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Places to Dance
Posted by Michael Williams
7/19/2018  1:46:00 PM
I've been working on dance places around the World. Would you be so kind & help update/add your area dancehalls, Festivals, & Dance teachers/Studios. Is your favorite dance places, Festivals etc listed? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XzkirDhpUyXTVavFwbmlNTh9JLDYtKC9RHe8gnQOpd0/edit?usp=sharing
Add/update google form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cP_q1YKfQtDbjCM0XGZNM7D8bEf0NCb0XOOIAfKqLHc/viewform
Re: Places to Dance
Posted by Oswin Targaryen
8/12/2018  10:06:00 AM
Great idea! I submitted some of the main venues in the greater Denver area. There's so many more places to dance out here, but these are the main ones that aren't going anywhere anytime soon!
Re: Places to Dance
Posted by American Dance Training Camp
9/27/2019  4:09:00 AM
Girls ages 8 - 17 - spend an action-packed week or two (or more!) with us at American Dance Training Camp! At ADTC, you'll make new friends and have a blast learning the latest choreography from America's best dance teachers. All levels welcome!
Re: Places to Dance
Posted by nloftofan1
9/29/2019  11:57:00 AM
I went to your spreadsheet and did a search for locations in my state by entering the two-letter USPS abbreviation in the search field. It found none, though when I scrolled down I found hundreds of entries for my state. The search didn't even work when I first selected column T, the "State" column (and the abbreviation was spelled exactly as I entered it in the search field). Do you have any suggestions?
Re: Places to Dance
Posted by nloftofan1
9/29/2019  12:02:00 PM
I may have answered my own question. The search field at the top won't find anything in the spreadsheet itself. I had to use Search and Replace in the Google Docs Edit menu; then it worked.
Re: Places to Dance
Posted by BallroomChick
10/10/2019  1:21:00 PM
These places have closed down. You might wish to update your list

Line 3053 Trail Dust Steak House
Line 3060 Post Time
Line 4991 Dance Etc
Line 4992 KC Dance Studio
Line 4997 & Line 5941 - Ballroom Head Quarters

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