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Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by Christine Colonna
9/2/2021  12:50:00 PM
Hi all! I am an avid ballroom and tango dancer and I hear so many people talk about foot pain when I am out danncing. I am also a physical therapist and am looking to do some research for an article or blog about helping dancers with foot pain. If anyone would let me know what their biggest concern is about dancing and their feet and questions they would lie answered I would greatly appreciate it.
Re: Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by Jelly Min
9/9/2021  8:17:00 AM
Commonly triggered by overuse of the intrinsic foot muscles in the sole of the foot. "Properly strengthening the muscles surrounding this area will prevent fatigue, and thus soreness.| Decks
Re: Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by Jelly Min
12/1/2021  8:56:00 PM
Dance takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and strength, and sometimes it leads to pain. From sore muscles after a long practice to injuries from a fall to foot pain after dancing on pointe, dancers can end up with painful injuries.
Re: Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by monica bing
9/10/2021  9:01:00 AM
Hi I just saw your post, I have made a list of remedies that you can try to ease the pain of your foot. First is Draw a foot bath, A warm foot bath may be just the ticket to alleviating foot pain. Second is Ice your feet, Icing your feet can reduce inflammation that causes soreness. And lastly Do some stretches, You can also try some stretching exercises to help your sore feet. Security System Companies in Arlington Heights
Re: Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by cherry yu
10/21/2021  9:48:00 AM
I love your content! Great job!

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Re: Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by cherry yu
10/21/2021  9:49:00 AM
I highly appreciate your work here! Thank you so much!

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Re: Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by cherry yu
10/21/2021  9:49:00 AM
I wanna know more about this because this is really informative!
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Re: Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by Tomas Oyen
10/27/2021  1:46:00 PM
Good shoes and proper posture would be a great start in taking care of your feet and the rest of your body.

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Re: Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by Kien Brady
11/1/2021  7:14:00 PM
Have you guys tried breathwork training? It's good for our mental and body health. Find out more about it. It's really good.
Re: Foot Pain in Dancers
Posted by Sophie Richards
11/15/2021  7:42:00 AM
As an athlete, icing or warm pads depending on the situation can help in addition to massages. Like any muscle give it time to rest and heal. From drywallers sarnia

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