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advice for a beginner
Posted by Missy Lay
8/4/2018  4:16:00 PM
Good day! i am 5'2" tall and weigh only 86 pounds T_T and i really want to try latin and modern dances since high school (now i'm a college student). i really love watching dancesport competitions. i'm always in awe whenever i watch them dance.

we have dancesport competition in our school this coming september.

my problem is that i'm skinny and i don't have any background joining in dancesport competitions. my classmates also encourage me to try joining it but i fear that i can't execute well the dance steps/routine.

is it still possible for me to join the competition?

thank you!
Re: advice for a beginner
Posted by Ladydance
8/4/2018  5:34:00 PM
You won't know until you try. It won't be easy but it will be fun. Being skinny is a good thing and not having a dancesport background means you won't have any bad habits. Go for it with the same positive attitude you entered college with. No one will expect perfection.
Re: advice for a beginner
Posted by Missy Lay
8/4/2018  8:22:00 PM
huhuhuhu thank you!!! if i join the competition, today will be my first training/practice.

and i also have a problem with my hands because my fingers are quite stiff or tight
Re: advice for a beginner
Posted by Limelight Teamwear
8/10/2018  6:58:00 AM
Until and unless you won't try this you will think its too hard. Just go with the flow and do it. And I am sure you will do it well. your conscious mind stopping limiting you to do that, Just go and do it.
Re: advice for a beginner
Posted by nloftofan1
8/10/2018  9:07:00 AM
Before you decide that you're too skinny, look at the female competitors on "So You Think You Can Dance." Your physique could be an advantage. You can move (and respond to your partner's lead) more easily. And you prepare for dancesport competitions the same way you make the football team (and the way you get to Carnegie Hall): practice.
Re: advice for a beginner
Posted by Oswin Targaryen
8/12/2018  11:26:00 AM
I'm also 5'2 (and a half - lol) and very skinny! When I started dancing, I was only 95 lbs (which sounds like a cow compared to you - hahaha). Despite all the praise everyone gives you for being skinny - I completely agree with you - there's a point where you're just too skinny and it causes problems with your health and energy levels. Dancing actually helped me to put on some weight by building muscle. It's hard to gain weight and eat healthy at the same time, but if you eat a lot of carbs and fat, you should be able to get to a healthy weight. I use a ton of butter and / or olive oil with everything I cook. I also try to eat a snack before I go to bed. Most importantly, you have to replace your calories every time you dance. A glass of milk will do it if you're not lactose intolerant like me. I don't really like drinking alcohol, but when I was living in Korea the only way I could keep weight on while I was dancing was to have a beer after every time I danced. I'm happy to say, that I've managed to get myself up to 115 lbs now, and I'm actually the same size as I was before - I just have a lot more muscle tone and have better energy levels. The good news is that it's cool to be skinny these days, so we hit the genetic lottery there!!! But, the point is that you being skinny won't be a hinderance to your dancing as long as you have the energy to do it, and dancing can help you to get to a healthier weight. ^^
Re: advice for a beginner
Posted by live2dance
9/2/2018  6:06:00 PM
Hi, Missy~ I have a very good friend who is as petite as you and there is nothing she can't do. As a matter of fact, her size actually makes some moves much easier for her than a taller person with longer limbs. The key in partner dancing is to find a partner that matches you in stature because a much taller partner, unless he is a professional, will have trouble dancing "down" to you. I don't mean down in ability, but down in height. My friend is a 4-time US National Pro-Am champion and has never let her size keep her down. Literally and figuratively!! Best wishes for you~
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