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Unknown Cha Cha Pattern - Anyone recognize this one
Posted by DelDance
3/27/2023  10:41:00 PM
I was introduced to an energetic American(?) Cha Cha pattern tonight and am wondering if anyone recognizes this as a know 'named' pattern ? I really enjoyed the flow and movement of the pattern as it has a very energetic feeling both in the lock-steps and the pivot.
Leader's Part : LF-fwd for an offset break to left side of Follower (lady), RF-sideways and 1/4.t ccw, LF/RF/LF backward lock-step, RF-Side(?) while pivoting Follower to leaders left side, LF-Draw to RF(?) and replace weight with 1/4.t ccw, and a standard Chasse. The pattern is easily repeated. I found terminating the pattern was simple by initiating a Follower's Inside Turn ccw in place of the Chasse. Not sure I have the Leader's next two foot placements described properly after the backward lock-step.
Any feedback greatly appreciated, DEL
Re: Unknown Cha Cha Pattern - Anyone recognize this one
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
3/28/2023  3:19:00 PM
Hi Del,

It sounds to me like a basic Open Left Turn -- step 17 in Silver American Cha Cha. (Note that for some reason, the B variation loads up first in the video window, so you'll need to click on the video thumbnail for the main figure to view it).

The main two differences between the pattern you described above and the Open Left Turn are (1) the leader on the inside of turn is closing is feet on count 3 instead of stepping sideways, which is a perfectly acceptable alternative -- as is the follower closing her feet on count 3 when she's on the inside of turn, and (2) you're taking your last chasse to the side instead of dancing a forward lock step outside partner on right. Also perfectly doable, if a little less common.

So in a nutshell, the closest figure to what you're describing is called the "Open Left Turn". And although it's not 100% identical (the last chasse being the main difference), I'd say it's close enough that if you called it by the same name, people would know basically what you're talking about.

Re: Unknown Cha Cha Pattern - Anyone recognize this one
Posted by DelDance
3/28/2023  4:20:00 PM
Jonathan, I appreciate the reply. Looked at the video for the Open Left Turn and I agree they are very much alike except for the forward lock step vs chasse. Sounds like this is a close variation to the Open Left Turn. Thank you.
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