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Two Step
Posted by GCEpp
10/31/2004  1:40:00 PM
I've learnt so many versions of the Two-Step, What should I be using as my basic step, and what ballroom dance closely resembles the two-step so that I can use moves from it?
Re: Two Step
Posted by jano
11/2/2004  10:33:00 AM
By Two Step, I assume you mean a Country Two-Step, as opposed to a Nightclub 2 Step (which is also danced in the Country and Western World). There are many social variations of Country Two Step (Texas Two Step, etc), but here is a basic descripton of a Two Step you would dance in a more formal environment , like in the UCWDC dance circuit:

1) Step forward onto the left foot for 1 count of music (QUICK).
2) Step forward onto the right foot for 1 count of music (QUICK).
3) Step forward onto the left foot and hold (2 counts of music, SLOW).
4) Step forward onto the right foot and hold (2 counts of music, SLOW).

- In terms of Ballroom dances, Foxtrot is the closest to Two Step, however they have two completely styles. Moves from one don't translate very well into the other. Foxtrot is a slower, smoother flowing dance. Two Step is a faster rhythm type dance with LOTS of fast turns.
Hope this helps!
Re: Two Step
Posted by sunshineboy78
1/7/2005  4:03:00 PM
I hate sounding antagonistic on my first posting, but I feel I should correct a couple things. There is no such thing as "Country Waltz." When we compete in UCWDC, we compete American Style waltz to Country music. Also, while the timing of twostep is similar to fox trot, it is not a smooth dance in the tradition of Fox Trot. It has a definitive rhythm and uses a lot of the same partnership principles found in hustle or West Coast Swing. You can find such syllabus patterns as telespins and pivots in two-step, and swing styled patterns like whips and baskets, or hustle patterns like egg beaters and illusion turns.
Re: Two Step
Posted by delightfuldance
5/23/2005  3:31:00 PM
There use to be "Country Waltz" in the competition - been there. But so much of the country styling is getting lost, and looking like ballroom... it is a shame. Even the two step, hand placement on shoulder is being moved to the back, more ballroom. And good old swings are now WCS instead of 4 count and pony which was really exciting and fun to watch and do. Nothing against WCS but it really isn't country. The two step can be danced Slow, Slow, Quick Quick which I preferr because the Man doesn't tend to bounce so much when first learning to dance. He comes out of the gate a little slower and smoother that way. Delighted
Re: Two Step
Posted by hpauleddy
7/27/2011  2:19:00 PM
I agree. The placement of the hand from the shoulder to the back automatically makes it a foxtrot and not a true Country Western Two-Step.
Re: Two Step
Posted by danceswithdogs
8/8/2011  12:27:00 AM
I've been teaching western dance since 87. By that time we had abandoned the shoulder for the back.Many ballroom teachers aren't aware because they don't take western lessons. 25 years ago and they still don't know. By the late 80's western had made wcs one of its major dances far before ballroom did. Our goal is to improve on a dance not destroy it. Our western champions were good enough to pretty much dominate the US open. That would be like going to Blackpool and winning. That couldn't happen but the swing dancers are much more impressed by real talent.
Re: Two Step
Posted by twnkltoz
11/10/2004  5:39:00 PM
I don't think any ballroom moves really translate into 2-step. I think you can steal a lot of moves from country waltz, though...you just have to change the timing!
Re: Two Step
Posted by sifuguy
8/8/2011  5:51:00 AM
was in Dallas on business last week.

At Cowboys dance hall (both Dallas Red River and Arlington venues), they teach triple two, or progressive two, as

walk, walk, triple step, triple step.

(same timing as WCS 6 count basic.
Re: Two Step
Posted by classic2step
10/28/2011  11:27:00 AM
You can eliminate the beginning launch on the first quick by teaching the leaders to begin their forward body movement on the last slow. This is how we walk and it should be how we dance.

As said earlier the leaders hand on the follow's shoulder was eliminated from most 2-step years ago. It's just too darn hard to initiate turns. Also the double prep went away as well. Thankfully!

Currently UCWDC Triple-Two is unrecognizable to those that learned it as the Shuffle. The timing is the same but almost everything else has changed. Too bad but happy to hear the progressive is still around in Texas at least.

Let's get rid of the oft repeated thought that Foxtrot is in some way related to 2-step. The timing, posture, hold, patterns and floor travel is not even close. The closest Ballroom dance in Tempo is the Quickstep. The closest in technique is Swing. My WCS has some 2-step patterns but that's not surprising since my WCS has elements of many dances from American Tango to International Standard.

I agree that the current UCWDC dances are really American Smooth & Rhythm. If you don't believe this just go to the UCWDC web site and watch the video demonstration of the Waltz, ECS & Cha.
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