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Waltz Advanced (Silver?) Pattern From Open Right - Identification Help
Posted by DelDance
6/27/2023  10:50:00 PM
In hindsight I should have made a video of this pattern so I could review and break it down. Any help getting me through this is greatly appreciated. I was shown the following;
Facing diagonal wall, I believe started with 'silver' Promenade into first half of Open Right (maybe the complete open right). Thereafter, the follow is led to cross line of dance turning to face LOD (maybe diagonal center?), then the leader crosses LOD and turns to face LOD (maybe diagonal center?). This crossing LOD is repeated two maybe three times to finish in Closed Outside Partner. During the LOD crossing each partners arms were free and extended outward ? It was a beautiful and flowing pattern, just wish I could repeat it - days later.
I didn't see any American Waltz Silver patterns showing this. Did I miss one ?
Can anyone embellish - completing my understanding so I can lead this in the future.
Thanks In Advance, DEL
Re: Waltz Advanced (Silver?) Pattern From Open Right - Identification Help
Posted by Jonathan Atkinson
6/29/2023  11:24:00 AM
Hi DelDance,

It sounds like you're thinking of Promenade and Counter-Promenade Runs (fig 30 in Silver American Waltz). I think the videos are loading out of order, but click on the one that says "Natural - Pendular Sway" for the basic version.

Promenade and Counter-Promenade Runs are both an extension of Twinkles to Promenade and Counter-Promenade, which begin as a figure in Bronze (feet closing on each step 3) but which develop into the foot passing version in Silver. In the most basic version of Twinkles to PP & CPP, dancers are simply flip-flopping back and forth from promenade to counter promenade position, down line of dance in promenade and against line of dance in counter promenade (see fig 14).

That then develops into "Progressive" Twinkles to PP & CPP, where the couple moves down line of dance while the leader passes the follower in front of him, from his R side in PP to his left side in CPP. In the BallroomDancers.com syllabus, both of the progressive and non-progressive versions are part of figure #14, though one should really learn the non-progressive version first before working up to the progressive version.

Note that it's also possible for the leader to pass in front of the follower instead. The couple still moves down the line of dance, but turned around 180 degrees so that the leader and follower have effectively flipped positions. This one is much harder to lead and follow in a social dance setting, so it's really more of an academic exercise. But it's a very useful tool to prepare leaders for the next level.

A little later on in the silver level, this figure then develops into Promenade and Counter-Promenade Runs. This is where the above described inverted version of Progressive Twinkles to PP and CPP comes in handy, because it has taught the leader how to pass in front of the follower from one side to the other. With Promenade and Counter-Promenade Runs, they now take turns, leader passing in front first (PP to CPP), then follower on the next three steps (CPP to PP).

This too can be reversed, and that's how we get the left-turning or reverse version of PP & CPP Runs. Here the whole thing turns to the left, and the follower passes in front first (PP to CPP), followed by the leader (CPP to PP).

Put all of these things together and what you realize is that anybody can pass in front of anybody from PP to CPP or vice versa at any time, turning to the left or right. This of course is subject to the couple's ability to turn the appropriate amount based on their starting alignment in order to continue moving in the general direction of line of dance. To that end, reverses are more challenging because they require more rotation than do naturals, since the line of dance is counter clockwise.

Add to that the various arm and hand holds that can be used, plus the different sway shaping options (pendular, metronomic, etc), and you can get a ton of mileage out of just these two figures alone. Watch a couple dancing a silver level Waltz at a social dance, and you may find that up to half or more of their dance is comprised of some variation of these two figures alone.

Thanks for participating in the discussion! I hope I pointed you to the correct figures in the syllabus. Feel free to reply if you have further questions.

Re: Waltz Advanced (Silver?) Pattern From Open Right - Identification Help
Posted by DelDance
7/3/2023  3:24:00 PM
Mr. Atkinson, you are most informative and gracious with the details and supplemental information provided. The (progressive) Promenade & Counter Promenade Runs - Natural is the pattern what I was working to identify. Thank you once again for your assistance.
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