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App for Ipad?
Posted by Tissie
11/14/2014  10:18:00 AM
Is there an app available for my Ipad? It would be great to be able to open the website on my Ipad without having to type in the address everytime.
Re: App for Ipad?
Posted by Administrator
11/16/2014  9:00:00 AM
We have a mobile web app you can add to your home screen:

Just follow that link, or type it in to your safari browser. Then look for the icon that looks like a box with an arrow pointing out of it. Click on that, and select "Add to Home Screen".

The mobile web app stores your login info for one year at a time. So once you're logged in and the web app has been saved to your home screen, you will always be just one click away from the BallroomDancers syllabus.


Jonathan Atkinson
Re: App for Ipad?
Posted by Tissie
11/17/2014  6:16:00 AM
I followed the link, but I never saw the icon you're talking about. Only 2 icons were "Learn the dances" and Variation of the Week. I must have missed something.
Re: App for Ipad?
Posted by Administrator
11/17/2014  7:33:00 AM
It's not an icon on the web page. It's in the toolbar of the Safari browser itself. As of the last few versions of Mobile Safari, the toolbars automatically hide after a few seconds. To bring them back, you'll need to scroll the page. I think you need to scroll up, but try both directions (even if the page is not big enough to scroll).

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: App for Ipad?
Posted by kgerhart
11/26/2014  5:47:00 PM
I was able to run the app, and add it to my home screen. I try to view a video instruction in the app, and it won't play. I click the arrow that is on top of the video picture, and nothing at all happens. I have an iPhone 6 plus.
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