luck! Hopefully you won't need to see your doctor for anything more drastic for a long time.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by novemberecho
5/16/2013  9:27:00 AM
that is great news!! Hope you are back to dancing in no time!
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Nita
10/26/2013  6:09:00 PM
I had this done 4 years ago due to a bunion between my big and 2nd toes. I hope you have not done this - it has created a gait pattern that has since caused back and neck problems and I can only wear shoes that have a rocker effect to replace the dorsiflexion that I lost. I have a neice who just had a big toe joint replacement. If that had been offered, I would have gone that route.
Re: anyone ever have fusion of big toe (MTP) joint
Posted by Sherry Leonard
11/26/2013  9:07:00 AM
I had a big toe joint fusion in 2009. Is it possible to go back in and have a big toe joint replacement after a big toe joint fusion. And if it is, what is best DR to do it?

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