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Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by Anny
2/7/2004  1:41:00 PM
In your opinion what is the hardest latin dnace to learn and to master-

Cha Cha
Paso Doble??

Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by Don
2/8/2004  11:49:00 PM
Witout a doubt Samba with its changing rhythms and that elusive body tick. I think that most professionals will agree
that the Samba is by far the most difficult to master. Good Luck.
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by Angela Jones
3/17/2004  10:29:00 AM
Samba. I have only taken ballroom lessons for a year, even though I love samba, it is hard to grasp the concept in body and mind. Granted I have not done anything with Paso Doble, so I can't really say anything about it.
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by roxanne
3/18/2004  7:06:00 AM
i think that the jive is the hardest dance n that the samba is the easiest
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by mariaareza@yahoo.com
2/27/2005  5:59:00 PM
Without a doubt the jive is the hardest
dance because you have to be constantly
moving,kicking your feet and you and
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by mariaareza@yahoo.com
2/27/2005  6:01:00 PM
Jive is the hardest with all the comstant kicking of the feet and still
need strong connection with both partners
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by candres
3/18/2004  7:41:00 PM
I have been taking ballroom dancing lessons for about a year and I think samba is the hardest, although I too also haven't done paso doble. It doesn't look hard, but learning those new steps (i.e. solo spot volta) is quite challenging!
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by Sitsero
4/21/2004  7:34:00 AM
Each dance has its own difficulty if you want to master it. Personally I believe that the Rumba is the hardest of all because it is slow so you have to show all you got from all the point of views ( tech – body movement – expression etc etc ). Also due to the slow rhythm you have to keep your balance.
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by jammy
4/22/2004  9:33:00 AM
When watching the show of top dancer,I find it hard to imitate them.So,it's hard to say which dance is the most difficult.In my opinion,the more you love,the easier you dance.I think the Rumber,Sambe and Cha Cha are easier to me.
Re: Hardest Latin Dance
Posted by JW
4/22/2004  9:32:00 PM
I would agree with the Rumba statement..

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