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Slow Foxtrot
Three Step
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2. Three Step

The Three Step is the Foxtrot version of a Left Foot Forward Change, consisting of three progressive forward steps danced to the counts "Slow, quick quick". Being a type of Change Step, its main purpose is to follow a Reverse Turn (or any figure ended with a Feather Finish) and prepare a Natural Turn. Unlike the Feather Step, the Three step is danced with all 3 steps taken in line with partner.

The man begins in line with the lady, facing diagonal wall, and takes 3 forward steps, starting with the left foot. The body turns slightly to left so that the second and third steps (right foot and left foot, respectively) are taken with the right side slightly in advance. The lady's part is the natural opposite, beginning with her right foot back.

The Three Step is noted for it's slightly unusual cycle of rise & fall. Most 3-step patterns in the swing dances use a 3-step cycle of rise & fall that spans the entire pattern, with dancers rising (or beginning to rise) toward the end of the first step, and lowering at the end of the third step. In contrast, the Three Step uses a two-step cycle of rise & fall, taken over steps 2-3. There is no rise at all during the first step.

The normal Three Step, as outlined in the man's and lady's charts, moves toward diagonal wall in preparation for a Natural Turn (or any figure that begins similarly). But the Three Step can also move down line of dance, assuming the previous figure was ended this way, and still be followed by a Natural Turn, taking 1/2 turn to right over steps 1-3. Additionally, the Three Step can begin moving toward diagonal wall, and be turned 1/8 to left to end moving down line of dance. This practice is less common now than in the past, but it provides an interesting variation to use on occasion.

Begin Closed position, facing line of dance or diagonal wall.
1SlowLeft foot forward. 
2QuickRight foot forward, right side slightly in advance. 
3QuickLeft foot forward, right side slightly in advance. 
(1)SlowRight foot forward, as first step of following figure. 
Begin Closed position, backing line of dance or diagonal wall.
1SlowRight foot back. 
2QuickLeft foot back, left side slightly in advance. 
3QuickRight foot back, left side slightly in advance. 
(4)SlowLeft foot back, as first step of following figure. 
Feather Step>> Three Step
Reverse Turn and Feather Finish>> Three Step
Closed Impetus and Feather Finish>> Three Stepat a corner
Natural Weave>> Three Step
Basic Weave>> Three Step
Open Telemark and Feather Ending>> Three Step
Top Spin>> Three Step
At corner>> Three Step
Natural Telemark>> Three StepAt corner
Open Telemark, Natural Turn & Outside Swivel>> Three StepAt corner.
Weave from PP>> Three Step
Natural Twist Turn>> Three StepAt corner
Natural Zig Zag from PP>> Three Step
Natural Hover Telemark>> Three StepAt corner
Bounce Fallaway with Weave Ending>> Three Step
Three Step>> Feather Step
Three Step>> Natural Turn
Three Step>> Natural Weave
Three Step>> Natural Telemark
Three Step>> Hover Cross
Three Step>> Natural Twist Turn
Three Step>> Curved Feather to Back Feather
Three Step>> Natural Hover Telemark

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